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Chapter Seven

After Joey surrendered himself to Charlie, he was taken to a holding cell to await seeing the Judge. Charlie told Joey that he had talked to the Judge and he knows the circumstances under why you hit your father and that will be discussed in Court tomorrow. Seto didn't like the idea of leaving Joey alone in Jail, so the Judge gave him special permission to be there with Joey.

The next morning they had their day in Court. As the Judge was reviewing the charges against him and looking at all the evidence, the Judge said "I'm ready to give my verdict in this case."

Joey and Charlie stood up and the Judge said "after reviewing all the evidence and reading all the reports it is my verdict that Joseph Wheeler was only defending himself against a man who was suppose to be protecting him instead of beating and molesting him. Joseph Wheeler you are free to leave, charges against you are dropped. Then the Judge banged his gavel and the place erupted in cheers.

Seto went over to Joey and held him in his arms and kissed him in front of everyone there, then he said "Joseph Wheeler, will you marry me?" Joey's eyes filled with tears and he said "I will."

Seto had his arm around Joey as they walked out of that Court House followed by their friends. Joey turned to Charlie and said "thanks for everything that you did for me." Seto then handed Charlie an envelope and inside was one million dollars. Charlie looked at Seto and he said "thanks but I can't accept this."

Seto looked confused and he asked Charlie "why?"

Charlie then said "I only want what you'd normally pay me and the rest give to some charity."

Seto smiled at him and he said "that's a deal or and by the way, you are now my personal Attorney." Charlie had tears in his eyes because he knew that he would be paid three times what any Attorney would be paid and that he would be able to finally get his Cabin built and he and his wife could finally have the honeymoon they never had. "I accept your offer only on one condition, in six months I get a whole months vacation."

Seto held out his hand and they shook and Seto said "that's a deal too."

After all that had happened both Seto and Joey finally realized that they loved each other, today they got married with their family and friends there. Today they are a happily married couple and they adopted a little boy and girl and they are very happy.


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