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Summary: Itachi and Hinata left two chid behind after their tragic death. Now six years later the two boys walk on the earth believing their faher are their father and that seeing through thing are part of their bloodlimit. What would happen when they unlock the real truth about their birth parents? What would happen when they found out that their father is not what he seem to be? What would happen when they got all the pieces together, what will they do?

Ch. 1

She stay by his side for comfort. She cried for his name whenever her family torture her with their words. In his arms she at peace, no screaming, no torture, no insult and no being alone at home. It was just her and him at their secret place together, where they could hide from other, and not get caught. Even though it was forbidden to be with a criminal like him since he was the most wanted in Konoha. But she didn't care about the consequences, she didn't care if she put herself in danger to be with him, she just wanted to be in his arms for warm.

"Itachi-kun promise me, you won't ever leave my side," Hinata stare at his crimson eyes waiting for his answer.

Itachi gave her a calm smile and lift her soft chin, "I promise, Hinata-hime," than he gave her a kiss that she expected after his answer.

7 years later

"Aniki!" yelled a five year old. Running away from the rabid girls was too scary for him to handle, when you are being chase after crazy young girls. And he hated being chase after them, it always happen every time his aniki disappears from his side.

"Where are you!? Aniki?" he ran though the street, trying his best to lose those crazy fangirls as hard as he can. He carried a fluffy stuff animal toy in his tiny hands, holding it very tightly so it won't fall from his hand, but running this long made him hard to hold on.

He tried going through the civilians but some how they seem to find him very quick, he tried hiding but couldn't fit in anything since he have to hid him and his stuff animal with him.

"Wwwwhheeerrreee aaarrreee yyyoouu. We know your here," said one of the crazy fangirls,

"We can find you," all the girls searched around the ally where they last saw him enter, but couldn't find him, until they heard a strange noise coming from one of the trash can.

They all ran toward the trash and one of them lift the top and was surprise that their were three wild cats jump on them. The wild cats scratch, hiffs and scared all the little girls away.

From afar, on top of the building, their stood another boy at the same age as the one that was being chased after the wild girls. He grinned at the scene for his amusement, please by prank for those annoying girls.

But his grinned soon faded into a frown. He was indeed please by his plan but was disappointed at his younger brother's performs.

He landed on the ground, staring at big, old brown box, "You could come out now. Their gone," he said with his arms across.

He watched his young brother coming out of the smelly box, "I-Is t-t-h-hat you Kai," said the younger brother calling out his oldest by his nick name. Even though his older brother real name is Kioshi he likes calling him by his shorter name, it easier for him.

"Yes, now come on," he pulled his younger brother out of the box and grab his hands for effort.

"Thanks aniki," he hugged his older brother as he still hold on his stuff animal.

"Get off of me, Kiyoshi," he said pushing his brother off of him and walked away.

"Wait don't leave me here," he ran behind him and walked beside him.

"Why do you have to get lost," said the oldest.

"Well sorry, but I couldn't find you... I-I s-sowy," he said slowing down his steps.

Kioshi turned to look at his younger brother,Kiyoshi, he knew his otouto was not that brave or confident toward himself, he just let others walk on him. He also have this habit of stuttering around everyone, except around him. But he was born with cuteness into everyone's eyes, that is why the girls like him more. His always kind, nice and so danm adorable, that is also why their father name him Kiyoshi, meaning pure and saintly.

Where as he stand, he was brave, strong, smart, and even handsome, not cute. Yes he was born with intelligence not soft. But all those didn't match for his name, the reason their father name him Kioshi was becasue he was always quiet around everyone, never wanted to talk. Just watch over his otouto and talk to him only. He was always the quiet one and that is why he got the name Kioshi for quiet. He was also above everyone else in his class as a ninja, he could of been a chuiun right now but he chose to be by his brother side. To watch over him since he couldn't take care of himself all the time. For some reason he has a bond with his younger brother that even himself couldn't explain. They may look the same but they have different qualities. Its like they always say, 'just because something looks the same doesn't mean they are a like'.

"Kiyoshi quick apologizing, its annoying. Now hurry up before were late," Kioshi grab his niisan's left hand and drag him to follow him.

As they made it to the academy, Kiyoshi hide his stuff animal inside his backpack so no one would make fun of him for bring a toy into a ninja academy.

Kioshi saw his brother putting away his little critter friend and walked with him to their class.

As they got in, all the girls in class had scratches on their faces and it made a grin on Kioshi lips again. They both sat at the end of the class, far away from anyone, being the outcast. All the guys hated them because all the girls wanted Kiyoshi for being so cute and Kioshi for being the strongest in the whole class. So tacitly all the boys at academy hates them for being perfect.

After class Kiyoshi was alone in a near by park, his aniki had to stay behind because their sensei wanted to speak with him.

He was alone in the park with his stuff animal in his hand. Until he heard a noise in a near by bushes. At first he though it was his fangirls trying to sneak behind him again.

He hold on his toy tightly preparing for any danger coming for him, but instead of seeing rabid fangirls he saw a girl with mid-light blue hair, lavender eyes and right in her hand, she was holding a bird like toy just about like his.

They both stare at each other, close to the same size but Kiyoshi is a few inches taller than her. She nearly looked like him but in a girl like form, he had dark gray eyes while she had light lavender eyes, he has dark redish, black short hair while she had long midlight blue hair that matches her kimono that she was wearing.

Kiyoshi felt different around her, almost like she reminds him of someone. Than after staring at each other for about a minute, the little girl giggle, "Your cute, what your name," she asked.

"I-Its U-Uch-hiha K-Ki-iyoshi-i," he couldn't controlled his stutter habit and it embarrass him in front of her, his face turned red tomato.

The little saw him turned red and she laughed, "Hahahahahaha. You face look like an apple," she laughed so hard that her face turn red also.

"Q-Quic-k-k l-lau-ughi-ing at m-me," Kiyoshi felt nervous and scared, he hold on his stuff animal even tighter for comfort and shut his eyes.

The little girl stopped laughing at Kiyoshi when she saw that he was about to cry and she learned from her mother to never pick on people or make fun of them. Oh she is going to get it once her mother finds about this one, "Sorry, sorry. Please don't cry shh," she said trying her best to cheer him up.

"See, my name is Hyuuge Hinata," just than Kiyoshi stopped crying and stare at her with his eyes widen, "H-Hy-yuuge Hinata," 'Why does that name sound so... nice' he wonder.

"Yes Hyuuge Hinata, my mummy name me that stupid name," she said blushing not looking at him when she said her name again.

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Kiyoshi- mean pure, saintly

Kioshi- mean quick

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