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Inuyasha: Grease'd

Chapter Fourteen - The Beginning of the End

The following day, Inuyasha ran into Kagura, who asked him what he'd done to his face. He told her all about the fight the previous night. She was quiet, but encouraged him. Kagome was coming around, she was sure of it!

She filled him in on her night. Her parents had come home, and when Naraku had returned, he had gotten a strip ripped off him and her parents had kicked him out. They said they'd not have their daughter subject to such abuse, and that he was to pack up and get out.

She excitedly told him of Naraku's break-up with Kikyou and his subsequent exodus. Her parents were so angry with him, they'd even disinherited him from their will, and she would never have to see him again. Inuyasha smiled and said he was happy for her. She smiled back and said she felt the exact same way for him.

Inu G'd

Kagome smiled at Inuyasha all through Latin.

Houjo ignored them, his forehead an ugly purple where it had bruised. She felt no remorse for what she'd done the night before; every single one of those boys had gotten what'd he'd had coming to him, and now, she was no longer fending off unwanted attention. She felt more relieved than she had in a very long time.

After class, Kagome stopped at Myouga's desk and waited until she and him were alone. Inuyasha awaited her in the hall, as had become his habit, but he respectfully remained outside while she spoke to the teacher.

Mr. Myouga looked up at her over his wire-framed glasses and asked, "What seems to be the problem, Miss Higurashi?"

Kagome sucked in her breath. What she was about to do was going to destroy her grades in this class, but she guessed that if the worst thing was having to repeat Latin next year, she wouldn't feel too badly about it.

"Mr. Myouga, my paper that I handed in, I..." She paused, hesitating, but then plunged in. It was the only honourable thing to do. She wouldn't feel right if she didn't get what was bothering her off her chest.

"You what?"

"I... I cheated on the last assignment we had."

He frowned. How had she managed that? "What do you mean, Kagome?"

She squared her shoulders and confessed. "My paper was actually Inuyasha's. I switched our names when he wasn't looking."

Inuyasha heard what she was saying, and was on the verge of rushing into the classroom to deny that fact to Myouga when he heard her say, "And don't you dare contradict me on this, Inuyasha." He looked around the doorjamb, and Myouga motioned to him to come in.

"So, you took Mr. Takahashi's work and handed it in as your own?" She nodded, and Myouga noticed not for the first time her taped up nose, and wondered just what Kagome was involved in these days. He turned to Inuyasha. "Is this true, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha looked at Kagome and she nodded imperceptively, and gave him a pleading look. She wanted him to implicate her, but could he do it?

He stared straight ahead. "No, sir. I'm afraid it was the other way around, sir."

Myouga was amused. These two were meant for each other, he could feel it. "So basically, both of you are claiming to have handed in the others' assignment. Well, since you both have confessed, I have no choice but to switch the grades." He looked at Kagome, "Have you re-written that paper yet, young lady?"

Kagome lowered her chin and replied, "Not yet, sir. I've been unable to finish it so far." A lot had been going on.

Myouga took into account her broken nose and decided to let her off easy. She was obviously telling the truth. The two standing before him were both so straight that if either of them fell off the wagon he was convinced the other would come to their rescue.

"Alright. Miss Higurashi, I'm going to overlook your oversight on that paper, but if you pass the exam, I will not fail you. However, for the fraud you claim to have committed, I'm giving Inuyasha detention for the next week."

She snapped her head up, and said, "Why him? He's innocent!"

Inuyasha looked at her imploringly, pleading with his eyes for her to accept it as easy punishment and move on, but Mr. Myouga chuckled in the face of her bold outburst.

"I'm giving him detention, Kagome, because I know that you couldn't possibly serve it, what with your job and family obligation. Mr. Takahashi, on the other hand, has a bit more flexibility were his finances are concerned, and should have no trouble explaining to Mr. Chang why he's going to be a bit late for work this week." He winked.

Inuyasha raised a brow. How'd he know where he worked?

"Now, both of you, scram," he said, waving them away. "Your next period teacher is going to give you worse than what I gave you just for being late."

They both bowed quickly and thanked him before leaving. Kagome hustled down the hall, but Inuyasha stopped her and offered her his back. "Get on."

She was momentarily confused. "What?"

"Get on my back. I won't let you be late."

She smiled, and said, "Inuyasha, you don't have to do that for me-"

"I want to." He looked at her until she finally gave in. Hefting her weight easily, he ran rapidly through the halls and deposited her outside the locker room in record time. She got down, and said, "Now what about you? I've made you late."

