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Chapter 1: Say What?


"NARUTO! This is ALL your fault!"

The blonde let out a sheepish grin. It really wasn't his fault that he had accidentally signed Kiba and himself up for AP French. If the two stupid clipboards that looked exactly the same ("They all look the same dumbass!" came Kiba's reply) weren't placed right next to each other, they wouldn't be having this problem. So what if Naruto had been a little distracted at the signup desk? One year of AP French instead of AP Design wasn't going to be too bad was it?

"And when I went to talk to Tsunade, she said to talk to guidance! She's the principal and she can't do anything?! What the hell, everyone knows guidance does fucking nothing! All they do is say they'll look it over, then they stick your schedule along with everyone else's that had a screw-up in it and shove it in a desk, leaving it to rot for all eternity" Kiba continued to rant.

"Geez Kiba, chill out man" came Shikamaru's lazy response. The boy was a genius and yet always maintained a cool and bored composure. It sure pissed teachers off when they thought he was daydreaming in class, only to have him come up with the right answer. Every single damn time.

A vein throbbed on Kiba's forehead, threatening to pop.

"I CAN'T CHILL OUT! This is senior year! And yeah I know the second half of senior year is a joke, but there's still the first half! Not to mention I didn't do any "early acceptances" so basically, if my grades slip now, I'm screwed for colleges!"


Kiba looked as though he was going to maul someone over. "Easy for you to say, I'm not a genius like you Nara! You can't seriously just expect me to look over a textbook a few times and actually understand the material! And plus, it's not like you're stuck in AP French! Noooo, you actually GOT the course you WANTED!"

"Kiba, quit causing a scene. Are you hearing yourself right now? You're making everyone look at you funny…" Shikamaru trailed off. The bell rang loudly, signifying that if someone was still wandering the hallways, they were late. Kiba, Shikamaru, and Naruto made their way down to their next class. The three of them had been best friends for a while, for as long as they could remember actually. Naruto and Kiba because they were so similar, both loud and obnoxious. And Shikamaru…well…just cause.

Upon entering the classroom, Kiba still had a sour look on his face. "That is the last time I get an idiot like you to sign me up for courses!"

Naruto slung his arm around Kiba's shoulder with a cheery grin. "You should've just done it yourself then! You should know by now I get distracted easily…"

"Yeah, probably too busy checking Sasuke out or something" Kiba snorted and Naruto gave him a light punch.

"It's not like that! You don't know what the hell you're talking about!" the blonde defended hotly. He had never liked the Uchiha much. Well, he had never actually really met him. All he knew was that his stupid annoying swarm of fangirls blocked up the hallways every bloody day! It was hard enough to navigate around the too-small high school, but it was even worse when it was filled with ditzy girls, trying to shove themselves against the handsome brunette.

Wait…handsome? Naruto shook his head. No, that can't be right. Well I mean, I always did think he was kinda cute but…Ahh! No! I don't like Sasuke!

Yes, Naruto was gay and he really didn't have a problem with it, neither did Kiba or Shikamaru. He guessed that was why they had gotten closer over the years. Naruto was glad he was accepted.

"Yeah right, I've seen you check him out…"

"Shut up Kiba!"

Shikamaru sighed. "So I guess you two are alright again?" He regretted saying those words almost instantly after they left his mouth because it appeared Kiba suddenly remembered what they had been discussing all morning.

"No! We're not alright! I'm still mad!"

"Aw c'mon Kiba! You've never been able to stay mad at me before!"

"Yes I have!"

"No you haven't!"

"Yes I have!"

"Fine. When?"

"In second grade when you "accidentally" lost my teddy bear!"

Oh yeah. Naruto remembered that. Kiba hadn't spoken to him for nearly a week. It had been the longest grudge he had ever held. Naruto had decided that Kiba needed to get rid of the bear once and for all, so he asked if he could borrow it. Kiba had been reluctant but Naruto was his best friend. So after he finally agreed, Naruto took it home and threw it in the trash. Kiba would get over it. Not to mention, it was probably the ugliest teddy bear Naruto had ever seen.

"Right…I had almost forgotten about that. Well, you forgave me eventually for that, so why can't you forgive me now?" Naruto gave Kiba his best pleading eyes that still sparkled with amusement.

"Because, I'm screwed in this class!"

"You don't know that for sure yet…"

Kiba blinked at him. "Naruto, in case you've forgotten, I don't speak French! Not a word! I've taken fucking Spanish since eighth grade!"

Right….That would be a minor detail to worry about that Naruto, in his haste, had temporarily forgotten.

