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From the moment Dean saw the doctor's face, he knew the woman didn't believe one word of the story he told when they first arrived at the ER. Truthfully, it wasn't his best but there was nothing he could do about it. If he told the truth, they might want to lock Sam away. A small part of Dean thought that maybe this would be good for his little brother. Maybe in that place, he could find a way to piece his broken mind back together and find a measure of peace.

However, the larger part of Dean couldn't stand the thought of his baby brother locked up in a place like that all alone. Anything could happen while the pair was separated. The simple truth was that they were safer together. Plus, there was a small, selfish part of him that didn't want to be separated from his brother for any reason. The two were just now getting back the close bond they had shared as children. Did that make him a bad brother? Before he had time to think about it further, the doctor walked towards him.

"Hey, doc. How's Sam?" Dean asked, hoping this would go quickly so he could take Sam back to Bobby's.

"Well, it isn't as bad as we originally thought. Sam's back is covered in 2nd degree burns which are classified as skin being extremely red and having blisters appear. Usually this type of burns can be treated at home however since Sam's burns covered a large part of his back, it's was a good idea to bring him in, just to make sure he wasn't going into shock. We'll give you an antibiotic cream to apply to Sam's back which should heal anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks."

After quickly looking through the papers, she had with her, she handed Dean a piece of paper about how to treat 2nd degree burns. "Now if you see any of these signs, you need to bring Sam back in immediately." She told him, pointing to a small list of symptoms to watch for. The doctor paused here, looking unsure. However, a look of determination came to her eyes.

"Mr. Carter, are you sure that Sam's burns are caused by sunburn?"

Immediately, Dean was on guard. It didn't take a genius to figure out that there was something wrong his explanation. For one, Sam's face hadn't been burned at all nor was his hands or forearms.

"That's what I said, isn't it?"

However, the doctor continued on as if she didn't hear him. "Because if something else was the cause, we need to know."

All of a sudden, Dean realized what the doctor was implying. He knew she was just doing her job but he still felt angry.

"Wait a second. You think I'm abusing the kid?"

The doctor didn't even bat an eyelash when faced with his anger. "Mr. Carter, caring for a mentally disabled family member is never easy. The hospital even offers classes on…"

Dean had an idea why everyone thought that about Sam. When the brothers had first arrived in the ER, it was Dean who filled out all the paperwork and insurance info. Then as the doctor examined Sam's back, the young man gave short, childlike answers to the questions he was being asked, leaving his older brother to expand on the answers. Thankfully, Sam hadn't mentioned the word 'punishment' in his short answers.

A part of Dean wanted to scream at everyone that his little brother was brilliant, had gotten a full ride to Stanford. However, as good as that would make him feel, he also knew that such a display wouldn't help his standing with the doctor.

"Are you formally accusing me of something?" He asked, cutting of her description of the hospital's classes. She gave a brief pause, apparently thinking things over before letting out a tired sign.

"No, Mr. Carter I'm not. However, I would like to stress…"

Not wanting to hear anymore, he interrupted her once again. "Then I would like to see my brother."


Stopping just outside Sam's room, Dean took a deep breath before putting on his 'I'm-the-big-brother-so-everything-is-okay' mask. With the façade in place, he opened the door.

The younger Winchester looked up as the door opened, giving a small smile when he saw who the visitor was.

"Hey, Sammy. You ready to blow this joint?"

"Sure, Dean" was all Sam said as he slowly rose from the bed. Yet again, Dean tried to project a confidence he didn't feel.

"Just let me go make sure the nurse gave us everything before we go."

"Ok, Dean."

As he walked out of the room, there was another thing that bothered the older brother. Ever since finding Sam in the tub, everything had been "Ok" or "Sure". When he had informed the younger man they were going to the ER, he was given a "Whatever you want". There had been many times in the past where he had wished Sam had just fallen into line instead of constantly fighting with their father. Now it looks like he had gotten his wished and he hated it.

Even though it could be a pain in the ass at times, the willful personality is what made Sam, Sam. Ever since Sam had been a child, he always questioned, always fought. He never backed down when he believed he was right. It was because of this trait, he was able to leave the safety and familiarity of his family to go across the country to, not only go to college but thrive. To see him so compliant now made Dean's heart ache terribly.

However, what made it ache even more was the fact he had no idea why his baby brother was acting this way. Was it because Sam utterly believed in Dean's ability to keep him safe? Or if the demon could be trusted, was it because he had an absolute fear of Dean? The very idea that his baby brother could be afraid of him made the older man's stomach roll.