He shook his head. "Don't worry about it. I'm always late for my last class." He winked.

She had a feeling that was a lie, but didn't argue. He left, and she went to Gym. Her mind was so preoccupied with thoughts of him, though, that Miss Yura was constantly yelling at her to pay attention all through class.

Inu G'd

Inuyasha waited in the detention room, and watched the other students going home through the window by his cubicle. He sighed.
Detention was worth seeing the gratitude in her beautiful eyes. He couldn't help himself; he was in love with her, and he would deny her nothing, and would always take the fall for her. He could do no less by her. She meant more to him than even she knew.

Inu G'd

Three weeks later announced one week until the school dance, marking the end of the year.

Exams were over, and everyone had let their hair down. The stressful nights of cramming and all-nighters devoted to committing what they'd learned to memory, the students were all relaxed and loose, and ready to party for the summer.

Kagome had seen little of Inuyasha in the past couple weeks, she was so busy. When she wasn't working she was cramming, as was he. But, now that all the fuss was over, they had only the big dance to look forward to.

The Friday of the dance, Inuyasha put on his leather outfit for what he knew would be the last time. He looked at his reflection and hoped for the best.

Earlier, Rin had joined their family for dinner, and Taisho had just loved her. She adored him, as well; the whole family had taken a liking to the young woman and had gone out of their way to make sure she had a great time. The boys had gotten a speech from Taisho about how proud of them he was, and Rin had smiled at their red faces, finding their embarrassment sweet.

She had asked Inuyasha when he was going to tell Kagome about his scheme, and he'd confessed that he was going to do it that night. She nodded, and replied, "Good thinking. I think you'll find that Kags will be most agreeable as a girlfriend."

He tilted his head. "What makes you so sure?" The confidence he heard in her voice was reassuring.

She smiled. "Because she loves you, don't you know that?"

He blushed, and that was answer enough for her.

As soon as dinner was over she said, "Go get her," and he gladly excused himself to leave. Sesshoumaru had taken her hand and said, "Are you ready to dance the night away, my pet?"

She grinned, and replied, "You know it!"

Inu G'd

Kagome worked diligently. Her mother had agreed to let her off early to get ready for the dance. She didn't have a date, but it didn't matter. She had plenty of friends, and she would stay with them.

She thought longingly of Inuyasha. She hadn't seen him in a while, and she missed him. She sighed, and glanced at the clock. Eight. The dance was at nine.

She skated into the back door of the restaurant and put her tray near the dishwasher. Her mother smiled at her as she hung up her apron and put away her notepad and pencil. She tugged off her skates and thought of a day when she would never have to wear the damned things again. Her feet were killing her.

When she stepped into the house, the phone was ringing. She answered. "Hello?"

"Kags? It's Inuyasha."

Her face brightened at the sound of his voice, and her heart stampeded in her chest with excitement. "Hey!"

He smiled at the other end. She sounded glad to hear from him. He had hoped she would be. "You got a date tonight?"

She laughed. "Surprisingly, no one's asked me. I'm almost shocked." She thought of all the attention she'd been fending off all year; she realised that the only attention she wanted now was his, and only his. In her heart, she was already spoken for.

"Want to go with me?"

She couldn't control her enormous grin and replied as calmly as she could manage, "Sure."

"Awesome. Is nine okay?"

That gave her an hour to get ready. "Nine's perfect." She could hear the smile in his voice.

"See you then."

She hung up, and did a little dance. Then, she ran to the bathroom to shower.

Inu G'd

Inuyasha hung up and whispered to himself, "Yes!"

Flopping onto his bed, already dressed in his outfit and ready to go, he decided to have a short snooze before he left. Tonight promised to be interesting, at the very least!

Inu G'd

Kikyou arrived at the Drive-In and sat at a table by herself. Tonight, the night of the big dance, was sure to coax out Kagome's mystery man. And when he came, she would be waiting. She vowed Kagome would pay, once and for all.

Inu G'd

Kagome blow-dried her hair and zipped up her dress. It was black, trimmed in white satin. There was a big white bow at the hip, and in her ears she wore matching emeralds, and a large one hung from a gold chain around her neck. The jewels were her mother's; they had been a wedding gift from her late father. Kagome studied her reflection in the mirror, and blotted her red lips one last time. Spritzing herself liberally with her mother's most expensive perfume, she went downstairs to the closet to dig out the shoes that matched her outfit.

