Worth It To Wait

Pretty much everyone who knew him thought that Bart Allen, formerly Impulse but still impulsive, couldn't be patient. And while it was true that he hated having to wait, he could do it.

In this case, he had to…if he was going to get his heart's desire.

But Bart had heard that Time flies when you're having fun – or, as Kermit the Frog said, "Time's fun when you're having flies," – and he knew how to keep himself busy when he needed to wait. Reading books, playing video games, visiting his former teammates and getting cajoled into babysitting Anita's parents… Yeah, he could pass the time with ease.

Even if what Bart would rather be 'keeping busy' with was something – rather, someone – very different…well, he knew how to wait.

He also knew why he had to wait, which was why he was cross, but he understood morals. He had quite a few himself; it was just that most of them were patterned after the more lenient thirtieth century societal mores and not the stringent twentieth century ones. Also, a great deal of the laws in the twentieth century didn't make any sense.

Especially the statutory rape laws.

When Gar told him, "Look, Bart, I like you, too, but even if we consider that you were physically fifteen when you arrived in this century, you're underage. I can't…"

"What if I wasn't?" Bart asked. "What if I was old enough?" Inwardly he thought how it was ironic that there weren't laws keeping him from risking his other kneecap fighting crime, but there were laws keeping him from having sex. Not that he wanted to have sex right away; he actually wanted to date first. The idea of sex kinda scared him, to be honest.

Kissing, however, and cuddling…that sounded good.

It sounded like it freaked Gar out, though, at least when it involved him. Bart chose not to be offended by that when Gar grinned at him, white teeth sharp against his green lips. "If you were eighteen? Hell yeah."

At the time, Bart had been only a few weeks past his seventeenth – well, the equivalent – birthday.

Eleven months was a long time, especially to a speedster, but Bart could wait.

He had to; the results would be way worth it.