Another 31 Days ficlet. This one is for May 3 and the theme was 'e la chiamano estate!' (and they call it summer). Maybe what Meg was thinking in that scene where she's looking out the windows in that glazed kind of way.

She couldn't believe it was this cold already. The night had barely fallen, and the chill had set in. The dew and damp wasn't a frost yet, so technically it was still summer, but still she and the soldiers were goose-bumped and breathing clouds of vapor.

If she hadn't been as used to this countryside, she would've been amazed. The family in the cottage had laughed at her too at first. She was used to it now, but still aware of the extremes. Now instead of making her uncomfortable, the cold, wet air was refreshing on her skin. She had shed her coat and sweater to feel it better, and was almost tempted to pull off the sleeveless undershirt.

There was no telling how that would affect her at this point though. And the poor soldiers had enough on their minds without her throwing them off with her feminine powers. That thought brought a reluctant, if somewhat predatory, twitch of a smile.

The moon lit the haze up as silver as if it was frost, but she could still smell the green and flowers behind it.

"Moon-silver instead of winter-silver," she said aloud, looking out the window at the shadows moving silently in the woods. Her voice was faint and dreamy. She hadn't meant to speak out loud and was hardly aware she had until a growl made her jump.

"I'd rather have some bullet-silver," the nearest soldier said. She turned to see him studying her carefully. What was he thinking? Did he suspect or was it her thin undershirt that had his attention? Either way, she was unnerved and looked back out the window again. It took a few moments before she was sure she had herself under control again.

Outside, the shadows had grown still again. She saw their eyes light up from the darkness, silver also, two tiny moons in each face under the true moon. One way or the other, this would be over by morning.