She'd been in the closet for a while before she finally found them. Carrying them to the kitchen, she sat down by the glass door to put them on. She heard a roar outside, and was ecstatic to see her "mystery man" pull into the parking lot, and kill his engine.

She stood up, and opened the door, his forgotten jacket over her shoulder, about to hail him down, when Kikyou stepped out of the shadows and distracted him. Neither of them had seen her, so she decided to get closer, and see what was going on.

She was sure that Kikyou was up to no good.

Inu G'd

Inuyasha got off the bike and pocketed the keys. He was on his way up the lawn behind Kagome's house, the parking lot behind him as lively as ever. He reasoned that was why he didn't hear her approach, or maybe the muffling effect of the helmet was to blame. Either way, she surprised him.

Kikyou had stepped into Inuyasha's path. Her outfit was skin-tight, much like his, only it was silk; designed in the traditional fashion of the Chinese; it had a very delicate pattern embroidered in it. A gold dragon wound its way from the bottom of the garment, which ended just above her knees, and around her waist, over her left breast and stopped at her throat. It was a beautiful dress, and Inuyasha thought that was the only beautiful thing. He'd never spoken to Kikyou but he didn't trust her. She smelled too over the top, and there was something sinister about her smile.

She crossed her arms and let her perfect teeth out in a brilliant smile, but she was actually baring her teeth. He brought his brows down and shifted the spare helmet in his arms, waiting for her to speak.

"So," she drawled, thrusting a leg out, "you're Kagome's biker, huh?"

He remained silent. What was her game?

She slowly began to circle him, and he didn't like it. She reminded him of a snake, just before it might strike.

"She's not worth your time, you know." She fingered his bicep with a feather-light touch, and he jerked his arm away. She didn't notice. "She's not even a virgin."

Inuyasha remembered that, and he cringed, barely. He wished she hadn't brought that up. It was something he'd looked forward to relieving his beloved Kagome of, but she had given it to Houjo. Still, he thought, what was so big about the loss of her virginity? It didn't make him love her any less. He was getting sick of this girl mighty quick.

Gruffly, he replied, "Are you implying that you are?"

Kikyou felt the insult lash her like a verbal whip, but she hid her anger well. She stopped in front of him, and put her hand behind his neck, and flicked up his visor, to expose his mouth. She tried another tack.

"No. But I am implying that you need someone with a little more... wisdom. What I like to call pinoche." And with those words, she kissed his mouth, wrapping a bare leg about his own to anchor him.

Inu G'd

Kagome gasped, and felt her anger flare. That scag!

She knew Kikyou was mad at her, but she had no idea the stupid girl would go this far! She came out from her hiding place in the shrubs and thought, Time for this good girl to go bad.

She stalked over to them, glad to see Inuyasha push her away roughly, wiping his mouth and roughly side-stepping her to get up the walk, but Kagome met him half-way down.

He was unsure as to how she would react - had she seen what had just happened? He just didn't know.

Kagome gave Inuyasha a dazzling smile, walked right up, and kissed him tenderly, and he folded her in his arms, pulling her closer.

Kikyou fumed.

When Kagome pulled away, she asked, "Better?" loud enough for Kikyou to hear. He nodded and replied, "The best." She grinned, and grabbed his hand.

Kikyou glared at them both as they came back toward her, and Kagome stopped. "Why, Kikyou! Was that you I saw a moment ago, throwing your hussy, slut-bitch ass all over my man?"

Kikyou remained silent but lifted her chin. Kagome smiled.

"Ah, I see. Got your hand caught in the cookie jar? Or your tongue? Either way, you lost, Kikyou. I may no longer be a virgin, but you are the furthest thing from pure that I've ever had the misfortune to associate with. You probably have some sort of parasite by now. Gross." Kagome smiled sweetly, and walked by her, but before she passed, she murmured, "Smoke that, bitch."

Kikyou huffed indignantly, but watched them leave. She was defeated. Fine! She thought, stomping her foot like a child, Go with her! See if I care!

Turning, she stomped away.

Inuyasha watched Kagome make herself comfortable on his bike, his jacket pulled snugly over her shoulders, and he felt his heart thump faster after her little showdown with Kikyou. He knew he'd chosen the better woman. But, he also wanted to confess before they went any further.

He got on in front of her, but he was facing her, so he was sitting backward on the bike.