Sam didn't act like he was afraid, offering small smiles. But what was that saying Dean had heard a long time ago? 'Better the devil you know then the devil you don't.' Was that it? Did Sam simply fear the doctors and nurses more than his big brother? The older Winchester hoped that wasn't the case. He –

Every thought in his head stopped as he took in the sight before him. Sam sat on the bed, his head in his hands with a look of pain on his face. As much as that sight made the big brother inside Dean panic, something else in the room had his complete attention. Every object in the room, including the bed Sam was sitting on, was floating a good six inches in the air.


Sam flinched, like he expected to be hit. The objects shot up another couple of inches. Panic began to fill the older brother. What if someone saw? Gordon and others like him would come for Sam. They would hurt him. They would kill him. No! As long as there was breath in his body, Dean would never allow that to happen. First things first. Turning quickly, he closed and locked the door. Next, he needed to calm Sam down. Keeping his voice gentle and quiet, he slowly approached.

"Sammy, it's okay. It's just me. Just Dean."

As he approached, he could hear Sam whimpering. Dean stopped right in front of Sam, having no idea what to do. Should he try to touch Sam? Knowing he needed to do something, he kept up his soothing stream of words.

"Shh, Sammy. It's okay. Just calm down. I'm here. I'll protect you."

An eternity seemed to pass with only Dean's words to fill the silence. Gradually, the look of pain began to leave Sam's face. The objects Dean had feared would go higher and higher, started a slow but steady journey back to their original positions. After everything was back, the young Winchester began to sway and would have fallen flat on his face if Dean hadn't been there to catch him.

A loud knocking on the door made Dean tense, half expecting everything to go shooting back into the air. However, Sam looked like he could barely lift his own head let alone all the objects in the room. 'I know how you feel, kid.'

"Dean, it's too loud in here. Can we go now?"

"Sure, kiddo. We'll go back to Bobby's now."


After what Sam had gone through at the hospital, Dean hoped the ride back to Bobby's would be a peaceful one. He had just begun to think that they had made it when Sam suddenly curled up in the passenger seat, moaning and whimpering while cradling his head. Panic shot through Dean like a bullet.

"Sammy? What's wrong? Sam, talk to me."

All at once, Sam sat up, a look of absolute terror on his face. One of his hands shot out and grabbed his brother. Dean winced as the younger man's fingers dug into his shoulder.

"Stop the car, Dean. Please, please. Stop the car. Stop the car now, Dean!"

In his blind determination, Sam's other hand reached out to grab the steering wheel. Worried that they were going to wreck, Dean pulled the Impala to the side of the road. Fire blazed from his eyes as he turned to look at the passenger seat.

"What the hell, Sam?" he demanded.

However, Sam didn't seem inclined to answer. In fact, he wouldn't even look at Dean. He just stared at the road ahead of them. Following his gaze, Dean too looked at the road. All he saw before them was the last little intersection before the turn off to Bobby's drive way. The traffic light facing them was green and no other cars were in sight.

Not understanding what the big deal was Dean began to turn back towards Sam when suddenly a truck ignored the red light he had and rushed through the intersection. The old brother sat in shock as he realized what would have happened if they had continued on. The truck would have hit on his side of the car. He could have been killed if Sam hadn't got his vision…no, wait.

His little brother had visions related to the demon, not ordinary everyday things like some prick running a red light. What the hell was going on? Sam, it would seem, didn't have the answers either.

As soon as the truck had disappeared into the night, his iron grip on his brother's shoulder relaxed. He slumped back in his sit, eyes half way closed, looking more exhausted than before. Silence filled the Impala until Sam's voice cut through.

"Can we go back to Bobby's now?"

Dean's throat felt bone dry as he tried to answer.



As the pair finally reached Bobby's, the last week was felt by both boys. Sam was more asleep than awake, and all Dean wanted was to lie in bed, not moving for a week. Now, at least they could…or judging by the look on their old friend's face, even this was being denied them. As soon as the pair stepped out of the car, Bobby was there.

"We need to talk." He said before turning back to the house and stalking off.

When the brothers entered the house, the older hunter was waiting for them. However, before he could say anything, Dean noticed that Sam was still half asleep. Immediately, his big brother instincts kicked in.

"Sammy, why don't you go upstairs and lie down?" A part of Dean was hoping that Sam would fight with him, but once again he was disappointed.

"Ok, Dean."

He watched as his sibling slowly made his way upstairs before turning back to face their newest problem.

In his characteristic fashion, Bobby wasted no time. "I got a call from an old friend. Somehow, some of Steve's friends out found Sam had something to do with his death."

Dean felt himself pale as a lump began to form in his throat. 'What do we have to do to get a break?'

Determined, Bobby pushed on through the hardest part. "Dean, either they don't know Sam was possessed or they don't care. They're coming for him."

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