Info: Time skip rapidly.

Part 2

Punishment and Justice

The next day went by smoothly, no one suspected the absent of Sasuke. No one, until a knock alert the boys at their front door. It was before dawn, night is approaching and two boys acted their parts as one of the ninjas with his uniform in place broke the news to them. It has seem Sasuke's 'body' was found out at his training ground. No one found the source but some concluded it was an act of suicide or someone had murder one of Konoha's children. Whatever the source was, Kiyoshi and Kioshi did their part. Kiyoshi broke down in tears while Kioshi looked depress in care of their 'own father'. The younger brother left to see his father while the older brother stay behind.

Three days later

During the funeral, Sasuke's teammate, friends and 'nephew' stood by his grave. They never thought it actually happen. Sasuke Uchiha was dead. Words spread like a deadly virus, sticking everyone's ear and to the next person. Kiyoshi cried down at his grave while Kioshi stared down with no emotion; he was acting strong and not emotional. Once everyone showed up to pay their respect to the once great ninja, Kioshi observe the people, some he knew but some of them he did not. As everyone line up to place a simple white flower by his photo where his son stood, the twin were each given a bow. Kioshi had received the last vital information from Hinata and went over it critically. With the help from the letter, he personally got bows from those who knew his truth father and mother. It didn't surprised him to see their faces different from their description.

Once everyone was gone, the Hokage spoke privately to the older child, while Kiyoshi waited as everyone leave out of their home.

"I'm sorry for the lost tragic of your father-"

"He wasn't that much of a father," Kioshi said coldly, facing down the ground, having shadow eyes from Naruto's stare.

"Well than, at least he die with dignity-"

"He killed himself," he interrupted the Hokage again, still not making eye contact to show his true expression. The moment had high awkwardness with hollow silence that lingered since the noise disappearance from the other room where the visiter stay. Naruto didn't like the feeling nor the rude interruption he got from Kioshi's keen mouth. He was making bad comment about his best friend and there is nothing into defending the truth. Kioshi had every right to say as he please, but Naruto wanted him to be respectful, especially for the man who took them in and feed them when the Hyuuga deny them at infant state. If only Naruto could speak the truth but was kept silence upon that certain date, that included everyone that knew. Kioshi was the urge to tell the truth and everything he wanted to know. He knew the Hokage know much that he's letting on Kioshi. He wanted to do the same thing he did to Sasuke, to perform it upon Naruto. To see his side of the story and punish him for not speaking that should have years ago. After their inarticulate conversation, Kioshi stopped the Hokage, "Why did he kill himself?" he asked, making eye contact to see that he was serious to his question.

Naruto wasn't sure of Kioshi's sudden change and to find the right answer to say, he was out of words. There was so much to say about his best friend on how lived, but how he die, was the opposite. Even Naruto didn't a at least a theory to his death, just a prediction, "I don't know," were the three un-use words he hardly says in his life time. With it, he left the building and went home to his wife and child. As soon everyone was gone, Kioshi commanded Kiyoshi to stop acting and return back to the original plan. Immediately Kiyoshi dried his eyes and left to shower himself. In Kiyoshi mind, he was disappointed that Hinata didn't show up to the funeral or to pay respect for their dead father.

The next day, Kiyoshi sneaked in the Hyuuga compound to find her. When he did, he surprised her with a purple flower he found during his way to her. She tried to tell him to leave before they catch him, but he refused. Than Hinata left with him to spend the whole afternoon together.

"Sorry for not coming to the funeral-"

"It's okay, it w-wasn't t-that interesting," he admit, progressing to improve his lack of eloquence and shyness around the girl he love. They walked within the park where the sun gleam down at this bright afternoon walk. It was a perfect day.

"H-How did he die?" she asked nervously, hesitating to stare toward his eyes and regretful for bring up the death of their father or uncle. She was still unsure of everything about the twin, for once, she was still surprise her aunt was their mother which made them apart of her family but weren't officially declared as Hyuuga, just by blood. Than there were some unsolved mystery of the death of their mother which no one told them or even mention about her in the Hyuuga compound. Something about this didn't add up. Kiyoshi also did not stare her, because he froze to stare at someone in front of them.

