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The demon known as Meg was having one of the best days of its life. After being banished back to hell, who would have thought it would have a chance at revenge? It had been wondering around in the body of a teenage punk when it spotted little Sammy Winchester. Within a few hours, it had a plan. A wonderful plan that not only would destroy the Winchester's reputation but also their lives. The first part was the easiest. When it once again caught Sam alone, it took full advantage.

Oh the boy kicked and bucked, almost getting away. However, the fight was over in a matter of moments. Then part two went into action. Killing that hunter was almost too easy. 'This is what we're afraid of?' It thought in disbelief. Then it smiled. 'Now to lure big brother.' It calmly pulled out Sam's cell phone, dialing Dean's number.

"Sammy? Where the hell are you? Are you okay?"

Putting the right amount of panic in Sam's voice, it began. "Dean, I don't know…blood…and I just wake up."

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey calm down. Where are you?"

It could barely contain its laughter at the worry clearly heard in Dean's voice.

"Um…the notepad says Twin Lakes Motel in Minnesota."

"Alright, don't move. I'm on my way."

As it hung up the phone, it silently chuckled to itself. 'Oh this is going to be fun.'

It tried to look truly pathetic as it thrust the gun into Dean's hand. For good measure, it even through in a tearful, choked back half sob as it stood before the oldest Winchester. Dean looked into 'his little brother's eyes' before turning his attention to the gun in his hand.

"You know, I've tried so hard to keep you safe."

"I know" it replied. It wasn't the first supernatural being who went after the young man. Its own father was the one with started the Winchesters on their journey. At first, it was because little Sammy had been just that…little, soft, breakable. As the kid grew, it became less about how breakable he was and more about the power he contained. To the supernatural world, both the Winchester boys shine like beacons. However, Sam shines just a little brighter. Its world drooled at the thought of touching, owning that power. There was even a competition to see who got to him first.

Many tried, all failed due to John and Dean Winchester. Both guarded the kid with everything they had, like he was a precious jewel. Their love for him kept Sam safe. After years of failure upon failure, the ghosts, demons and other beings finally thought they would have their chance. Sam, in anger, left for college. Still, they approached with caution – daydreamed, planned, and waited. Soon, one grew tired of waiting. The rest watched as once again failure dominated. The supernatural world learned an important lesson – even in anger, the Winchesters looked after their own.

Suddenly, Dean threw the gun on the bed.

"I can't. I'd rather die."

Damn, these Winchesters are stubborn. Reaching down for the gun, it considered what it could do. The first instinct is to knock Dean out and go find some more fun. However, it wanted to see how far it could push. Once again, it used Sam's emotions.

"I'm sorry, Dean." It said, allowing sadness to enter Sam's voice. It turned to Dean, tears in Sam's eyes.

"What for?" Dean asked, looking uneasily at the gun in his little brother's hand.

"I shouldn't have asked this of you. You're a good brother. This is my problem."

It slowly raised the gun to Sam's head, pushing it against the temple.

"Sam, whatever you're thinking about doing…don't." Anger filled Dean's voice. "So, that's how you're going to deal with this. You're just going to blow yourself away right in front of me?"

It said nothing, allowing the tension to build.

"Sammy, don't…please." The older brother begged, stepping closer just in case.

"Leave." It demanded.

"What? No." Dean replied, the Winchester determination kicking in.

"Please, Dean." 'Sam' begged in turn. "Just leave and let me deal with this."

"No. I'm not going to just walk away while you blow yourself away for something you didn't do."

"I killed a man."

"No, that wasn't you. You couldn't do something like that." The look on the older Winchester's face was one of absolute denial.

The demon was amazed. What could cause such faith in someone who found it hard to believe?

"Why? Why couldn't I have done this? What evidence do you have?" Sam demanded, anger showing in his voice.

A brief smile came to Dean's face. "I don't need evidence. I'm a big brother. I know everything." Yet, the joking tone sounded weak and forced.

"No, that's not good enough. Why do you think this isn't me? How do you know that one day you won't wake up to a knife at your throat?"

Silence dominated. The tension in the room was palpable.


