Oh, God, someone help me!! I just keep coming up with these things!! ARGH!! (Cough) well, anyways, this is based on a dream I had… yet another SasuNaru fic. God I love that pairing . This is kinda agnsty… damn dreams, but its been bugging me for a few weeks now….(sigh)

Pairings: SasuNaru, OroNaru (It was the dream I swear!), KakaIru, NejiShika

Warning: Yaoi, rape, Mpreg

Tojikomeru- Chapter one.

Naruto looked at the chains that held his wrist and scowled. No matter how hard he tried, he could not break free of them. He had also tried to rid himself of the collar as well, but that was fruitless as well. The collar, as he was told by his captors, prevented him from gathering chakra, so he was unable to perform any jutsus. Naruto shook his head, trying to remember what had happened to him.


Naruto had tried his best, he really did, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to bring Sasuke back from the clutches of Orochimaru. But that was not the worst of it. The villagers blamed him. They hated him, despised him. They hated every part of him and wanted an excuse, any excuse to get rid of him. And this was the excuse that they were waiting for. They were angry that they didn't get their precious Uchiha back, but not only that, they were afraid of him. Not only for the Kyuubi that resided within him, they were scared of his Bouen. It was a Kekkei genkai, the eyes that saw into the distance, so to speak. When activated, his eyes went entirely black, even the whites. It was creepy to see as all you saw was your own reflection in those eyes …and yet you couldn't. The Bouen enabled him to see into the future, and the villagers were afraid of him holding the knowledge of their future. It was also rumoured that if you looked close enough, you were able to see images of your own future in those midnight eyes. Naruto had discovered it when he was training with Jiraiya, by complete chance, but we won't go into detail about that.

He was able to partially activate it during battle, so he was able to see what an enemy was going to do even before they had even thought about it. When partially activated, only the Iris went black, the whites being unaffected. The Bouen also enabled the user to see events happening on the other side of the world at that current moment in time.

So the villagers, who had jumped at the chance, had gone to the Hokage about it. At first, the Godiame refused to listen to them, but when the villagers threatened to do things to Naruto that were worse then death, she couldn't help but listen.

She had told Naruto of this, to say that he was upset was an understatement, he was devastated. So he did the only thing he could think of at that time… leave Konoha for good.

He had told no-one, but he left a note saying not to bother searching for him as by the time they would have got to him, he would most likely be dead, what with the Akatsuki chasing him.

He had wondered around for several months, never staying too long in any place as he knew that he had been labelled as a missing-nin.

Naruto sighed as he walked along a secluded dirt road though a sparse forest. He was on the border of the Fire Country, debating whether or not to pass over into the Wind country. Even though Gaara was his friend, he would have no choice but to capture Naruto if he was found.

'My life sucks…' Naruto thought as he kicked a stone, watching as it hit a tree in front of him. He then stopped and stood listening. He wasn't alone…

He looked around as figures emerged from the woods. He sighed. He didn't care if they killed him… it would be easier if they did.

The one in front of him, apparently the leader, chuckled, staring at Naruto.

"Well, what do we have here? A little boy…aww poor thing."

Naruto didn't reply, but he did scowl at the man. 'Will they hurry up and kill me already!' He thought a bit impatiently.

The man chuckled again and said,

"Hmm, I wonder if anyone would pay good money for him… he looks like a girl. Ah, yes, he'll be worth a lot."

Naruto's eyes widened.

"Wh-what?" He asked, feeling a little scared. The man laughed darkly and said,

"We're Slave dealers. We sell slaves, any kind of slaves, and you look perfect. We'll have you."

Naruto gasped and turned to flee, but then he felt a stinging sensation in his neck. He cried out, pulling the dart from his neck. He then blinked as his eyesight became blurry. His legs gave way and his cheek slammed into the ground. The last thing he saw was the leader looking down at him with a smug expression


Naruto sighed, cursing himself for letting himself be captured. He had been here for a week now, and had only seen one person all that time. And that was the person that brought him his food. When ever the man came in, Naruto always demanded to be let go, or to at least to know what was going to happen to him. The man always ignored him though, saying that Naruto was going to be sold as a slave to service other people. Needless to say, Naruto was pissed. He couldn't even use the Bouen to see what was going to happen in his future. He growled, doing yet another useless attempt at trying to free himself.