"Kioshi," he said softly, gazing into his brother shadow eyes from behind a steady tree in the park. Apparently the older brother had been watching them for a while, thus bought Hinata in suspicious mood. She gave him an unpleasant stare at him with her Byakugan.

"Stop hiding, Kioshi," she walked around the tree but when she got to the other side, she was shock to see nothing, "What that..."

"Don't believe everything you see with that pathetic ancient eye," Kioshi startled the girl from above.

"Kioshi!" she glanced up and saw him for a second and than vanish to another tree within an instant. The boy has quick agility, let alone intelligent to go with it, to make him more unique and rare as his father. With another second, Kioshi leaped down normally and landed perfectly in front of Hinata to see that he means business, no surprise there.

"You need practice with your eyes," he stated, observing her byakugan.

"Hum!" she frowned toward his blunt comment.

"I'm merely stating the truth," he than walked next to a tree to sit on. Kiyoshi walked between them, sensing a bad aura between them after Kioshi lay down on the grass. Hinata hated Kioshi's attitude or whatever straight answer he gives to her.

"Uh.... uh Hinata please c-calm," he blocked her view from him as he remind careless from her evil stare.

"Than why don't you teach me if I'm so awful," she suggested, even though it was just a bunch of words coming out of her mouth, Kioshi thought it was a good idea.

"I should. For now on, you should start calling me sensei," he smirked as he got up and stood a few inches from Kiyoshi's body who was blocking between them as they two glared at each other.

"Fine, I think I could survive within a month with your cold comments," she added, smirking in a early triumph.

"You won't last two weeks," he mocked.

"I bet I could,"

"Doubt it,"

"P-Please guys y-you d-don't have to do t-this," Kiyoshi was still in between in desperate needed to stop this conversation.

"What if I did?" she asked with her arms cross.

"Than you'll truly be in this team," he said before turning around and jumped to one tree to another. Hinata became shock to hear what he just said. It stun her that she wasn't even in this team since the beginning. Kiyoshi was upset at Kioshi's interruption during his afternoon moment with Hinata and to let her know that she wasn't apart the team, that really anger the young brother. Hinata demanded answer from Kiyoshi but he shook his head in response, "I'm sorry b-but Kioshi has set the plan in m-motion, we c-can't have any d-distraction. I'm sorry," his apologize more time when he brought her home but unfortunately she was still furious and a bit use. She used up some of her time trying to help Kioshi in his plan and than she found out she wasn't even part of the team. This set fire in her heart and boiled her blood.

The next few days, Kioshi began teaching Hinata with her skills and agility, to reveal her true nature. But on the fourth day, she felt the aching pain in her muscle, cracking bones after receiving message response from one of the servant, and soaring movement she took after her training. It was hell but worse, she was alive to live in it. Kioshi was a ruthless sensei with no matter of patient to his student and cousin, he was who he is, and that's getting respect and obedience. Kiyoshi was the opposite though, he cared for Hinata's condition and health, so he gave her hints in some of Kioshi's lessons. He wanted her to survive, and not give up the challenge. So he secretly helped her while getting tremendous amount of heavy weight or quick movement in her surrounding. It was chaotic. On the seventh day, she was half way there, she got the hang of a few technique but not with his agility which was the most complicated lesson she ever had to face. Her eyes weren't fast enough nor clear to find his pattern of movement. Even Kiyoshi had difficulty following his speed. On the tenth day, she got close to punching Kioshi but he was a few inches away. On the twelfth day she actually lay a single finger on her sensei and was proud of herself, Kiyoshi who gave her a kiss for her reward. Kioshi became a little impress toward his first student and her improvement. He began to believe that she would actually make it to the team and become a bit significant part to the squad. His predication came to reality when she arrive on the fourteenth day and survive it with developing new technique that no one in Hyuuga could. It's still progressing and risky but from being teach by the best, she is willing to perfect her new technique with trees only. She has yet test it with any breathing animal or human, but she isn't taking any risks to show it to anyone yet.

