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Inuyasha: Greased

Chapter One

Inuyasha Takahashi stepped off the school bus into the humid morning air, students streaming past him and pouring into the large building that took up a whole city block before him: Shikon Central High.

He adjusted the collar of his high necked uniform roughly and tried to look cool as his older brother, Sesshoumaru, got off the yellow contraption and shoved his way past his younger brother, impatient to put distance between himself and Inuyasha. They were brothers but most people mistook them for enemies.

"Watch it!" Inuyasha hissed, dropping his backpack onto the concrete.

Sesshoumaru only smiled disdainfully and walked away.

Frowning, Inuyasha followed him, his sharp amber eyes taking in all the faces, smells, and conversations going on all around him on his first day at the new school.

A group of girls passed him in the hall as he tried to find his locker, one girl giving him a friendly smile. He watched them go to their own lockers before homeroom when he ran smack into an open locker, muttering, "Shit!" and holding his hand to his face, a red spot throbbing where his face and the metal had made contact.

A boy with black hair and blue eyes closed the locker just enough to see who'd hit it, and gave a toothy grin. Inuyasha made to stash his things in the locker next to his but was cut short when his locker was quickly slammed shut and he was denied access.

"What the hell are you doing?" he gritted, turning to glare at the boy.

"You see these lockers?"

Inuyasha looked at the section of lockers they were standing in front of and replied belligerently, "I ain't blind, ballsack. What about them?"

The boy shook his head and said, "These lockers are off-limits, mutt-face. These are Demon lockers." Sure enough, all across the lockers the word Demons was etched into the paint, but the words had no relevance to Inuyasha.


The boy guffawed, then quickly nabbed Inuyasha by the back of his head and slammed his face into the closed lockers, his white hair flying as a loud bang! echoed through the hall, which was emptying quickly.

"So, you ain't welcome here. Half-breeds get those lockers." He shoved Inuyasha in the direction of a small section of lockers down the hall, where a short girl with lavender hair and eyes watched them approach nervously.

"Bat-girl here will inform you of how things work in this school. Don't let me catch you near demon lockers again, or I'll tear you apart."

With his last word a tiny droplet of saliva landed on Inuyasha's cheek, and he growled low, but the boy only smiled and sauntered away, his well-toned muscles rippling under his tight black uniform.

"I'm sorry, are you ok?" the purple-haired girl asked, hurriedly gathering her things.

He snorted. "I'm fine. Who was that asshole anyway, so I can put a name to him the next time he pisses me off?"

She looked around, very nervous. "That's Kouga Suzumi. He's the meanest guy in school, and one of the best-looking. Girls trip over themselves just to buy him lunch."

Inuyasha rubbed his face and stood, tossing his bag into the locker next to the girl's and sticking out his hand to introduce himself. "Inuyasha Takahashi."

The girl smiled tremulously. "Shiori." She shook his hand limply.

"No last name, Shiori?"

"No. I never knew my father and my mother died when I was born. I've been living with a foster family ever since. I have to go." She rushed down the hall to her homeroom, head bent. He watched in stunned silence. She was the most high-strung girl he'd ever met. Was she like that because she was an orphan, or because she was afraid of the demons at this school?

Spinning the dial on his lock from his old school on his new locker, he took out his orientation sheet as the bell rang and looked for room three-ten.


Kagome Higurashi blotted her lip gloss and looked at her reflection in the tiny compact in her hand, rubbing her lips together and then pushing them out in a sultry pout at their lunch table on the back patio of the cafeteria. Flipping the little mirror shut, she dropped it into her purse and turned her attention back to the conversation at hand.

"…so hot, don't you think? He has the dreamiest eyes. Too bad he's a dog-demon, though. I'd take a piece of that any day!"

Kagome looked at her friend, Ayame Lee, and asked, "What are you guys talking about?"

Sango Takeda, Kagome's best friend, leaned forward. "Haven't you been paying attention at all, Kags? We're talking about the new guy, Sesshoumaru Takahashi. He's a real nice cut of meat, if you know what I mean!"

