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This story is set years after the manga. Sasuke already killed Orochimaru and Itachi. They're all 18 years old except for Team Gai who are all 19. And, Asuma is still alive here -.-

This is similar to 'Amazing Race.' So yeah, Naruto characters have to complete tasks and such. This is just the first chapter so not much fluff and action yet. They'll be coming soon though xD

Summary: Being paired up in a race with an Uchiha was never easy…especially if he was an arrogant bastard, not to mention an overprotective boyfriend. Enter thugs, fan boys and Jiraya, the host and a pervert extraordinaire. Hell will soon break loose.

Pairings: SasuSaku, NejiTen, NaruHina, ShikaIno

Race of Romance

"A race?"

Jiraya nodded, grinning. "Seriously, what for? We all know Sakura could win anytime." Tsunade said proudly. Besides, she had been teaching the pink-haired medic for 6 years. She knew her capabilities.

A cough was heard from the other side of the room. "Yes, Kurenai?" The Hokage asked with a raised eyebrow. "If I may say so, I believe that what you're saying is merely an opinion. My team has trained hard. They're better than you think." Kurenai said.

"Now, now. It's obvious that my team is the best! Lee, Neji and Tenten are so full of youth! Not that I favor anyone, but they really have the fire of youth burning inside the-"

"Tch." Gai stopped talking and turned to Asuma. "May I remind all of you that only Shikamaru became a chuunin on his first try." He stated quite proudly. "Ha!" Everyone turned to Jiraya with annoyed faces.

"Naruto has come a long way! He even helped me on my mission-"

"Which was to spy on naked women." Kakashi finished for him. The masked man sighed. "You're my idol Jiraya-sama." He said. Everyone else in the room sweat dropped.

"Ehem." Tsunade gained everyone's attention. She turned to Jiraya. "So you're saying this is an event to test their abilities?" she asked. He nodded, the grin still on his face. She sighed.

"Well…Since this could help in the progress of Konoha's best shinobi, I approve it." She said formally. "Now, about the bet." Jiraya began. Tsunade raised her eyebrows. "Bet? What for?" She asked.

"I'm willing to bet that Naruto's team will win. I am the best sensei after all." He replied, ignoring the glare of one of Kakashi's eyes. "I more than certain that Sakura's going to win so you're on." She said, smirking.

"Sasuke." Kakashi said.

"Hinata." Kurenai stated.

"Shikamaru." Asuma sighed.

"Lee!" Gai exclaimed happily.

"Alright!" Jiraya exclaimed happily. Tsunade glared at him. "This race better be worth it. And make sure to test them with their abilities and everything there is to a ninja."

Jiraya's grin became wider as he stood up straight, giving Tsunade a mock salute. "Teamwork as well!" he exclaimed happily. "So they're participating with their genin teams." Tsunade stated, closing her eyes.

"No." The pervert answered. She opened one eye to see him smirking mischievously.

"They're going in pairs."

"One beef ramen, please." Sakura said, smiling. Ayame returned the gesture and nodded. "Sure, Sakura." She then turned to the raven-haired boy beside her. "What about you, Sasuke-san?" she asked.

"I'm not hungry." He stated simply. Sakura rolled her eyes. "Yeah right. I was merely imagining the grumble I heard from your stomach earlier." She said, poking his chest.

He smirked at her, lightly gripping her hand to prevent her from poking him any further. He leaned closer to her ear. "That's why I have you to feed me, don't I?" he whispered. She blushed in embarrassment, then in anger.

She glared at him, pulling her hand away from his grasp. "Why don't you go feed yourself instead?" She said angrily, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "Here's your order!" Soon, Sakura's order was placed on the table.

"Thanks." Sakura mumbled and turned to her food, only to see Sasuke already holding the chopsticks. She gaped at him. "Go get your own foo-"

She stopped when he placed a slice of beef in her mouth. Everything else forgotten, she chewed smiling. "Your cooking in great, Ayame-chan! I'm sure Naruto would love it even more!" she said.

