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Chapter 12: Trouble


"…Mais l'école c'est tellement ennuyeux."

"Oui, je suis d'accord. Eh, Sasuke, j'ai une idée."

"J'ai parié que c'est stupide."

"Pourquoi? Tu ne l'as pas encore entendue!"

"Parce que tu es un imbécile."

"—Hey," Naruto cut in, "I don't remember that part being in the original script."

"I did a little editing since the last time you were here," said Sasuke innocently. He smirked and rolled over to avoid the well-aimed pillow to his head.

"Bastard," Naruto muttered, breaking into an adorable pout.

"C'mere," Sasuke let out softly, bringing the warm body lying next to him close. He kissed Naruto's forehead gently before capturing rosy pink lips. The blonde parted his mouth, yielding to the tongue that swept through the open cavern.

Both breathed heavily after pulling away. Sasuke's smirk only widened after pulling away and seeing the pink flush on his boyfriend's cheeks.

"So, I take it you forgive me?" he asked playfully.

Naruto gaped for a second upon realizing what him allowing Sasuke to have his way had just done. He scowled, knowing that he really had no one to blame but himself…and Sasuke's stupid mouth.

"I guess," he replied stiffly.

"Aw, come on dobe, don't be upset. Besides, I'm still seeing you tonight, right?" Sasuke asked, a tinge of hope slipping into his voice. Ever since Christmas he had been thinking of Naruto's offer to him. And of course he never would have accepted it. But still…it had made him think.

He couldn't help but dream of what the blonde would look like beneath him, panting, eyes closed, sweat dripping down golden-tanned skin. Unconsciously, he licked his lips picturing those hips bucking against him, the moans that would be emitted from the mouth from above…

And so he decided that tonight would be the night.

Everything was already planned out and all the supplies bought. He would make it the most unforgettable night of their lives—

"—So Kiba managed to persuade me and I said yes."

"Kiba what?" Sasuke asked, breaking out of his trance.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "You haven't been listening to a word I've said, have you?"

"Would it help if I was thinking of how hot you were the whole time?"

Naruto almost caved.

"Nuh-uh," he shook his head violently. "Not gonna work this time. Anyways, what I was saying was that Kiba wanted me to go to that New Year's carnival tonight. And when I told him that I was spending the night with you, he told me to just bring you along too because you were an emo, anti-social bastard who needs to interact more with human beings."

Sasuke grit his teeth. "And what'd you say to that?"

"Um…ok?" Naruto was just the slightest bit scared of the look Sasuke was giving him at the moment. The other didn't look very happy. In fact, Naruto could've sworn Sasuke was growling…

"I'm gonna kill that fucking Inuzuka!"

"Aw, come on Sasuke, don't get upset! It'll be good for you! You are a little socially retarded…I meant that in the nicest way possible!" Naruto hurriedly added at the ferocious glare he received.

"Dobe, I had plans for us tonight. You can't just back out on me now." Sasuke nearly pleaded with him.

"I'm not backing out on you," Naruto soothed, "you're coming with me! That way we'll still be together, ne?"

"That's not the point! I had something special planned for us tonight!"

"Well, we can always do it tomorrow, right? The carnival's a once-a-year thing. After tonight, it'll be gone and then we'll have to wait another whole year before it comes around again," Naruto reasoned.

Sasuke sighed. The mood was officially ruined. Now, even he didn't particularly feel up to what he had been waiting for tonight.

"Fine. But I'm not going with you."

And before he knew it, he was being pinned on his bed.

"You're coming," Naruto stated in a very final tone.

"No, I'm not, dobe," Sasuke bit out, equally as finite.

"Yes you are."

"No. I'm reeeally not."


"You can't make me go!"

"The whole point was to get you out of the house for once!"

"Well, what if I don't like other people?"

"Then you can just stick with me the whole time!"

"Why the hell is this such a big deal to you whether I go or not?"

"Because I want a goddamn New Year's kiss from my boyfriend you bastard!" Naruto huffed.

Sasuke looked at him in a stunned silence.

So this was what they had really been arguing about?

"W-what?" Sasuke asked in disbelief, more to himself than Naruto.

"I want a New Year's kiss," Naruto mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest defensively.

"Aren't those what girls always fawn over? Or the type of thing you would see in a movie? I mean…" Sasuke began uneasily, not knowing how lightly to tread, "why do you want one? I can kiss you wherever, whenever you like…"

Naruto's eyes closed and he found Sasuke's pale fingers, twining them with his own. Then, he began to speak.

"When I was little, maybe around the time I was six or so, Iruka was dating a man named Hoshi. He would always come over for dinner or take Iruka for a night out. I liked him a lot. He'd always play with me and bring me little presents. I could tell that he made Iruka happy…and that made me happy."