"Congratulation, Hinata-chan," Kioshi compliment her as he reward her with a headband of the leaf, "You're officially in our team, not official by the heads but in my eyes you are," for a brief moment there was a secret smile he gave also that Hinata miss as she became hypnotize to her first head-ban.

"Oh thank you!" she hugged quick than try on her headband, "What do you think?" she asked him as he tilt his head. Instead of getting a response from her sensei she turn to Kiyoshi and ask him. In his mind, he a slight of doubt about her being apart of team and coming close to a path that had a high percentage of changing her. Though he thought those regretful mind, his face appeared naturally adorable than hugged her.

"As much I am convince by your 'incest' embraces, Hinata..." the two broke up from Kioshi's interruption and stare at him with her pink cheeks, "Arrive in our compound after sundown. We need to discuss about some issue that involve the Hyuuga. You really should know the truth," Kioshi stared at his brother's concern eyes, "Lets go, Kiyoshi," he added, vanishing from their hidden location. Before Kiyoshi left, he kissed Hinata and told her not to be surprise when the truth comes. Than he vanish the way his brother did. Hinata had a slight of fear about what will happen this night.

Upon that night, Hinata sneak out of her home and made it without being seen by any eyes. When she walked in front of the door and knock, she felt someone was behind her, like a shadow. She instantly look back and face the shadow but when she did, she was startle by hand touch on her shoulder. The shadow in front of her was an animal, and the person holding her shoulder was Kiyoshi.

"Did I scare you?" he asked as she calmed her heart and took breath for relief.

"What was that?" she asked him while looking away from the animal that frighten her.

"This guy? His name is Itchy, my s-summoning jutus c-creature. He's outside b-because he g-guard the place, in-incase we have uninvited visitors," explained as the little creature walked from the ground and on his master's arm, "See, he is a weasel. Harmless little one," he said with a smile. Hinata stare at the little brown creature and thought of a relationship to this demon.

"Hey, didn't you have a stuff animal weasel years ago that looks like him? What happen to him?" Hinata could stop staring at the little thing.

"Yes, he does. I-I a-always w-wanted a r-real one, so I p-practice really h-hard to s-summon I-Itchy, as t-the old o-one is p-place away," he petted his head and than let him go to his guard duty.

"Wow, if that's your summoning, than I wonder what's Kioshi's summoning creature looks like," she said as they began walking inside.

"Trust me, you don't want to know,"

When they all were silently inside a private secret room, the guard creatures became high alert around the compound to make sure nothing disturb or suspect what occurs inside the seemly empty chamber. As they guard, the twins and Hyuuga kneel in a circle in front themselves with three lighting candle by each of them. It was silent for awhile until Kioshi broke the awkwardness and spoke naturally like himself as the two lover listen carefully.

"Hinata, those peoples' name you sent were our mother's formal teammate. Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and the leader, Kurenai Yuhi. Apparently, the leader of team 8, Kurenai drop out being a ninja after the birth of her son. The child's father, Asuma Sarutobi, who die and did not live long to see his child born. Since his absence, Kurenai abandoned her team to live a normal life, leaving Kiba, Shino and Hinata to continue their lives without an mentor. During their need of instruction, Team 8 slowly break; Kiba was declared the pack leader in his clan, Shino became the head of his clan, while Hinata did not. Kiba and Shino had their own life and raise a family but, with the lose of a formal weak teammate, they question their early separation.

It was their responsibility to protect and defend their teammate but they did nothing to prevent any omen brutality. They knew the consequences of our mother's faith before and after, and they still refuse to extinguish hardship that was set upon her," Kioshi spoke aggressively in term of hatred and disgust about these people. Hinata felt concern as her heart beat twice as fast from his monolog description. But there was a question in her mind that she need to ask.