"Well…you know what they say….there's….always a first time for everything?" Naruto joked meekly, silenced completely by the dark glare on Kiba's face.

"You've taken French since freshman year! God Naruto, if I start failing, it'll be all your fault! And then I won't get into the college I want to go to and then my mom's gonna kill me and then—"



"I'll…do your homework for you" sighed Naruto, defeated. He didn't like when people were mad at him! It made him…uncomfortable.

The brunette grinned at him. "I forgive you."

"Yeah, yeah bastard" Naruto said sarcastically. He glanced over to see Shikamaru staring out the window daydreaming. He had obviously lost interest in Naruto and Kiba's argument a long time ago.

Yep. Typical day.


AP French was a relatively small class, as Naruto noted. The only people Naruto recognized other than himself and Kiba though, was Neji and Gaara, a couple he only knew as acquaintances, Sakura, a rather annoying girl who was leader of Sasuke Uchiha's fanclub along with…

None of than the Uchiha himself.

Kiba had started rambling to him about something unimportant but Naruto kept his gaze on Sasuke. Ok, so maybe he had a little bit of attraction to him. Only a little bit! Naruto just liked the fact he could always be seen keeping his composure, despite Sakura's desperate squeals of "I love you!" Not to mention that shaggy black hair, with bangs lightly covering his dark eyes. His skin was pale and flawless. Yes, Sasuke was good looking.

Suddenly, his head shifted and his eyes locked with Naruto's bright blue ones. Naruto didn't know but…something in those eyes made him want to just get lost in them. Ew that sounded like something out a cheesy chick flick. He broke off the eye contact with Sasuke, a small blush gracing his face.

"Hey Naruto, maybe this class won't be so bad after all! I mean, the teacher hasn't shown up for a while…maybe we'll miss the class completely! Man I hope the whole year's like that—hey! You're not even listening to me! God, focus for one sec! Stop drooling over Uchiha!" Naruto blushed harder.

"Shut up! I told you it's not like that!"

"Yeah and I told you I don't believe that bullshit! You've got the hots for him…" Kiba gave him a wicked grin.

"Argh! Why the hell are you so goddamn loud?"

"Aw you don't have to get too defensive Naruto…you should go talk to him…"

While Kiba and Naruto were arguing, neither noticed the smirk that had graced Sasuke's lips.

"Fine fine" Kiba sighed. "Just don't come crawling to me when you two get together. Cause you know I'm gonna say I told you—" He gulped when he saw Professor Hatake Kakashi enter the room with a cheery grin on his face.

"Damn and just when I was almost positive he wasn't going to show…" Kiba mumbled darkly under his breath.

Everyone took their seats and Kakashi began to speak. "I welcome you all to AP French. Now, this is what you should know. This class is designed to be a college level course, meaning homework is optional. However, you should know that if homework is not completed, you will fail the quizzes and tests which make up a good deal of your final grade. I can guarantee that for a fact. Also, in keeping with the mind of grading, like I said, tests and quizzes are a good deal, but you will also have one project averaging around 60 of your grade at the end of the year. It is recommended to begin working on it as soon as you get your partner, which I shall assign you by the end of this week. You may think you have time, but you don't."

Kakashi continued, but this time, his voice was dripping seriousness. "Oh and one more thing, you and your partner better learn to get along, because there will be no switching. Also, if this is your first year in French, which I couldn't imagine why, you have a 90 of failing already. But who knows? Maybe you'll have beginner's luck!" With that said, the grin appeared again on his face.

"Well class, let's get started. Today, we will be reviewing indirect articles and…"

Naruto sighed. He was pretty good at French, but he just hoped he would have a good partner. Please God, anyone besides Sakura! I'll go a week without ramen if you grant that wish! Hmm…maybe I'll end up with Sasuke? Naruto shuddered at the thought...although that would be good for his grade. It was rumored that Sasuke had top grades in all of his classes.

On the other hand, he looked at Kiba who was still in shock over Kakashi's speech.

Naruto couldn't help but feel bad for him.

He looked like he was going to break down and cry any minute now…


Sasuke Uchiha saw the blonde make eye contact with him. Naruto Uzumaki. That's right, Sasuke had to do a lot of digging to find out about him. It wasn't that Naruto was a loser, it's just he didn't have that many friends. That was about the nicest way possible to say it. Well, other than the lazy one and the one that was hyperventilating in the classroom right now, Sasuke didn't really see the blonde with anyone else.

He had found the blonde attractive since junior year, but he had yet to make a move. No, he decided, he wouldn't do anything until he got to know the blonde better. It was rather difficult last year when they had no classes together and whenever Sasuke spotted a glimpse of him in the hallway, he was always soon covered up by the annoying girls that followed him around. Everywhere.