"And then, on New Year's Eve, Iruka wasn't expecting him. But he surprised him and showed up anyways with chocolates for me, and flowers for Iruka. I remember I was so tired, but I wanted to prove that I was a big boy and could stay up until midnight. So, when the clock struck twelve, with my eyes half-open, I walked down the stairs only to find Iruka and Hoshi there. And Hoshi had his arms wrapped around him and he said I couldn't hear. But then they kissed. And when they broke apart, I don't think I ever remember seeing Iruka look like that. Like he was so in love and nothing else in the world mattered. And from that day, I knew that someday…I wanted to look like that."


"So," Naruto looked seriously at him, "it would just mean a lot if you would come, ok?"

Sasuke didn't even know what to say. He simply squeezed the hand in his tighter and all was said.

Naruto smiled at him. "Thanks."

They sat in silence for a while, Naruto's head resting on Sasuke's chest, listening to the steady heartbeat that calmed him. Sasuke's fingers tugged lightly on blonde spikes.

"Hey, dobe, how come Hoshi isn't around anymore?"

There was a pause before Naruto responded quietly, "Things didn't end up working out."

Uncomfortable, he said, teasingly, trying to lighten the mood, "Don't tell me that kiss was actually a bad omen,"

"Shut it, bastard," Naruto grinned up at him. "As if anything could break us apart."

Glancing at the time, he hopped off the bed, gave Sasuke a quick peck on the cheek, and ran out the door, shouting something about having to run some errands and seeing him later on that night.

Naruto made his way outside and let out a deep breath. He truly had meant what he had said. The times he had spent with Sasuke had been some of the best of his life. Sometimes, he wondered if Sasuke even knew how bad he had Naruto wrapped around his finger. He would probably do anything for him.

And he could only hope that Sasuke felt the same way.


Sasuke mentally groaned at the stack of applications he still needed to finish. He sent the pile his most heated glare, hoping to incinerate it with his eyes.

Its size didn't change.

If things had been different, he was sure that he would have had them all completed by precisely a week ago. He had never been one to procrastinate. But with Naruto now in his life…

It didn't matter though.

There was one school, and only one, that was important to him.

Konoha Law.

The six other universities were simply backups. But Sasuke wouldn't need a backup.

He would need to get into that one school. The one that was so prestigious that its acceptance rate was less than 4%. The one his father attended and Itachi was currently attending.

He would accept nothing less.

A sharp rap on his door interrupted his thoughts.

Sasuke barely had time to respond when the door was pushed open and the man behind it let his presence be known.

Immediately, Sasuke straightened his shoulders.

"Father," he spoke in a hushed tone.

Fugaku nodded curtly at his son, walking to the center of the large room. Sasuke fidgeted just the slightest in his seat, hoping his father didn't see.

"So," Fugaku began carelessly, "how have you been?"

Sasuke must have had a look of utter shock on his face because his father let out a wry smile.

"What? I can't ask about my son?"

"U-uh," Get a grip on yourself. "No, no. I'm…fine." Sasuke decided that was the best word to use.

"Fine?" his father went on, "I haven't seen much of you these past few months."

"Yes, I've been rather busy," Sasuke ran a hand through his hair.

His father glanced at the unfinished applications.

"Busy." It wasn't a question.

Sasuke nodded.

His father paused before beginning again. "So why weren't you at the Urasaki's for dinner?"

Sasuke displayed no outward emotion, though he was beginning to panic a bit on the inside. Of course he should have known that his father wouldn't simply forget about things like that. Especially when it involved business.

"I thought Itachi told you. I had work to finish."

Fugaku walked closer to his son. "I had been talking about it for a while. I thought you would have planned your time a little more wisely."

Sasuke looked down. "I'm sorry—"

"—Sasuke," his father cut in. His voice sounded somewhat weary. "Is there anything going on that I should know about? You know you can let me know whatever issues you're having right?"

His son glanced up for a split second, making eye-to-eye contact with his father. They seemed to connect for that slightest moment. And then, it was gone.

"I appreciate your concern father but like I said, you don't have to worry about me. I'm fine." Sasuke let out a small smile. He was worried his father would be able to tell he was lying. He usually could.

Instead, Fugaku nodded once before clapping his hand down on Sasuke's shoulder. He stood there for a while longer before making his way to the door. He was halfway out when he turned his head over his shoulder and left some parting words.


Sasuke looked up.

"I expect those to be finished by tonight."

And with that, he closed the door.

Sasuke let out the shaky breath he had been holding. He looked at the pile. He looked at the clock.