The said girl smiled, bowing. "Thank you, Sakura-chan." She said then walked away. "Ehem." Sakura turned to an irritated looking Sasuke. "What?!" she asked him.

"Don't I get a thank you?" He said. She simply glared at him. "I still haven't forgiven you for stealing my-"

"Sakura-chan, teme!" Naruto's enthusiastic voice was heard, followed by Hinata's softer one. "Hey Naruto, Hinata-chan." Sakura acknowledged them. "Hn. Dobe." Sasuke replied, glaring at the blonde. He did interrupt their conversation, after all.

"Tsunade baa-chan wants us to go to the Hokage Tower. She said it's important. The whole Rookie Nine is going! Even Team Gai!" Naruto said all in one breath. He wasn't called Konaha's loudmouth for nothing.

Sakura sighed. "Okay, we'll be there." She replied, digging in her pocket to get money to pay for the food she hasn't even really eaten. Someone beat her to it and put a wad of bills on the table. She looked up to see Sasuke with his hands in his pockets, as usual.

"Hn. Let's go." He said monotonously, starting to walk out of Ichiraku. "Thanks Sasuke!" She said, catching up to him and holding his hand in hers. He smirked.


"How long will it take?" Tenten asked. Tsunade has just briefed them on what would happen in the event. "As long as it takes for you to complete the tasks. More or less, I think a month." She replied.

"Who else is participating in this, Hokage-sama?" Ino asked. "Only twelve of you." She answered. Everyone looked at each other. "But, baa-chan! Are we going against everyone? Or maybe in teams?!" Naruto asked.

"Shut up, dobe." Sasuke said, getting annoyed with the loudness of the blonde's voice. Tsunade grit her teeth, her eyebrow twitching. "You're going in pairs." She said, ignoring Naruto's comment. "Really? So who's with who?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Ah, I'm the one deciding on that! I am the host after all!" Jiraya said grinning. Sasuke put his arm around Sakura's shoulder instinctively, glaring at Jiraya with a look at said, 'She'd better be partners with me or I won't participate in this pathetic race.'

Seeing this, Tsunade sighed. Soon, Neji's arm was around Tenten's, Naruto's was around Hinata's and Shikamaru's was around Ino's in a lazy manner. She eyed the white-haired man. You better choose the right pairs. She thought smirking.

The pervert didn't seem intimidated at all. In fact, he seemed happier than ever. He started calling out names.

Team 1: Naruto and Hinata

Team 2: Neji and Tenten

Team 3: Sasuke and Sakura

Team 4: Ino and Shikamaru

Team 5: Shino and Lee

Team 6: Kiba and Chouji

"And that's it!" He said. Sakura sighed. At least I'm with Sasuke. She thought. 'Hell yeah! Now we can kick some butt!' Inner Sakura cheered.

"Hokage-sama, what's the prize if you win?" Shino asked monotonously, his hands in his pockets as usual. "Ah, yes!" Jiraya started, answering for Tsunade. "If you win first place, you can get the whole Icha Icha Paradise Collection!" he said happily.

Kakashi, who was behind Sasuke instantly stiffened. He put a hand on either one of Sasuke's and Sakura's shoulders. "I need either you or Naruto to win. You can give it to me if you don't want it!" He said happily.

"Now, now, Kakashi." The more perverted one started. "These teens also need guidance. They need to know some tips to use with each other in the future…" he said. Someone coughed. Everyone turned their eyes to the source of the sound.

Shino. "As far as I'm concerned, I have no intention of using those tips with my," He took a side-glance at Lee but no one noticed because of his tainted glasses. "…partner." He finished. There was a hint of disgust in his voice.

Almost everyone in the room bit their lip to prevent from laughing.

"Is that the only prize for the race, sensei?" Hinata asked. She had stopped stuttering years ago. Although she still did sometimes, especially if it concerned a blonde-haired loudmouth.

"Well of course not." Tsunade replied sending Jiraya a death glare. "The pair who wins gets a trip to the beach resort for two. It's a popular place somewhere in the Ocean Country." She said.