Kagome looked at him expectantly. Here it comes...

He decided to just get it over with, and he pulled off the helmet, letting his hair spill down his shoulders and fan out over his back. His eyes were shut tight, waiting for the slap, but miraculously, it never came.

Peeking one eye open, he saw a big smile on her face. She gave him a little wave and said, "Hi, Inuyasha."

He made a face. Why wasn't she-? Then it hit him. Who told her?

"Who tol-"

She put her fingertips to his lips to shush him, and shook her head, her smile broadening. "No one told me. I guessed on my own. You fooled me for a while, though." She removed her fingers, and he replied, "Are you mad?"

She laughed. "Of course I'm not mad! I just didn't say anything because I love you in this outfit." She wrapped her arms about his neck and they shared their first real kiss. They considered it the first between them because they had everything out in the open; they had no more secrets from each other.

He released her breathlessly and asked, "Kagome, will you be my-"

"Uh huh," she cut him off, kissing him again. He grinned through the kiss, and buried his fingers in her raven hair, while she traced his muscles with her nails, making him shudder. She grinned.

"Let's you and I hit that dance," she whispered, their faces close. He returned her grin and chuckled.

She giggled. "I can't wait to show the world my hot biker boyfriend!"

At this he laughed out loud, and she reached up to play with an ear, and he leaned into her touch. He was wrapped around her little finger, and loving it.

Getting off reluctantly, he reversed his position and started the bike, and drove them to the dance.

Inu G'd

Ayame tapped her foot impatiently. She wondered when Kagome was going to get there, because she had something she really needed to talk to her about.

Sango and Miroku were on the dance floor already with Rin and Sesshoumaru, swaying slowly to a love song. The gym doors were open to let in fresh air, and the roar of a motorcycle could be heard as the music played.

Thank God, finally, Ayame thought.

Kagome came through the doors, a bright smile on her face, her black and white dress beautiful on her lush form, and her tape still on her nose. Her emeralds winked in the light reflecting off the disco ball above, over-shadowing the stark bright white strip, and with her she pulled a tall, white-haired boy who looked really familiar -

Ayame's jaw dropped open in awe. It was Inuyasha! He'd been the guy on the bike all along!

She was dumbstruck. She never would have guessed he'd have the courage to go about courting Kagome in such an unusual way. He'd seemed like such a nerd!

Kagome went to her friends, but Inuyasha hung back, giving her a wink. She nodded, and smiling, greeted their friends in her bubbly way. "Hi guys!"

Miroku smiled, but looked like he didn't for one second believe she was as happy as he thought she was pretending to be. "Kagome, you made it."

She nodded, excited. Her nose twinged with pain when she wrinkled it. "Yup. I brought someone you all know as my date, too."

Rin looked around, but she didn't see Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru could smell him, but he kept his observation to himself. Sango looked at her over Miroku's shoulder and said, "Did you ask him to come? Is it him?"

Kagome laughed, and, waving her hand over her head, Inuyasha suddenly appeared at her side, taking her hand and wrapping his arm around her waist.

Rin grinned, Sesshoumaru smiled, and Sango's eyes bugged out of her head. "Inuyasha?! You were the mystery man?!"

He laughed, and Kagome said, "The one and only!"

Miroku chuckled, and fived Inuyasha. Rin said, "Congrats, Inuyasha," and Sesshoumaru added, "I knew you'd succeed." Miroku added his two cents: "It's about time, dog! I thought you'd never snare this girl! I was thinking I'd have to take on two girls just for her sake, 'cause I'd hate to see her alone and-"

Sango thumped him on the head with her fist. "Alright, we get it already!"

Kagome and Inuyasha laughed, and Inuyasha whispered in Kagome's ear, "Dance with me?" She nodded eagerly.

They joined the others, and Rin leaned over Sesshoumaru and commented, "Kanna did a good job, I'm impressed. You look cut, Inuyasha!"

Sango piped up, "I totally agree! Miroku, you need an outfit like that!"

The boys all snorted, but Inuyasha was pleased. He held Kagome tighter and she whispered, "I'm so glad you're mine, Inuyasha."

He whispered back, "Not nearly as glad as I am, babe." She snuggled deeper into his arms, completely content.

Ayame watched them all and knew she couldn't bother Kagome, but she wanted to apologise. She needed to have Kagome's forgiveness before she could even think about moving on. Her relief was partly because her period had come that day, and she was so relieved that she wasn't pregnant that she'd cried in her room for forty-five minutes. Her happiness would be incomplete until she'd cleared the air with Kagome.