4:07 pm.

Cradling his head in his hands, he let out a silent scream of frustration.


Fugaku's stare hardened after he closed the door.

His gaze made its way to the person standing opposite him, with his arms crossed and eyes closed.

"He's been distant. His grades have been dropping. I know something's going on," Fugaku spoke quietly. "And when I find out what…"

Minutes ticked by.

"You wouldn't have any idea, would you?"

Itachi blinked his eyes open.

"No idea," he stated simply.

Fugaku shook his head slightly before brushing past his other son, turning the corner to head to his room.

Itachi watched his father's slow, retreating back.

Foolish little brother…what have you done?


It was 11 o'clock.

Naruto had arrived at the carnival a little less than two hours ago. He had met up with Kiba and some of his other friends and they had chatted for a while before he went wandering on his own.

He wondered where Sasuke was.

He had expected him to at least be here by now. When Naruto had tried calling him, it had gone straight to his voicemail, which was an odd occurrence. He had thought nothing of it at the time, but now, when there was only an hour toward midnight, he was beginning to get worried.

Maybe something happened to him…

No, Naruto thought. Sasuke was fully capable of handling himself under difficult and dangerous situations. Still, that nagging voice was still engrained in his head.

What if…what if Sasuke truly just didn't want to come?

Naruto bit his lip. No, that couldn't be it either. Sasuke knew how much this meant to him…he wouldn't just not come.

So where is he? The voice in his head asked.

Had Sasuke just forgotten?

He pulled out his phone and checked the time again.


It was ok. There was still time.

He sat himself on an empty bench and waited.


Waited, and waited, and waited.




Kiba rushed over and grabbed his best friend's arm eagerly. Naruto could tell that he had been drinking. "C'mon, the fireworks are gonna start soon! You can't sit here by yourself—hey—wait, where's Uchiha?" His eyes scanned the vicinity but he couldn't see the raven anywhere.

"I don't know," Naruto replied truthfully.

"Ah, that stupid prick," Kiba slurred cheerfully, "its'ok, you don't need him to have fun! Now, hurry!"

Naruto allowed himself to be dragged away by his drunken friend to where all the excitement was. But even so, Naruto couldn't find it in his heart to be very excited himself.

The minute countdown began.

Eyes looked toward the sky. Children squealed and clapped their hands together in anticipation. There was laughter coming from all around.

Naruto tried to smile.





"5!" Kiba screeched loudly in Naruto's ear, his arm slung over the blonde's shoulder, before waltzing off. He was clearly oblivious to the fact that he had just missed a number.





Fireworks exploded into the sky in all different colors and shapes. Blue, green, yellow, red, purple stars all blended together to produce an illuminated sky. Loud banging noises filled the air, but they were partially drowned out from the cheers and shouts of the crowd below.

Naruto looked around and his eyes dimmed at what he saw. Everyone, it seemed, was locked in a kiss. There were Shikamaru and Temari by the cotton candy booth and Neji and Gaara, with the redhead fisting his hands through silky, black locks. Hell, even Kiba had cornered Hinata, who was bright red, and though he had gone in for her lips, he missed and got the side of her cheek instead. Adults held hands and kissed each other on the cheeks and even shy little children all found someone to share the moment with.

Everyone looks so happy.

Naruto gave a small smile.

He was glad for his friends, as well as for everybody else.

Turning his head and shoving his hands in his pockets, he took one last look at the shimmering sky overhead before leaving.


Sasuke scribbled furiously, his mind trying to come up with what to write next. He had been working for hours now and he was in desperate need for a break. He was on empty right now. Everything that he was writing down was not processing through his head. It didn't have any meaning.

He was so close to being finished. He was on his last essay, the one for Konoha Law.

But this one proved to be the most difficult. He realized that he had been a dumbass for trying to save the "best for last." In reality, his brain was completely busted and whatever he was trying to say at that moment was complete crap.

Shooting a glance toward his clock, he winced.


Naruto was going to kill him.

"Damn it," he cursed aloud.

He had two choices that he could make and he knew it.

Deciding that very instant what to do, he snatched his keys off his drawer and quickly made his way downstairs. He just about made it out the door when he was pulled back.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Sasuke glowered at his brother's gaze.

"I'm going to find Naruto," he bit out, "now let me go."

"You can't keep doing this, otouto," Itachi kept his voice calm, as though trying to reason with him. "Father suspects something. It's not safe. Go upstairs now."

"I can't do that." Sasuke said defiantly, walking one step closer to the door.

"Sasuke, stop being a coward. If you don't tell father, then I'll do it for you," Itachi hissed angrily at him.

Sasuke turned around. He bit the inside of his cheek.