"Because I know you dammit! I helped raise you, and I know without a doubt that there isn't an evil bone in your body. " Dean yelled, the tension and worry finally getting to him.

In that instant, it realized that this battle was over. However, there were others yet to be fought. It took the gun away from Sam's head, turning it so that it gripped the barrel as if it was going to hand the gun over.

"I'm going to live."

Relief flooded Dean's face. "And so are you. You'll live to regret this." Now it was time to go find little Jo.

"Hey" followed by a slap wakes it up. It realized it had underestimated the older hunter. Holy water in the beer? That was a good one. It watched as Dean's eyes looked up at the ceiling. Curious, it followed his gaze. Damn! Another fucking Devil's Trap. Not wanting the hunters to see that it was more amused than pissed off, it turned its attention to Dean.

"Dean. Back from the dead. Getting to be a regular thing for you isn't it? Like a cockroach." The hunter just had so many delicious buttons to push.

"How about I slap that smartass right out of your mouth."

"Careful now. Wouldn't want to bruise this fine packaging."

"Oh, don't worry. This won't hurt Sam much. You on the other hand…"

It couldn't hold back a scream as holy water was dumped into Sam's chest and lap. Ok, now it was pissed. Forget pushing buttons. It was going to thrust a knife into Dean's heart and twist it.

"Feel like talking now?" Dean asked, looked pissed.

"You're so fucking stupid. No wonder everyone thinks Sam's the brains of the operation." It spat, knowing what it would say next would hurt.

"What are…?" A look of confusion appeared on Dean's face.

"Let's do a little math, shall we? Sam's been my meat puppet for about a week, and I killed that hunter two days ago. Let's see – that leaves five days unaccounted for. What could I have possibly done for five days?" It grinned, knowing and enjoying the pain it was about to cause the brother. Fire blazed within Dean's eyes.

"If you hurt him, I swear to God I'll…" The big brother threatened, knowing full well he would kill this demon if it hurt one single hair on Sammy's head. No one hurt his baby brother.

"You'll what? Send me back to hell? I escaped once, I can do it again. But let's get back to little Sammy. I didn't hurt him, not physically any way. Mentally? Now that's another story." It loved the flicker of emotions that spread across Dean's face – anger, worry, love, and back to anger.

"You're lying."

"Am I? Did you know that once a demon enters someone's body, we have free across to every thought, emotion, and memory? That makes it so easy to fuck with their minds. The best part is that no matter what they do, they can't escape. They're trapped in a small, dark corner of their own minds where no one can help them."

"You lying son of a bitch. You're just trying to save yourself. Bobby." Dean wasn't going to listen to this. If he did, if this thing was telling the truth, then he would be stuck imagining the torture Sam had gone through. He didn't have time for that, he had a life to save.

As the older hunter started with the Latin, it didn't even pretend the spell was bothering it. It just kept twisting the knife again and again.

"You would be amazed at the amount of faith he has…had in you. It took days before he would even begin to believe you hated him. It's a shame that his faith in his father's love wasn't as strong. Within a day, he started to believe dear old dad blamed him for Mary's murder, for sending his family into this hell." It looked directly into Dean's eyes as it delivered one last vicious twist.

"Face it. I'm the only thing holding Sammy's fragile mind together and there's not a damn thing you can do about it." It gave Dean a sick little smile before turning its attention to Bobby. "Opps…it doesn't seem to be working."

"…and deep down you know you can't save your brother. They'd have been better off without you."

It reared back its fist back to deal another blow. However a strong hand grabbed a hold of it, and white hot fire was passed against the binding link. Fuck! The hunters figured it out. Deep within, it felt Sam trying to gather enough strength to push it out of his mind. If they only knew the power housed within Sam – it was more than enough to forcibly remove the demon.

However, as of right now, that power was unfocused, uncontrollable and Sam had no idea how to protect himself from the effects of using that much power. In removing the demon, Sam was going to do more harm to himself. Already, it could feel blood slowly drip from Sam's nose.

Wanting to twist that knife one last brutal time, it looked directly into Dean's eyes.

"To save you, Sam is destroying himself. See you around, Dean."

It felt Sam using all his remaining power, give one final push. In a black cloud, it left but it would be back.

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