Kikyou watched from the sidelines, her arms crossed. This whole year had sucked royally. She couldn't wait to get out of this boring school and start her life.

Kouga lounged against a different wall, Ginta and Hakkaku flocking him. He watched Inuyasha and Kagome together, and found that the attraction he felt for her had tamped down; now, he barely felt anything at all. She was just another pretty face, and he was content to leave her be. She was prettier when she was really happy.

Kagura watched too. She was alone, but Shiori stood near her, sipping punch. She said to Kagura, "Looks like he finally got what he wanted." She nodded. "I think we all did, Shiori." She thought of her brother, and smiled. She'd never have to worry about him again. Her parents were staying home for good, but during the summer they were taking her to see the Andes Mountains, and on a tour of Europe. She was very excited about it.

Shiori just felt happy. She thought that Inuyasha deserved his happiness; he'd worked so hard for it. She turned to the doorway, to see Kanna enter the dance, her arm tucked firmly under Shippo's. She nudged Kagura, and they both smiled.

Houjo came back from the bathroom and stood next to Ayame. He saw Inuyasha is his leather get-up and said to Ayame, "It was Inuyasha all along?"

She nodded, and he responded with a "Huh." He'd thought that there was a possibility... Kouga had been sure of it... but he was surprised. Inuyasha looked good. He pulled Ayame closer. "Want to dance?"

Her answer was her smile.

Inuyasha saw all his friends, and waved at them. Kagome joined him, and then, the lights went up, and a fast song came on, one they all loved. They excitedly exchanged glances and the girls all screamed, "Yeah, Bay City Rollers!" All the students in the gym sang along to the words as Saturday Night drifted out over them, and the dancing was fast and furious.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night,
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night,

Gonna keep on dancin' to the rock and roll

On Saturday night, Saturday night

Dancin' to the rhythm in our heart and soul

On Saturday night, Saturday night

I-I-I-I-I just can't wait, I-I-I-I got a date

At the good ol' rock and roll road show I gotta go

Saturday night, Saturday night

Gonna rock it up roll it up do it all have a ball

Saturday night, Saturday night

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night,
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night,

Gonna dance with my baby till the night is through

On Saturday night, Saturday night

Tell her all the little things I'm gonna do

On Saturday night, Saturday night

I-I-I-I-I love her so, I-I-I-I'm gonna let her know,

At the good ol' rock and roll road show I gotta go

Saturday night, Saturday night,

Gonna rock it up roll it up do it all have a ball

Saturday night, Saturday night...

Saturday night, Saturday night

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night,
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night,
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night,
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night,

Saturday night, Saturday night

Saturday night, Saturday night

Saturday night, Saturday night...

The crowd cheered, and Kagome let Inuyasha swing her around by her wrists, her hair flowing out behind her. He watched her, unable to express even to himself how happy he was.

Another slow song came on, and Inuyasha asked Kagome if she was thirsty. She told him she was, and he went to get her a drink.

Ayame saw her chance, and touched Kagome's elbow. They didn't know the slow song that was playing very well, so they'd all moved off the floor. "Kagome, can I talk to you? Please?"

Kagome was reluctant, but Ayame's eyes were pleading. She sighed. "What is it?"

Ayame bowed her head and replied, "I'm so sorry, Kagome, for what happened. I never would have even given in to him if Kouga had been paying me the slightest bit of attention, but... I can't blame him. It was my fault that you and Houjo broke up, and believe me, I never wanted to hurt you, I swear! I'm so, so sorry, Kagome, can you ever forgive me?"

Kagome looked like she was going to refuse, but suddenly, she smiled. "It's okay, Ayame, I forgive you."

Ayame's eyes widened. "Really? You mean it?" She grabbed Kagome's hand and gave it a squeeze.

Kagome smiled, but it wasn't a true one. She still hurt, but it was fading fast. "Yeah. I mean, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be as happy as I am now. Thank you, Ayame, for saving me from him."

Ayame smiled. "Thank you for forgiving me, Kagome, I was miserable knowing how things were between us, and I hated it." Kagome nodded, "Me, too."

Ayame smiled gratefully and then took her leave. Houjo didn't approach her, but he smiled, and she smiled back. He wrapped Ayame in his arms and held her there.

Inuyasha juggled two cups of punch as he made his way back to Kagome, but Kouga blocked his way, his two cronies by his side.

