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Basics: PG13/T, General/Romance, Canon, 7/100
Warnings: boy x boy love, profanity
Word count: 171
Theme: are you sure? (45)

Author's note: 1000!theme challenge from Mint Pizza Queen. Organized into 10 fics, 100 ch each. They're loosely related, held together by an umbrella theme of life and love.

Author's note 2: I thinkā€¦ I think nates deserves this one too.

x. are you sure?

When Sasuke opened the door, it was Naruto.

( Naruto standing in rain- blond locks plastered wetly to his forehead, silver raindrops clinging to scarred cheeks- Naruto grinning.

"What are you doing here?" Sasuke leaning against the doorway, Sasuke asking shortly.

"Bastard. What a shitty greeting." Naruto replying, Naruto sticking out his tongue.

"That didn't answer the question, idiot." Sasuke telling Naruto, Sasuke frowning.

"Want me to leave?" Naruto asking, Naruto frowning.

"Yes." )

When Sasuke started to close the door, it was Naruto who stopped it.

( Naruto poking his blond head in and Sasuke regarding Naruto expressionlessly.

"Really?" Naruto asking.

Wordless. Sasuke not replying. )

When the hint of Sasuke-faintly-quirking-up-lips was caught,
Naruto smiled widely, satisfied. Naruto stepped the rest of the way into Sasuke's house and closed the door on the gray and raining skies behind him.

( Naruto opening his arms, asking: "Hug?"

Sasuke turning away, refusing: "No." Sasuke pausing. "You're wet."

Mischievously, arms wrap around Sasuke anyway. "Deal with it." )