"W-What did you do to them?" Hinata knew more than thought. She never figure herself to skip ahead to the right question that jump to conclusion so quick.

"I have spoken to them each separately. It has seem, they are willing to help us with our plan in punishment to those who deserve it,"

"Who are those people?" again Hinata spoke out but more respectfully with her eyes down and spoke softly.

"....... Maybe Kiyoshi would enlighten your question with the facts we got from out 'father' before his death," Kioshi stared at his young seemly worry brother as he got up and began walking out, "I'll return shortly," he said softly before sliding the door open than close. Hinata waited to hear from Kiyoshi but he hesitated before proceeding, but unlike his previous speeches, in this one he did not stutter until the part that made his mouth quiver in fright and sadness.

"Before we were born, Sasuke, our uncle, he loved our mother. He hated our father. On the day of the hunt, to track down our father, uncle Sasuke visited our mother in her room without being detected. He tried to deceive her that our father was using her to revive the Uchiha clan, but my mother did not believe his lies. It anger Sasuke and had more hatred toward our father. Once our father was capture and seal to a secret location, Sasuke offer himself to be the executioner in my father's trial. Three weeks later, on the trial, my father was tie with special chain, mark with seals all over his upper body, and wore a golden necklace to prevent him from activating his sharingan. The head of the trial stood near the shadow to hide their faces, while Sasuke stood two yard apart from my father.

They wanted justice, prevention, civilization and punishment. So his faith was seal and was sentences to death by burning alive. Sasuke's face was hid underneath the mask he was given and set the fire around my father. After the fire surrounded him, close to his legs, he said softly while staring in the fire, 'People die but real love last forever. My love for her and my child will burn with me, forever gone, forever you,' though he was talking to the fire, it looked like he was talking to us personally from within his own eyes. The fire rose higher and higher, until......... u-until....." he hesitated for a second and stared away but proceed, "U-Until out of n-nowhere, my m-mother j-jump inside w-with him. She cried and t-tried to s-save h-him at o-once. N-No one f-from the b-building bother to h-help her as s-she p-plead f-for them to put out t-the f-fire. T-They all w-watch as she and f-father b-burn a-alive. A-After she s-stop pleading, she h-hugged my f-father and d-d-die with h-him......." Hinata saw his tear. It has been years since she last seen those fresh warm yet cold tears. His hands turn to fist of anger and broken. He try his best to block his weakness but he wasn't like his brother. Hinata rose from her feet and hugged him gently.

"I'm sorry, it must be really hard to hear it from someon-"

"No one told us. We invaded Sasuke's mind," spoke the extra voice from the entrance door. Kioshi returned, just like he said but looked dull and dread. Hinata was confuse and concern, she was still lose in some part.

"H-How did you invade his mind? How do you guys know so much? Your young, like me," she reminded them, but Kioshi shook his head in disapproval. Hinata held Kiyoshi tight to calm him but he was too emotional to be relief easily like Kioshi.

"The Sharingun we possess are rare, like your Byakugan, but when those two collide or mix, it alter to another kekkei genkai. Something unexplainable and unpredictable, the two balance themselves within me and Kiyoshi when we activate our eye simultaneously. We suppress ourselves to our limit, to see if we could go further than anyone did in their entire being. When we did, we saw things that were unseen and unspoken. Than we tested our eyes on Sasuke, to see if it works, that and to give him punishment," he was blunt when he mention his uncle name. That name boil his blood and bring rage in his eyes, even Kiyoshi despise the name when he hears it.

"So you guys saw what he saw, and you kill him," she was frighten and steady at the same time, why?

"We did not kill the fool. He die on his own term. We simply replay the night of his deception and redemption when he was given the chances. He saw what he did and he made a choice: he choose death. We merely punish him by messing with his thought and witness his own death if he chose to take it, which he did," Kioshi kneel back down and noticed his candle being melted to wax, "Beside, we needed to take him down first before going to everyone else,"

"Who are these 'everyone'?" she asked as Kiyoshi stop his cry and wipe his tears.

