6 months pass since the events of Taking Over Me…

Raven is plagued by nightmares of killing Beast boy. She decides to leave in hopes of keeping Beast boy safe. But, is he really safe without her there to protect him?

Going Under

Chapter 1:

Unpleasant Reality


It should have been more welcoming to her. She was the princess of darkness, afterall. A title which everyone close to her would joke. Yet, here in the darkness where she stood-there was nothing welcoming at all about it.

It was not just the darkness that seemed to itch at her. It was the silence.The dead silence that gnawed away at her being. The combination of the two was what she had feared her whole life.

The emptiness is what clawed its way into her outer shell. This is what she feared most and it was staring back down at her, viciously.

Raven breathed heavily as she took a step forward in the darkness. Calling out, she hoped to receive some answer-any answer, but such a thing was denied. No one responded.

Taking another step, Raven stopped. Her eyes widen as she gazed down at the sight of the only color in the blackness that surrounded her. The liquid seemed to glow as her foot had stepped right in the middle.

Swallowing the best she could, she closed her eyes, instantly recognizing the liquid for what it was - blood.

Raven's eyes fluttered open and immediately sat up. A sense of relief washed over her as she met the new day. Turning, she smiled, lightly and relieved as she found a sleeping Beast boy beside her.

It was like anything another day. Everything was normal.

Lying back down, she paced her own breathing, trying to not let her powers get the best of her. She didn't want to wake Beast boy from his peaceful slumber. However, being relieved was not sitting well with her. Something pulled at her and she couldn't exactly place a finger on it.

"You okay?" a new voice rang in, bringing her from her constant worry.

Raven silently turned to find Beast boy's deep green eyes staring at her. "I didn't know you were awake…"

He smiled as he rolled to his side facing her. "Just woke up," he admitted. "You look like me when I am trying to figure out some math problem."

"Like adding two plus two?" she joked with a flat voice.

He bit his lip, seeming to be a little offended. "You okay?" he asked again, not letting Raven get the best of his self esteem.

She stayed silent. That was a hard question to answer. This was evidently so even after dreaming something entirely bizarre and macabre. She pursed her lips together. "I am," she replied, trying to sound earnest.

Beast boy seemed to take it seriously and smiled, lightly. "I believe you," he replied before sitting up and stretching. "I am going to go and get some tofu ready!"

Raven remained silent as he jumped out of bed, found a shirt, and headed out the door. The gothic beauty closed her eyes for a moment, replaying the dream sequence once more.

"What could it mean?" she questioned to no one in particular. Opening her eyes, she felt a chill run up and down her spine. "Beast boy…"

"If you bring that disgusting dish of cotton tasting food near me," Cyborg glared at his short green skinned friend from the table. "So help me, Raven will be a widow…"

Beast boy paused as he sat at the far end of the table away from the half robot. "Wouldn't she be called a widow if we were married?"

"He's getting too smart," Robin noted, jokingly.

Cyborg's eyes narrowed. "Guess hanging with Raven has perks for the little vegetable…"

"Friends!" a new voice echoed as a figure floated into the room and twirled around in a circle. "What a glorious day! We must enjoy it by spending many hours at the park!"

Robin placed a hand on his chin. "We have been doing really well with training and there isn't any real trouble to worry about," he began, thinking aloud. "I think that's a great idea, Starfire."

The red haired alien beamed as she clapped her hands together. "Fabulous!" she chimed as she floated over to Robin to place a kiss on his cheek. "Thank you so much."

Cyborg snickered at the scene. "Will you two just admit that you have a thing for one another?"

Robin looked down, blushing. Starfire turned to look at the half robot with a confused look on her features. "A thing? As in 'an inanimate object'?" she placed a finger on her chin and thought for a moment. "I don't believe that I comprehend what Cyborg means…"

Robin waved his hand in front of her. "Don't worry about it, Star," he replied, eyeing Cyborg.

Beast boy couldn't help, but let a laugh escape. "Rob has a toaster for Star," he joked with a mouth full of tofu still in his mouth.

Raven paused as she waited outside the door, listening as her friends and her lover laugh and joke. A heavy sigh built up in her chest, releasing itself. A strange feeling had been creeping its way behind her and it was finally catching up. A hand went to her chest as she tried to focus herself, not letting her powers get too out of hand. The dream flashed back through her mind, making her grit her teeth in frustration.

This was bad, she thought as the images of blood beneath her shoe attacked her.

Working up the courage and the self control, Raven walked through the door and greeted her friends as kindly as she could. Starfire beamed as she informed her female friend of the day's plans to escape duty and go to the park.

"Sounds excellent," Raven muttered with great sincerity as she poured hot water into a cup that held a tea bag. "I'm ready whenever everyone else is."

A dead silence filled the room as each Titan gave each other a confused look before returning their gaze to the gothic beauty. Beast boy scratched the back of his neck as he stood up to join his love.

"Um, Rae, I didn't think you went for the park ideas," he reminded her, hesitantly. Any good mood that she showed, he honestly didn't want to ruin. This was a rare occasion that Raven would accept such an offer without any complaint.