The girls smiled. "Ha! Me and Shika-kun can win anytime!" Ino said proudly. "Troublesome." Shikamaru muttered. Tenten glared at her. "No way! Me and Neji are the best!" she proclaimed.

Soon, both of them were having a war about which boyfriend was better. Sakura could only chuckle at her friends antics. She looked up at Sasuke and smiled. "Ne, we'll show them." She said. He smirked.


"Oh and I forgot to mention…those who do not come in first place must face the consequences." Jiraya said. Kiba raised his eyebrow. "Like?" he asked as Akamaru barked.

One of the Legendary Sanin smirked. "You'll know later on." He said smirking. The group looked at him skeptically. Knowing Jiraya, it had to be well, perverted. They shivered and became more determined to win than ever.

"This will begin tomorrow. So I suggest you pack your things tonight. Be at the Konoha gates at 9:00am. Jiraya will be the one to say what you have to do from there. You are all dismissed." Tsunade said.

Everyone nodded and was soon gone in a puff of smoke.

9:00am the next day…

"Good. You're all here already." Jiraya said. "Just to let everyone know, you may encounter many problems like thugs, missing nin and traps along with many others. So I suggest everyone be alert." He said.

He then gave them a thumb up. "And, I'll be checking up on you from time to time so don't worry!" he said. Sasuke's eyes narrowed at him. "Just tell us what do first so we can get this over with." He stated bluntly.

Jiraya sighed. "Fine." He grumbled. Party pooper. He thought then smirked to himself. He had a plan. Too bad it would be too late when they know what he did. He chuckled. Icha Icha Paradise would earn big after this race for sure.

"So?" The statement of the Uchiha shook him away from his thoughts. He sighed then cleared his throat. "Within the 3 mile radius after you step out of the Konoha gates, there are 6 scrolls hidden in different places." He said. "So all we have to do is find one?" Naruto asked.

Jiraya nodded. "The instructions on what to do next is listed on the scroll. You have to complete everything it says. You'll be given more tasks to complete later on and you will receive points according to how well you've completed them. After a few more tasks, there'll be a pit stop. The last team to arrive there will get a deduction of points. When the race ends, the team with the most points win."

They nodded in understanding. Jiraya smirked. "So what are you guys waiting for?!" He bellowed. In a split second, everyone was gone…except Naruto, and Hinata who waited for him. Jiraya's eyebrow twitched.

"What are you still doing here?!" He asked, annoyed. "Eh? Aren't you supposed to give the GO! signal?" Naruto asked. The pervert punched Naruto on the head. "I just did. And you better win because I placed my bet on you." He said.

Naruto scratched his head and grinned. "Hah! Me and Hinata-chan would win anytime! Dattebayo!" he exclaimed, disappearing with Hinata a second later.

Sharingan. Sasuke looked around and smirked after a few seconds. "There." He pointed the direction to Sakura who nodded in return. In a matter of minutes, they were able to get the scroll, easily avoiding traps set up.

"Too easy." Sasuke said, smirking. Sakura rolled her eyes. "Don't get too cocky." She commented. She swiftly put the scroll in her backpack after she sensed strong chakra coming from the north.

There were five. Judging by their appearances, they were missing nin – Jounin level. Sasuke put his arm in front of Sakura protectively. Sakura glared at his back. "What?! I can fight too, you know!" She exclaimed.

One thing she didn't like about Uchiha Sasuke was his possessiveness. Well, sure it was sweet that he cared for her. But preventing her from fighting less capable ninja was quite an insult.

"Save your energy for later." He muttered. She rolled her eyes. "For your information, I am very capable to-"

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" One of the nin said, smirking. "A pinky and a chicken. How amusing." Another added. Sakura's fists clenched as Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "What did you say?!" She said darkly.

One of the other men chuckled. "A feisty one, isn't she?" he said, looking at her up and down. "Say, I might actually have a hot chick in my bed tonig- ARGG!" He seethed, glaring at Sasuke who just threw a kunai that hit his thigh.

The Uchiha had the same glare on his face, only 100 times deadlier.

Yep…It would be a long month indeed.

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