My mother said we were all angels

But I saw evil

Evil that bleeds from the sky

- "Blue Skin" – Mudvayne

Looking up from his camera, Mark felt something rising up from within. He had been working on his new movie about his friends. They made good characters, he had found.

Yet the emotion he felt rising had resulted from a picture he had found, while looking for clips to use. It wasn't just a picture. It was Angel.

She was laughing, looking up at Collins. Collins was talking to Roger, who had his arm wrapped around Mimi, pulling her close.

Funny, how he wasn't in that picture. Even in this, he was the other one. Funny, how all the people in the picture were gone.

The mass of emotion he felt within him was rising, rising fast. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, and he was biting his tongue so hard that he could taste the metallic nature of blood.

There was no God, he knew that. No God would have taken away the people who mattered to him most; no God would have killed those who didn't deserve to die.

He got up and threw the picture against the wall. The glass shattered, apparently reflecting his life.

That wasn't what had happened to them. They hadn't suddenly shattered. They had been eaten away slowly, one by one, suffering as much as possible.

He felt desperate. He was suffering as much as them. What was eating away at his insides was desperation, not disease.

It was time.

He locked himself in the bathroom. Looked at the same exact tub where April had made up her mind. Looked at the mirror where she had written her note in lipstick.

He wouldn't need to write a note, nobody would read it.

He would soon be returning home, to his friends.

Return as nothing.

Into the sun

Return as nothing

- "Blue Skin" – Mudvayne