If it was one thing he hated, he hated fangirls. They were annoying and pissed him off. God, they practically stalked him! He had gone home one day to see Sakura and Ino, another one of the group, waiting patiently at his doorstep. Sasuke didn't know how long they were there and didn't care. He simply turned around and walked the other way.

He hadn't come home that night.

Perhaps it was this weird, sick obsession girls had with him that made him gay. Yes, he was gay. Of course, he wasn't open with it, but if his fangirls were smart, they would've known by now that no, he was not going to answer their phone calls or take them on dates.

But then again, they had never had high IQ's…

Sasuke had though, of course. He came from a prodigious family and he had to maintain his reputation. He was taking all AP's this year and was rather surprised when Kakashi had begun reviewing over material. He already knew this class was going to be a joke.

There was only one real reason he should stay and that, he decided, was because a cute little blonde named Naruto was in it. Sasuke smirked, knowing that with at least one class together, they would definitely get to know each other better.

He would make sure of it.


Naruto dragged a stunned Kiba out of the French room and down the hallway. Naruto hadn't found the class too challenging yet, at least not the first day, but Kiba looked as though half his brain had just been removed.

Yeah, it wasn't too pretty.

"Dead, dead, dead, my life is over…" Kiba began to chant hollowly to himself. Naruto just sighed and walked out of the building. He was glad the day was done. It had gone by fast. Sort of.

"Hey well, I gotta go to work now, but um, are you gonna be ok?" Naruto watched as Kiba shook his head mutely, then began nodding it, then shaking it again. He clearly was not stable.

"It's cool, I'll take care of him" a voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Sweet, thanks Shikamaru! You always come at the best times!" Naruto said as Shikamaru pulled up next to them, having had a study last period. He gave him a goofy grin before storming off to his car.

Driving slowly and steadily (Naruto had never been the best of drivers), he pulled up to the small café that he worked in. It was one of those simple, coffee/espresso serving places along with small snacks. It wasn't much, but Naruto made a substantial amount there and plus, he liked the people he worked with.

Stepping quickly into his uniform, he walked out of the changing room and into the main one. There was a rather large amount of people there today, which made Naruto happy. More tips for me!

"Hey Hinata, I'll take over for you" The blonde gestured to a small, dark-haired teen. She blushed a lot and had quite a stuttering problem, but she was still nice.

"T-th-a-ank you N-Naruto" He gave her a small pat on the head before waving cheerfully as she went to leave.

"Hop-pe y-you won't b-be too b-busy" Hinata said before opening the exit.

"Nah I'll be fine, take care" he gave her a small nod before focusing at the task at hand.

"Hi, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, what can I get you today…"

The hours passed. Naruto was just about ready to pack up and head out before the door jingled and someone else stepped in. Naruto looked up and almost wished he hadn't.

There was Sasuke, in all his glory.

The raven smirked, seeing Naruto's reaction, and sat himself down at a table for one person. Naruto almost wished he had decided to leave five minutes earlier, like he told himself he should've…

Walking over slowly to Sasuke, he said "H-hi there, what can I get you today?" Damn it he was starting to sound like Hinata!

Sasuke eyed him. "What I want isn't on the menu…"

Naruto felt himself grow redder and redder. Ahh! This isn't suppose to happen! I don't even like Sasuke! I don't know him! I…

"Um, could you specify then?" Naruto knew he sounded like a complete idiot, but hey, that's what being in the presence of Sasuke Uchiha could make you do.

"I don't like to elaborate. Figure it out for yourself" Sasuke was satisfied with the pout he received from the blonde.

"Are you trying to make my job difficult?!"


"How did you even know I work here?"

"I have my sources." Naruto blinked blankly at him.

"Y-you stalker!" Sasuke felt his eyebrow twitch. It had taken him months to figure out where Naruto worked! It had taken a lot of asking around and pretending to be nice to Sakura to finally get his answer, although she couldn't understand why he would be interested to see where Naruto worked.

"I'm not a stalker. You're just stupid."

"How can you just insult me like that?! I don't even know you!" Naruto was getting exasperated. A part of him wanted to stay with Sasuke and get to know him better, and a part of him just wanted to go home!

"Yes, well, maybe we can change that" a hot breath ghosted over his ear and Naruto let out a small gasp. Before he knew it, Sasuke was on his feet, already making his way to the exit.

"See you in class, dobe."

Naruto stood there, a bright red flush adoring his cheeks, and his mouth gaping.

"You're such a sucker for a sweet talker."


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