Kagome laughed. Sango was so bad at describing a hot guy!

"He really must be something if even you are willing to pry your eyes away from that perverted boyfriend of yours, Sango. I haven't even seen him yet and you guys are acting as if he's the hottest thing to walk the planet."

"Like you can talk, Kagome. You're usually so wrapped up in Houjo's arms that you wouldn't know a hot guy if he came up and smacked you on the ass. I don't know how you guys stand human men! They're so…"



"Weak!" Ayame shouted, exasperated but grinning from ear to ear. Sango and Kagome only smiled. They'd heard this argument from their demon friend before, many times in fact.

"Hey, you can't talk either. I heard about you and Kouga this summer. Funny, he seems to be ignoring you now."

Ayame turned bright red and her eyes began to bleed into much the same shade, when Kagome laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Sango, that was uncalled for! Ayame can't help it that she can't keep her affairs quiet! You know she can't keep a secret!"

Sango laughed, and Ayame growled, "That's it, woman! I'm gonna waste your perfume!"

Kagome smiled confidently. "Temper, temper. If you piss me off, who'll listen when you and Kouga finally go all the way?"

Ayame's eyes returned to their bright green shade and she smiled. "Oh yeah. I forgot. You guys have nothing better to do than listen to my romantic affairs anyway."

All three girls laughed. They were always sharpening their wit on each other.

Kikyou came huffing up to their table, out of breath and angry. "Why didn't you guys wait for me?!"

Sango rolled her eyes. Ayame sighed and looked the other way. Kagome just stared at her feet.

Kikyou Sakamoto was the most self-absorbed member of their clique; she was also the meanest girl in school, and only her friends could temper her - when she allowed them to. Being friends with Kikyou was like taming a lion. You never knew when she was going to bite your head off.

Kikyou sat down next to Kagome, and smiled, her perfect teeth gleaming in the sunlight. Pulling out a cigarette from her clutch, she offered them all one, then lit them. Puffing out a long drag of grey smoke, she leaned back against the table and commented, "He asked me."

Kagome's eyes flew wide and she nearly dropped her cigarette in her lap.


Kikyou smiled, then quickly blew smoke out her nose as she hissed, "Teacher!"

Kagome slipped hers under the table, Sango and Ayame doing the same, but Kikyou was rebellious; she flipped the cigarette into her mouth and closed it, not daring to breath as the teacher walked slowly past, smiling at each of them as she did so.

When she was gone, Kikyou spit her cigarette out and laughed, the other girls laughing with her.

"That was close," Kagome said, shaking her head. Cigarettes tasted awful, but she was used to them; everyone in school who was cool smoked, even the teachers, but to get caught doing it on school property… that was one thing no one wanted to discuss.

"So what do you mean, 'he asked you'?"

Kikyou smiled her sexy smile, the one that always popped up when she had a secret. Tucking her cigarette between her fingers, she turned her face to the sun and closed her eyes. "He wants to do it with me."

Kagome's jaw dropped as she processed her friend's words. Sango whispered, "Holy shit."

Ayame smiled. "Welcome to the club. We experienced women will have much to talk about!"

Kikyou's smile disappeared. "I ain't telling you shit about him. He'd probably murder me if I did. He's so fucking hot though… I can just imagine his hands all over me."

Kagome closed her eyes against the mental picture Kikyou was painting. "Are you sure you want to do that with him? No offence Kik, but he's a lot older than you, not to mention very short-tempered. I mean, what if - "

"What?" Kikyou narrowed her eyes at Kagome, challenging her to finish her sentence. Kagome hated to admit it, but the look in Kikyou's eyes scared her, and she remained silent.

"Nothing bad will happen," she said, cooling off quickly. "He wants me too badly to risk fucking up a chance with me. Besides, we all know that once he's had me, he'll never want anyone else."

