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Basics: PG/K plus – PG13/T, General/Romance, Canon, 1/100
Warnings: Mild profanity, boy x boy love, mild mature themes (notes: implied intercourse)
Word count: 288
Theme: sunrise (802)

Author's note: 1000!theme challenge from Mint Pizza Queen. Organized into 10 fics, 100 ch each. They're loosely related, held together by an umbrella theme of love and life.

x. sunrise

Naruto was sleeping, sprawled across his bed in his tiny bedroom, and what was more, Sasuke was sprawled over him.

Naruto shifted.

When his back hit Sasuke's chest, his sleeping unconscious realized something was wrong.

It had something to do with the sunlight starting vague warmth on his skin, it had something to do with the other body in bed with him, and with the hand casually resting on his hip like it belonged there and had always belonged there.

Blue eyes opened, and Naruto turned over to find a somewhat groggy, yet as always, readily alert Sasuke Uchiha rousing from sleep. Dark eyes studied Naruto, and the odd expression on Naruto's face.

"What?" Sasuke asked, slightly gruff voice halfway between irritable and concerned.

Naruto placed a palm on Sasuke's t-shirt covered chest, and Sasuke allowed himself to love the warmth of the hand through the cloth.

Naruto turned in bed again, to stare out the window. At the pink-bleeding-golden sky, at the rising orb hovering at the horizon, at the light spilling across the land and into his very own room, the dull light illuminating his and Sasuke's bodies.

Sasuke had never stayed until sunrise.

Naruto could feel Sasuke's shirt on his unclothed back acutely, and Naruto knew that Sasuke's shirt had definitely been on the floor the last time they were both awake.

Sasuke had not only stayed, but he had come back to bed and back to Naruto.

"It's sunrise," Naruto said, still watching the sky.

A faint snort came from behind him. "No shit, dobe."

Naruto smiled as he turned back to lightly shove Sasuke for saying that. "And you're still here," Naruto said.

Onyx eyes closed, and then opened again. "Yeah."