Raven turned to face him."Is it a problem that I do want to go, B?" she asked, trying to sound annoyed.

Immediately fear struck his face. Throwing his hands up, he shook his violently, ready to renounce any claims that had her thinking against the outing. In turn, Raven pushed her lips upward to form a half decent smile. Having Raven willingly go to the park was a sign of her good mood. He had no desire to destroy that mood.

"It's settled then," Raven declared. "We can go to the park at noon."

Starfire exclaimed in joy. "Let us gather at the place of trees and swings!"

Raven remained pensive through out the visit to the park. Sitting beneath a tree, she watched as Cyborg and Beast boy pass a football back and forth. Her purple eyes closed in hopes of gaining at least some moments of meditation before Starfire would find her and drag her somewhere.

Her mind wandered back to the dream and the blood that she had accidently stepped in.

"You seem very neutral today," a voice broke in, bringing her from her thoughts and into reality.

Raven gazed up, somewhat startled. She relaxed when she noticed it was only Robin who spoke. He leaned against the tree, towering over her. When she had looked up, he smiled and sat down beside her, watching his team mates pass the football and tackle one another.

It was now that Raven had noticed the change in Robin. He was older with his face becoming less round. All in all, he looked overly mature than necessary. The gothic beauty let her gaze turn towards Beast boy once more. Beast boy had changed much too in the past six months. Most of that would have to be credited to Raven. Since she had discovered the book Beast boy had written and confessed all their love in the rain, everything had shifted. Beast boy stayed by Raven's side day in and day out. Most of the time, they spent the day in her room. As she would meditate, he would play video games as quietly as possible on a small portable television that Raven had gotten for him. And, as the months past, his maturity increased, along with his height.

"Honestly, do I need an opinion on everything?" Raven inquired, sarcastically.

Robin chuckled. "Usually you wouldn't be able to handle the park for the day," he told her as if trying to remind her on this notion. "Yet, here you are in the shade. And, you seem very peaceful."

"Smart ass," she grumbled.

Robin smirked. "Want to let me know what Beast boy did now?"

You just said I seemed peaceful, she thought to herself as she rolled her eyes. Of course, she decided that dodging Robin would be like dodging fire when walking straight through it. Raven sighed as she shook her head. "I wish it was something Beast boy did…" she trailed off, somewhat forlorn.

This caught the boy wonder's attention. Turning to her, he flashed her look of worry. Raven returned the same look. "Raven?" he urged on with more concern. "What's wrong?"

"Something's wrong," she answered, looking down. "Very wrong."

"This has nothing to do with Beast boy," Robin replied, watching her carefully. "What about Slade? Or the H.I.V.E?"

She shook her head. "I had this dream," Raven explained, carefully as she turned to watch Beast boy, whom was on the ground laughing with the football. "It was so real and I can't shake it off."

"And, this is only a dream," Robin said with a hint of hope. When Raven didn't respond to agree, he clenched his jaw in concern. "Right?"


Robin turned his body and eyed Raven, keeping his intense stare on her face. He wasn't in friend mode any longer. Instead, he was the leader asking with overwhelming concern. "What happens in the dream, Raven?"

The gothic beauty stayed silent for a moment. Crossing her arms over her chest, she continued to watch her lover as he turned into a wolf and ran towards the far end of the park to get the ball. Her throat went dry, unable to find the words.

"I think it's a premonition," Raven muttered as she felt her chest tighten. By now Beast boy had retrieved the ball and was on his way back towards Cyborg to engage in a tackle. "And, I have a pretty good idea what happens. I really hope that I can stop it, but I'm just not sure anymore."

Robin placed a hang on her shoulder to show his support. "Raven... you can trust me. If you don't want this to get out then I will keep my mouth shut."

Raven's purple eyes pried themselves away from the green Titan to look over at Robin. For the first time in a long time, she let herself feel fear. Her throat went dry and swallowing became a little more difficult. "I think I am going to do something bad," she whispered, keeping her eyes on Robin. "I think that I am going to kill Beast boy..."

Authors Notes:

Hi everyone. It's been a long time. I have returned with some inspiration from some new books that I have recently read. Stephenie Meyer's two books, Twilight and New Moon are two great books that I have recently had the honor of reading. It got me going on writing again and decided on a whim to try a sequel to Taking Over Me, which has been one of my greatest pieces that I have done yet. Going Under will only be determined on how many people review and give their support. I won't write this if no one reads it. While checking this story out, you guys should definately check out my new story on Raven called Imperfection's Weakness. Right now, it's a one shot, but perhaps I will continue it if more people seem to want me to.

I also have some new news. I know alot of you know that my dog had died during the making of Taking Over Me, well I can say that I've grown past that loss. Over the pass year I got custody of a new dog, it's ugly and a boston terrier girl named Cleo. She's a great dog and I am really glad to have her. Also, you guys are always welcomed to email me at or Another piece of information that I am letting out is that I am currently in the process of writing my first novel. Once it's done, I won't really know what to do with it. Maybe I will try, the key word is TRY to get it published. Not planning on it. SO, for now it's just for fun until something serious comes up.

Well, the next chapter will be up soon. Take care.