Sango and Ayame exchanged a look. Pretty arrogant words, considering the company she was in. All four girls had boyfriends, but Kikyou hadn't been true to one guy for any longer than a week; she had a passion for broadening her horizons, as it were.

Kagome turned away and replied, "Well, I hope you know what you're doing."

Kikyou shot a sharp look at Kagome's back, but it was wasted; Kagome saw nothing, but she felt plenty. The tension in the air was thick enough to cut.

Kikyou snorted. "Alright, if you don't think I can hold my own with him, come with me after school and I'll introduce you guys to him. Personally."

Ayame smiled wickedly. "You're on!"

Sango remarked, "Well, at least we'll be able to put a face to your mystery man at last."

Kagome said nothing, but began to wish she was someplace else.


Inuyasha watched the group of girls from that morning from a table twenty feet away, his ears twitching to pick up their conversation as he stuffed his sandwich down his throat. His first day was turning out worse than he had anticipated.

In homeroom, he'd been yelled at for being late, and then someone taped a piece of paper to his back that said LOSER in black ink. Then, after that, during third period break, his own brother tripped him in front of a hall full of people, humans and demons, who all laughed at his embarrassment as he picked himself up off the floor and tried to muster whatever dignity he had left.

He scowled. It was just like fate to allow Sesshoumaru to fit right in his very first day at this new school while Inuyasha was like a square trying to fit through a circular hole. Nothing seemed to go right for him since they'd moved here.

He lost interest in the mundane conversation he was eavesdropping on when the girl who'd smiled at him paused mid-sentence, and he looked up, trying to determine why he could sense fear in her tone. But then the conversation picked up again, and he went back to his own thoughts, overlooking the residual tension that seemed to grow around the four girls.

Suddenly, a girl sat down across from him at the table, and he glared, asking moodily, "What do you want?"

The girl raised a perfectly shaped brow at him and replied, "Nice to meet you, too. Are you always this articulate?"

He growled. This chick had better tell him what she wanted before he forced it from her, if only to satisfy his curiosity.

Sensing his anger flaring, Kagura smiled. New guys were always so touchy.

"I'm Kagura. Kagura Onigumo. You're Inuyasha Takahashi, no?"

He responded, "Feh."

She smiled again. Bingo.

"Look, don't get your boxers in a bunch. You looked pretty lonely sitting here all alone, I just thought maybe you'd like to hang out with some of your own kind."

He whipped his head up, his brow raised in skepticism. "You're a half-breed?"

Her smile faded from forced to cynical. "You'd better believe it, sweetheart."

He looked her up and down, much to her annoyance. She wore the same uniform as every other girl, but she looked like a punk; her wrists were covered almost to the elbows with bangles, watches, bracelets, and her right hand even sported a spiked gauntlet. On her legs she wore brightly striped stockings, the garters exposed, and instead of the regulation flat-heeled loafers she wore chunky, platform boots that came up to her knees. Her short, choppy hair was dyed a deep purple, and her pointed ears were covered in piercings. Her make-up was heavily done and he noticed what appeared to be a skull tattoo peeking out from the side of her shoulder, half-covered by her shirt.

She looked so out of place in the uniform that he had to give her credit for originality. She certainly wasn't as pretty as the girls at the other table, but she had her own style that he found easy to appreciate.

He glanced at the other girls again, the one from that morning once again smiling a sweet smile as he caught her eye, just before a boy passed him and she wrapped her arms about his neck, and let him kiss her mouth passionately.

Inuyasha's heart sank, and his smile slid into a deep frown. Apparently she hadn't been smiling at him.

Kagura watched it all with silent interest. When Kagome and Houjo had been going at each other's faces for a while and he had yet to remember her presence, she remarked, "You can't frown her into noticing you, you know."

Inuyasha blinked and swung his gaze back to a smirking Kagura, his face bleeding into crimson as he realised how obvious his admiration of the girl had been.

Kagura stood, and beckoned for him to follow. "Come on, lover-boy. You'll feel better amongst the rest of us outcasts, I promise."

Reluctantly, he followed her.


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