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I search for the source of the voice, "How?"

A rat came out of the shadows nervously. His fur tangled, and his red eyes were glowing, "Hello. It's been quite a while since I've seen one of you guys alive down here. Oh, your probably wondering who I am. My name is Leonard. See one day long ago, maybe about one hundred and fifty, I was wandering around and Master Christopher caught me. He made me his slave for eternity, and I was only fifteen. One day out of stubborn curiosity, I eavesdropped on him and discovered a few of his sinister plans. He was enraged and made me as I am now."

"Whoa." I mutter in complete bewilderment.

"I am not definite if it will work, but I will tell you how to kill him."

"Ok. How?" I ask anxious for the answer.

"You must kiss him." He states earnestly.

"WHAAAAAT?!" I shrieked.

"Hey, you wanted to know you, so I told you."


"Well then he will keep on killing." He says, trying to convince me to do it.

"How would I do it anyway?" I ask, skeptical.

"I could help you get out of here. We could set him up." He says with an offereing smile.

"Why are you helping me so much?" I ask.

"Isn't it obvious? I hate him just as much as you do." He says in defense.

"Is there any other way to kill him?" I say with a hint of hope in my voice.

"No. He will only die from a kiss. A true kiss. An embracing kiss."

"Ok. Ok. Got it." I say, nauseous from the image of giving him such a kiss.

"Will you do it?" He asks.

"I might." I lie to ease his nerves.

I shudder at a door loudly slamming.

"Shush. He's returning." And with that, Leonard scurries back into the shadows of the room.

"Hello, darling, it is I, Christopher. How's it going?" He says with thick sarcasm, standing in front of me.

"Great." I say with a falter of anger.

"Oh, you're are adorable when you're angry." He says, gently stroking my face. Leaving an unpleasant tingling.

"Leonard! Come here!" He calls out.

"Yes master." He says weakly.

"Leonard, this is Zoe. Zoe this is Leonard."

"Hello" we both exchange.

"Leonard, would you help me feast on Zoe?" He says. With a flick tingles his hand Leonard transforms into his vampire self.

Leonard examines himself in disbelief. I, too, examine his handsome figure. He has soft, wine eyes with rich honey tracing his dark pupil. His eyes were sunken as if shying away from the world. Quite refreshing from usual burning red vampire eyes. His pale porcelain skin, colored by blue veins. His hair is a richer, and darker sliver than most. His hair ending at the nape of his neck, flipping up. His hair stopping right before his eyes. Or in other words a skater hair cut. His face is gracefully angular. His body is lean, but secretly muscular. He is gorgeous, I think to myself.

He shyly smiles at the sight of my staring. And I quickly look away, blush grazing my cheeks.

"No." He grabs Christopher and leans him in towards for me to kiss him.

I look into Christopher's blood red eyes, I wet my lips. Come on, Zoe. Do this for all those victims. And then with my newly found courage I kiss him. This is not a silver kiss. This is far a silver kiss. This a black kiss. A kiss of death. A long, passionate kiss of deception, irony, and disbelief. Like a bed of black roses, there's a dozen reasons in these kiss. My lips tingle. Christopher begins to tremble, he gently bites my bottom lip. Sweetly draining my blood. I feel bittersweet tingles in my body. But like a gentleman, he soon stops. He is becoming weaker, I could tell. He kisses me and the and whispers, "Thank you, darling. And now with your kiss let me enter hell." And with that he faded.

Leonard was transforming. His silver hair turned honey. His eyes turned into ice blue. His pale skin gained color. Leonard and I stared at each other for quite awhile after that. He asks, "Didn't Simon tell you that after the vampire that bit you dies you turn back to a human? You're really beautiful."

"Thank you." I say in response. "You know you sound familiar."

"I am Simon." He says.

"No way." I say rolling my eyes.

"I really am. Didn't I appear when you called me?"

"Ya, but you don't look like him."

"I heard your cries from the heavens. So I asked God to reincarnate myself."

"How come he agreed? you must of paid a price, right?"

"Because I said I would destroy Christopher. So I took Leonard's place. But don't worry about him. He was also evil. So now he and Christopher dwell in hell. And as for Lorraine, she will live, too. I'm sorry your mother died."

"You know when I'm with you the nothing seems so scary." I say before I embrace Simon.

As he backs out the embrace he tucks away a stray hair and brushes away a happy tear, "I Love you." He says. He leans into to kiss me.

His lips taste like honey. He smells minty. All these scents are intoxicating me. "Simon, please never leave me. Live with me, forever."

Ah, another long awaited kiss. Except this is a gold kiss. Which is just as nice as a silver kiss. Maybe better. A gold kiss, a kiss of innocence, a kiss of mortality, but most of all a kiss of life. For it is as life, moment of paradise, that is quickly stolen. So kiss me again. Let this gold live. Simon, our love will prove to everyone that immortality really does exist.