Inuyasha felt his gut sink. Now what?

Kouga had his arms crossed, but it was for a different reason then Inuyasha thought. Kouga had overheard Kagome forgive Ayame for wrecking her relationship, and he'd really admired her benevolence; she could have screamed Ayame down and taken out all her misery, but she hadn't - instead, she calmly listened to what the other girl had to say and had, after a short consideration, forgiven her. He sighed inwardly. He hated to do this, but it was the noble thing. And, he supposed, if he were any kind of demon, he could admit defeat gracefully and wish his rival well. It was at times like these he envied Sesshoumaru his iron control. That guy could be gracious in the face of absolute mockery, and still come off looking good. That took poise.

Thrusting out his hand, he did the one thing that pained him the most to do.

Inuyasha reluctantly handed his drinks to Ginta and held out his hand, thinking this was some kind of set-up. He was prepared to withdraw his paw at a second's notice.

Kouga took it, and shook it. His grip was strong. "Well, Mutt," he said, pumping Inuyasha's hand, "you take good care of her. She deserves the best."

Inuyasha's eyes widened a bit, but he was still wary. This boy had smashed his head on a locker at the beginning of the year; he wasn't about to take his words at face value without expecting some sort of trick, although the somewhat chummy way he'd called him mutt had taken the edge off his wariness.

"Thanks. I will." He tried to extract his hand, but instead of letting him go, Kouga pulled him in closer, so they were face-to-face. "I mean that, Mutt," he growled, mussing Inuyasha's hair. "I'll kick your ass if you hurt her."

He let go then, and turned to walk away, adding "You up for some football this weekend?"

Inuyasha, stunned, only nodded mutely, and then Kouga grinned, and took his leave.

Kagome sidled up to Inuyasha, having eavesdropped on the whole conversation.

She smiled up into his eyes. "Looks like you're not an outsider anymore." He returned the smile. "Looks that way, doesn't it." She took her drink from his hand and sipped it, then laced her fingers through his. He squeezed them gently.

Another slow song came on, and he led her onto the floor, all their friends dancing slowly around them. Rin and Sesshoumaru, two beautiful people destined to a life of happiness together; they would later have four children and own a stock trade empire, and their eldest son would inherit the business.

Sango and Miroku, in five years, would be happily married with a small baby boy and a pair of twin girls on the way; Sango would teach Karate and Miroku would support them both with his own business - specializing in financial advisement.

Ayame and Houjo would marry, have two kids, and divorce after thirteen years of marriage. He would move to America to pursue an acting career while she married a man she'd met on the subway in downtown Tokyo. They would have two more children and live in a suburb until they both retired.

Kagura went to university and when she came back, married Kouga. They would have three children and live across the street from her parents, who drop in on them constantly.

Shippo took over his father's business and Kanna opened up a dress shop. They married but would have no children.

Shiori took part in a protest against animal abuse and would serve a ten-year prison sentence.

Kikyou wound up a prostitute in a trailer park and died of a drug-overdose when she was twenty-eight.

Naraku, no one ever heard from again.

And Kagome and Inuyasha married, took over the Drive-In, bought the Duplex across the street, and had five kids. They were the happiest couple in the world.

Inuyasha swayed with Kagome to Stand By Me by Ben E. King. He rested his chin on the top of her head, and sighed, happy. He had no idea what the future would hold, but he couldn't wait to get started.

Kagome snuggled into his chest and listened to the beat of his heart as they danced, and knew she'd found the right guy. Suddenly all the time she'd spent with Houjo seemed like a waste, when she could have been with Inuyasha, and happier than she'd ever been. She sighed and hugged him tighter.

Inuyasha squeezed her back, and knew that dreams really could come true. He regretted not one minute of his wild ride to win Kagome's heart, and his easy acceptance by his peers was well worth it. He had only been existing until now; now, his life had begun, and he wasn't going to miss a second of it.



"Do you think anyone is as happy as we are?"

He grinned, and nuzzled her ear with his nose, and flicked the tip of his tongue along the outside shell of her lobe. "I don't think anyone could be as happy as we are." They shared another passionate kiss as the song slowly came to it's end.

Darlin', darlin'
Stand, by me.
Ohhh stand, by me.
Stand by me.
Stand by me.
Whenever you're in trouble,
Wont you stand, stand by me.
Stand by me.
Ohhh stand by me.

Inu G'd

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