"Itachi," he pleaded softly, "please…please don't."

Itachi softened his eyes, but continued to stare at his younger brother. "If you know what's good for you otouto, you'll break up with him."

Sasuke said nothing, closing the door shut behind him.


Naruto…where are you?

Sasuke had already tried the carnival, but he couldn't spot the blonde anywhere. His hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. He was so tired, but he wouldn't stop until he found Naruto.

It was nearly one in the morning. Sasuke was beginning to get more and more desperate.

He can't have walked very far from the carnival…

An idea hit Sasuke suddenly.

There was a small lake several hundred yards from the site of the carnival. The two of them had been there a few times before when either of them needed to clear their heads. And sure enough, when Sasuke pulled up close enough, there was an outline of a single silhouette in the darkness.


Screeching his car to a halt and not even bothering to turn the engine off, he yanked the door open and ran as hard as he could, kicking sand up everywhere.

Spinning the body to face him, Sasuke caught a glimpse of Naruto's stunned eyes before he crashed their lips together.

Sasuke waited nervously for Naruto to respond to his touch. Seconds went by and he was beginning to lose hope…

Then, he felt arms wrap tightly around his back and lips press back against his with renewed vigor.

The kiss was long and passionate, full of tongue and teeth and everything else imaginable. Pulling back for some much needed air, Sasuke tilted Naruto's chin so that blue eyes met black.

"God…Naruto…I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry—" Sasuke breathed, still out of breath from his run. "I'm so, so sorry."

Naruto held the other's gaze. He saw so many emotions flow through those dark eyes. Eyes that, before Naruto, used to be so cold and lifeless.

Slowly, he let out a beautiful smile that warmed Sasuke's insides.

"You're late, bastard."

Sasuke's laughter rang loud and clear.


Itachi knocked once on the large, wooden door leading to his father's study.

"Come in," was the response from the other side.

Coming face to face with his father, he nearly hesitated.

He couldn't believe that he was actually about to do this.

"What is it, Itachi?" Fugaku asked, frowning.

Itachi's eyes betrayed nothing.

"There's something you should know…"


The next morning, Sasuke awoke to find his father already in his room. He swallowed nervously, mentally preparing himself for what he was about to happen.

"Sasuke…I'm proud of you."

Sasuke felt his jaw drop, but he caught himself.


"Itachi came to me last night. He told me everything."

"And what exactly did he say?" Sasuke wanted to know.

"Oh, well he called it a business venture. Though I'm not sure I'd use those words exactly," Fugaku thought to himself.

Having absolutely no idea what was going on, Sasuke decided that it would be better to have faith in his brother and simply go along with whatever the hell he was trying to pull.

"I'm glad you approve, father."

Fugaku nodded. "I think the program you're creating for charity is very honorable. Not to mention good for colleges to see. Though I can't imagine why you would hide that from me…"

"I just wanted to show you that I could do things independently, without your help. I wanted to prove to you that I could manage it with school and everything else," Sasuke prayed his voice wasn't quivering.

Fugaku smiled at his son. "Ah, a true Uchiha."

When his father had left, Sasuke scampered out of his room and practically ran down the hall to his brother's.

He barged in without knocking to find Itachi calmly reading the morning paper.

"How the hell did you manage to pull that off?" asked Sasuke in disbelief.

Itachi didn't even spare him a glance.

"I learned from the best," was his deadpanned response.

Sasuke shivered lightly, knowing exactly what Itachi meant by that.

"Aniki…" he whispered.

"I didn't fix your problem, otouto. I only bought you some time. Father was always good at uncovering the truth. That's what made him such a good lawyer. It's only a matter of time before he finds out. And he will find out. So you'd better watch yourself. Now, kindly, get out."

Sasuke didn't move.

"Thank you." He couldn't believe his brother had come through twice for him.

Itachi sighed.

"Don't thank me for anything. Like I said, I only bought you time."

And this could always work against you.


"Go eat your breakfast. It's getting cold."

Realizing that the conversation was over, Sasuke closed the door softly behind him and leaned his head against the wall.

Itachi's words rang in his head.

It's only a matter of time before he finds out.

Shaking it off, he decided that, at least for now, it appeared as though everything was going to be ok.


Here's a translation of what Sasuke and Naruto were saying in French in the beginning:

"…But school is so boring."

"Yeah, I agree. Eh, Sasuke, I have an idea."

"I bet it's stupid."

"Why? You haven't heard it yet."

"Because you're an imbecile."

So, more of the plot is being revealed. I was going to end it with Itachi going to his father's room but then I decided to write a little more. Let's just say that this story's pretty much going to go somewhat downhill from here…

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