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Title: The Map

Rating: K+

Author: KamiaKotai

Dedicated to: Woffy (Werewolf Of Fire)

Summary: Spencer adores maps, his fetish. And yet his lover despises them for the main fact that Spencer loves them. Mindless drabble. Slight S/B. Complete 03.15.07

Spencer liked maps.

Not just any maps. Spencer liked all maps. Roads maps, world maps, old maps, new maps and even the occasional "treasure" map, which usually led to something Ian had stolen from him and found fit to hide in their cozy home.

Kai called it a hobby, Tala a collection, Ian named it his obsession whereas Bryan, his lean lover, only had one word for his passion: annoying.

If there was one thing Bryan hated more than an over-talkative person it was Spencer's fixation on maps. When they wandered into a drug store, not often mind you, most males would head straight for the latest skin mags and yet Spencer found his comfort in the selection of atlases. The blonde would flip through them for hours without end, and never did he grow tired of the pictures, lines and endless symbols.

They were his "thing" as most so diligently put it. And although they were worthless, scraps of paper recorded by a bunch of know-it-all, overly social people to Bryan, Spencer loved them.

And so it was no surprise to Bryan to wander into their lounge to find Spencer lying on the couch, propped up on his elbows and sprawled out before him was the map. Now this map wasn't the same as the others, this was the very first map Spencer had ever gotten, the thing that had started him off on the entire ordeal. It was the map. As in the map Bryan loathed more than all the others, the map that stole all his attention, the map Spencer brought out every single night to study. It was large, folded up about eight times into itself, the ends were split and taped and then taped again, the inner-piece was wearing, crumpled and crinkled and the beginnings of a hole was starting in the exact middle where is was first folded. For a split second Bryan couldn't help the wave of jealousy that washed over him.

'What the hell is the matter with me?' He pondered frowning as he did so, 'I'm jealous of a piece of colored paper that has only…gone everywhere Spencer goes and is doted upon every night!' Bristling with envy the male stomped across the small distance and snatched the map out from under Spencer's line of vision before he promptly crushed the worn thing and tossed it over his shoulder.

Letting out an overdue sigh of relief he slumped down on the couch taking the vacant space in which the map had once occupied. Rolling his head back he slipped his eyes closed and relaxed.

"Feeling all better with yourself now?" the booming voice interrupted a few moments later, neither upset nor happy.

"Yes." Bryan breathed letting a smug smile grace his pale features. "Yes I do."

"Good. Now go grab that and bring it back to me." Spencer demanded, knowing the nightly routine all to well.

Groaning in disappointment Bryan stood, walked the four steps while grumbling and snapped the thing up off the floor before smoothing it and laying it back out before his lover. It was the map. The abomination; still living after hundreds of failed attempts. The damn thing was invincible.


Sorry about this…I was terribly bored and we are on a road trip right now so it just popped into my mind….-shrugs- Thanx for reading. Hope you enjoyed it Woffy! .