A time when I needed it

He growled, baring his teeth at the threat

A time when I wanted it

He pushed it away

Free me

The calm, soothing wind

Free me

Blowing across my face

Because I believe

Beholding the sacred one

Not in freedom

Wondering what it was like

For it does not exist

Nothing but emptiness

Jab openly at my thoughts

He was not afraid to be wrong

But free me

For there was some truth behind it all

I still want it

Almost seen but not there

I still crave it

Scooping out the last

Not freedom

Away, gone in the wind

For it I already possess

In front of me

No need to have something you do not need

Already there in my hold

But a need to have something of what you want

Yet he still searched

A time when I lived for it

He was never ashamed to do so

A time when I died for it

In fear, but in bravery

So free me

The wind was not calling

Free me

Just there

Free us

We bathed in it's soothing presence

Author's Note: Now that you've read the whole thing, you can read this poem in three different ways: 1) Read it all together 2) Read only the plain text 3) Read only the bold text