"One of the three elders, Shikamaru, Neji and Naruto," he gazed into her eyes for her reaction. Of course she was shock, let alone, accepting. Hinata did not question her duty, because she always was the side helper but she did asked more question in order to do her part in this plan. Overall, they were in that room for more than an hour and Hinata did retune home until midnight.

His plan was simple, punish those who were in the trial and those who participated to defend the secret cave that sealed their father for three weeks. His reason for punishment was still a mystery, but he was close to it. His first target has been dealt with (Sasuke), the next one was the old lady. She wasn't the judge but she announced the trial to happen when and where. Kioshi secretly lure the old lady somewhere privately and question her. She was the most hardest convincing old woman that Kiosh had ever met. The task wasn't easy to complete but he manage to get her go insane, that's how far she was able to go. Not death but insanity. Close enough.

A month later

Two down, three more to go. Shikamaru Nara, one of the Konoha's intelligence and laziest, what a combination. He was a sensei to three beginner rookie and is a father to two daughter with a beautiful blond wife. It has seem destiny had bliss him firmly with no corruption. Though the man lived in a dissent life, he still had to be punish. It was Kiyoshi who play his mind while Kioshi stay hidden incase he escape. Shikamaru was a smart fellow with a dignity to live his life and yet, die in a life he never thought it would happen. He was proud of himself that it did. He is done.

Two months later

The next task wasn't for Kioshi nor Kiyoshi's choice, it was Hinata. They made a agreement not to attack Neji until she is ready, but on her own term and place. However, she needed more time to prepare herself. The time has to be just right.

Two years later

It started with persuading her mother, Hanabi, about the truth of her and Kiyoshi. Hanabi disapprove but she was in no position in objecting because she had no power of stopping her first born. Even if Hanabi try to convince Hinata not to love Kiyoshi, she would be doing the same thing that her father did with her sister, Hinata. How can she stop this? Why her daughter? No one in the Hyuuga chamber had betray anyone, let alone the head himself or herself, but Hanabi did. She knew justice had to be serve upon Neji's existence. It was he who did no protect Hinata from their father, or stop himself from killing her during their first battle. He was disgrace by Hinata's decision when she was pregnant of Itachi's child. It was on that day, he gave up on her and turn his back on her. Since then, Hanabi hated Neji, and he hated her when she named the next heir after the woman he was suppose to protect.

"Why have you brought me here, Hanabi?" Neji glanced around the hut that was secret to only the Hyuuga. He stood still, just a few feet away from Hanabi and Hinata, they gazed toward his serious and solemn expression.

"I have brought you here to discuss your judgment, but not with me,"

"What?" he was confuse and shock. Hanabi waited no longer to see his reaction, instead she turned around and walked to a secret door and left her cousin with her daughter and with the two ninja that disguised themselves within the shadow, "What is going? Hanabi?" but his calls wasn't hear through the seal hunt. Kioshi made it sound proof, to prevent any sound from within to escape.

"Your sound won't pass through this hut, no one can hear you even if they try," Hinata stood still, looked taller than she was two years ago. Her body is still developing and flourishing delightedly with every sunlight.

"What are you talking about?" he activated his Byakugan but it deactivated once Hinata activated his seal. He got on his knee from the horrible pain that was seal on him since Hinata's third birthday, "W-Why a-are you doing this?" he asked, able to stare at her even with the seal activated that gave more pain than ever.

"This isn't punishment, this is judgement, Neji," she increase her chakra onto Neji's seal, which made him scream from more uncontrollable pain. It felt like an entirety year of torture. He scream and scream but the outside world couldn't hear him, not even Hanabi who stared at the quiet hut from outside. She waited, and feared the outcome of his faith. For five minute, Neji survived for five petrifying minutes. It was brutal and unbearable. Immediately he breathed after she free his seal and became relief for life. He lay face down in tired-some with need of rest.

