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First, I am VERY aware that the vampires in Twilight DO NOT have fangs, but because I wanted to pick up the pace of the plot, I've given them to my Vampires in this Story.

It just would have taken a bit too long for Bella to accept that they were actual vampires unless I added in the fangs, as there is no Jacob Black in this story to plant the idea in her mind. It was just more convenient to me as a writer to do it that way, and it saved me from having to write more chapters.

So Please, Please remember that throughout the story... Hope you Enjoy.


Chapter One - "Captured"

I felt a chill shoot up my arms, leaving goose bumps in its wake as I searched the trees for a sign.

For anything.

The moon was bright overhead, illuminating the area around me, and after a few moments the wind picked up slightly, whispering through the trees before ruffling my hair and clothes. I took a deep breath, and the forest around me seemed to do the same, as if anticipating whatever would happen next.

But minutes dragged on agonizingly slow as nothing happened, and I stayed in place like the sitting duck I was. Not long after though, just when I thought I was safe and simply being paranoid, everything around me became deathly quiet.

And I wanted to scream into the silence.

The waiting was a horrible thing.

I took another deep breath and released it shakily.

Then it was at that moment when it happened.

A flash of movement from my left caught my attention, but before I could even turn to see who or what my attacker was, something with incredible force wrapped around me from behind and I was dragged off of my feet and to the ground in what felt like only a second.

Terrified, I fought against whatever had me, flailing instinctively left and right as I opened my mouth to let out a blood curdling scream.

But it never came, because a moment later intense pressure on my throat cut off my airway.

I reached up with my hands to try and pry whatever it was away, but all my fingers came into contact with was something hard, immovable, and incredibly cold. Something that was much colder than the night air.

My adrenaline shot up another level, and I felt myself being dragged into darkness as I fought to breathe...

...My body jerked, and a second later I jolted violently awake from the nightmare, whimpering pathetically in fear before rolling too far to my right and falling to the floor unceremoniously on my ass, barely missing the table by my bed on the way down. Ow.

Dazed, I took in everything in my room, never so happy as I was in this moment to see my ancient computer and the rocking chair I kept in the corner of my room exactly as they should be.

However, I still found myself irrationally searching for anything sinister that somehow might have escaped from my nightmare and into the real world.

Like Freddy Krueger.

The comparison would've been funny if I wasn't so freaked out.

As my eyes surveyed every square inch of my room, I ran a hand through my sweat matted hair and tried to get my heart rate to come back down from its racing pace.

It was just a dream.

Just a dream. Just a dream.

I kept saying that in my head like a chant, desperately trying to make myself believe it.

Long minutes later and once I was satisfied that there was nothing in my room that was out to get me, I worked to free my legs from the tangle of my covers and slowly crawled back upon my bed, taking deep, calming breaths.

God, what was that?

No one should have dreams like that.


As my heart rate started to come down even more, I cast a glance out my window. A curious owl stared back at me from its perch on the tree outside, and moonlight streamed in as my blue curtains swished from the slight breeze coming in through the crack in the window.

Nothing unusual there.


Frowning, I got up slowly and walked to the window. It wasn't open too much, just a crack really, but something didn't feel right.

I was sure that I had closed it before going to bed...

Pushing it back down, I made sure to lock it this time. Yeah, call me paranoid, but I wasn't counting Freddy out just yet.

I then cast my gaze across the yard, watching as a few leaves blew carelessly in the wind and the owl from earlier let out a soft hoot.

Everything was perfectly normal, and yet...

I shook my head, trying to get rid of any feelings of discomfort. The feelings were probably just from me still being freaked out about that dream.

I stood still for several minutes as I tried to get my emotions under control once and for all, but just as I was about to chalk everything up to my very creative imagination, I heard something that made my heart freeze in its tracks.

From what couldn't have been more than four steps behind me, my floorboards had let out just the tiniest little creak.

As if someone was walking across them....

My breath caught, and I closed my eyes tightly, willing the paranoid part of my brain to not jump to any conclusions. I would just turn around and see that there was nothing to be afraid of, because nothing would be there, and then I would laugh it off and crawl back into bed.

And I told myself that over and over before I started to turn to do just that.

But before I could, something as cold as snow and as hard as steel wrapped around me from behind, clamping a hand over my mouth before I could even think to scream.

Shocked and panicking, I did the next best thing.

I started to struggle, but whoever it was restraining me was strong.

Too strong.

I felt a cold gust of air hit my face and a sweet smell fill my nose.

"Relax," a male's velvet voice stated in my ear, practically purring.

Relax? Relax?

All I could feel was my immense panic, my mind flashing through everything that could or would happen next.

I would probably never see my room again. Neither would I see my father or my few friends I had come to have in the tiny town of Forks, Washington. I would never spend time with my mother and Phil ever again, or enjoy eating breakfast with Charlie, or just be Bella.

Tears seeped from the corners of my eyes.

Desperate, I fought harder to get free, but it did nothing for me.

It only made whoever had me angry.

"I didn't want to have to do this," the voice muttered, and a second later I felt something sharp pierce my skin.

My limbs instantly felt sluggish, and I tried hard to stay awake, to fight, as I became overwhelmingly tired, but the effort meant nothing.

And within seconds my life was ripped away in the cover of the night, darkness claiming me.

...My last thought was that I was almost certain that the darkness would never give me back.


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