"W-Who tough you the seal? I know your mother wasn't responsible for this, I could tell it from her eyes. Who?!" He glared at her eyes while his body still lay down helplessly and defenseless. Hinata stay calm and emotionless, just like he did to her as a child. Instead of answering his question, the heiress replied by colliding her hands together and forming a tradition hand sign with two index finger directing up while the other fingers embrace. The only difference about this unique form, was that the thumb formed an 'X' as she closed her eyes for better focus to her direction. Neji gazed in horror as his niece formed some strange chakra that he probably saw a couple time in his life, 'Impossible' he thought as she slowly open her eyes half way. By the time she got them semi open, the oxygen surrounding them had stop, while the air in the center began to whirl in an seeable scene. Neji became amaze and speechless.

"Neji Hyuuga, you lived without judgment and justice. In this field, I testify against you and everything you did to Hinata Hyuuga, the true head leader," though Hinata voice was deep with a hint of discrimination, it doesn't mean Neji lose his voice by it, he just was silent from the truth and allowed her to proceed, "Her action was without a doubt her own free will for freedom and love, a once and life time chance. That you, along with those who discriminated her, spoil it for her. She obeyed and was obligated to do her duty, but even she, was deny of her position. You were suppose to be her protector, a man of his word never back down, but you did-"

"She also back down! When she was nurturing the traitor's children in her womb, she abandon her duty-"

"Even with the breed for another, she still obeyed and stay, and than was torment for her betrayal to the family. She had her punishment, and now it's your turn to make a choice like she was given," within an instant, two thin yet mental wires tie around Neji's wrist and force him to stand on his knee as he faced barely toward her. He didn't bother to glance to his side to see the figure who was holding the wire, "You have three option; blind, mind, or body. One of them is fetal while the other's are brutal that it will leave a scare forever," Hinata stood in front of Neji and knock his head to face down, "Your decision depend on who you stare first after you open your eyes," she spoke silently by his ears. Than, Neji thought but thought vividly for the first time. Why was this happening to him? For what he did to lead to this? Does he deserve this kind of punishment? Well, at least no one from the outside world could see this. No one that he cares would know the truth, but 'they' would.

Things began to be silent in his mind, he thank the quietness for time to think properly and chose his faith. Destiny was still on his side and every being he was, and now it's time to reach to his destination. He opened his eyes to the first person he saw and lightly smile to her, "This was your own doing, not me," said Hinata as she back away from him and prepare herself to perform her new technique on him. Kiyoshi and Kioshi free him and ran themselves to far corner from behind Hinata. They watch calmly as she quickly perform her new technique. In a few second, Hinata's world slowed down, she ran to Neji and lift him with her two front finger. As he floated, she activated her Byakugan to see his nerve system and than, within an instant from the twin's point of view. Her agility took over and moved rapidity around Neji's body amazedly. For three second, it was over on his body and she landed behind him with her back face to his back. Neji's body froze with no ability to move it on his own free will, it became paralyze. He felt paralyze yet was aware of his surrounding. Hinata slowly turn around, "This is justice," and snapped her fingers, which brought wind balls to explode on the point that Hinata tap on. Each one of the system pop, Neji felt every single of the pop as they stood there and watch him suffer.

The wind blew gently through Hanabi's long and flourish hair. She turn and stare at the hidden door of the hut and sigh. They were in there for about ten minutes but it felt more than a decade. She was about to walk back but the door slide open, revealing her daughter and the twins that she didn't know were in there, "W-What are you t-two-"

"It's okay mother, they're with me," Hinata smiled at her mother and held Kiyoshi's hand.

"What about N-"

"It was destiny mother, destiny finally have her son back," Hanabi didn't know what her daughter was talking about or what she meant, but whatever happen in that hut, word could never get out. The next thing they did was burn the hut, to forget everything that was inside.

To be Continued………………

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