Ryouta smirked, pleased with himself. He and his men had just brought back a new slave that they had come across. He was staring at a computer screen, his eyes filled with greed. Displayed on the screen was all the recently required (Illegally) information on the blonde teen that they had captured a week ago. Ryouta chuckled. Yes, this boy was going to bring in a lot of money for him. Not only did he have a record of a strong nin, the boy also had a very rare Kekkei genkai... the boy was in fact the last bearer if the Bouen. Ryouta chuckled again, trying not to wrench his arm out of its socked in trying to pat himself on the back. He then thought of some prospective buyers who would want the boy. He could think of a few… maybe he should invite them all and hold an auction for the blonde. There then was a knock at the door.

"Enter." He said. The door opened and a man came in and bowed.

"Sir, Orochimaru-sama wished to talk to you."

"Yes, send him in." Ryouta said. As soon as the pale man walked in through the door, Ryouta had a sudden thought. He knew of this mans desire for rare kekkei genkai. It was a high possibility that Orochimaru would want the boy.

"Sit down; nice to see you again, what are you here for?"

Orochimaru sat down gracefully and stared at Ryouta with unnerving golden eyes.

"You know what I want, Ryouta."

"Hmm, yes, well. I have a certain boy, caught a week ago that you might be interested in. As he's so recently caught, he's still wild and we haven't had a chance to tame him yet."

"What is he like?"

"Well, he's fairly young, fifteen years of age, but he has a kekkei genkai that you would be interested in."

"Oh?" Ryouta knew he had the man's interest now.

"Yes. He's a Seer." (A Seer is what a person is called when they have the Bouen.)

Orochimaru smirked and said,

"I would very like to meet this boy, what is his name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto's head turned towards the door as it opened. The man who brought his meals came in with a smirk.

"Come. We've found a buyer for you."

"Fuck you, I'm not going anywhere." Naruto retorted. The man scowled and lashed out, slapping Naruto harshly on the face. Naruto fell to the ground, stunned. He was not aware of the man picking him up by the collar and dragging him out of the room.

Naruto struggled all the way, never stopping. He wanted to hurt this man so bad. When the reached the door, the man knocked before entering, throwing Naruto inside.

He landed heavily on the floor, the breath knocked out of his lungs. A man chuckled darkly and he snapped his head up to glare at the man who had captured him not to long ago. He bared his teeth in a snarl. The man scowled and said,

"See what I mean Orochimaru-sama… he's still wild."

"That does not matter."

Naruto whipped his head around to glare at Orochimaru, who was looking at him with some kind of hunger in his eyes.

"Nice to see you again Naruto-kun." He smirked.

Naruto jerked against his restraints and snarled,

"Fuck you asshole!"

The slave dealer slapped him around the face and punched his in the stomach. Naruto collapsed, gasping for breath.

"I apologise Orochimaru-sama. We will punish his severely for this."

"That is quite okay, Ryouta. It will make it even more satisfying when I break him." Orochimaru stood up from his seat and strode over to Naruto, who was now in a sitting position. Naruto was a little scared, not sure of what was happening to him… he was sure that it wasn't good. Orochimaru smirked down at him and asked,

"Confused Naruto-kun?"

Numbly, Naruto nodded slightly. Orochimaru chuckled and said,

"I'm going to buy you Naruto-kun, you will be my personal pet. You will do exactly as I say, do you understand this?"

Naruto stared at him in horror.

"No way, fuck you! I hate you! I'm not going to-" Naruto never finished his sentence as Orochimaru grabbed a handful of his golden hair and slammed his head into the wall, stunning him.

He leaned in close and whispered viciously into Naruto's ear,

"You better, otherwise I'll force you. I'm paying a lot to get you, so you better be worth it."

Naruto stared at him, suddenly felt helpless. Orochimaru saw this and smirked,

"Good boy." He said, letting go of Naruto's hair. Naruto slumped, feeling himself losing consciousness.

"So, you'll have him Orochimaru-sama?"

"Yes I will, when can I take him."

"Now if you wish, since you have the payment on you now."


Naruto swore softly just before his world went black.

Tsunade frowned, staring at a report in her hand. It was disturbing news. For the last couple of months, they had been getting reports about a new group of people that caught travellers and sold them as slaves…mainly as sex slaves. Most of the targets were young people that have done something foolish like wonder too far. Tsunade bit her lip, hoping that Naruto was alright. She knew that he was strong, but she couldn't help but worry about him. He was in the groups target age group.

She sighed and called Kakashi.

The Jounin appeared in front of her with his characteristic,


Tsunade fixed him with a stern stare.

"Don't fool with me Kakashi."

The Jounin looked at her, frowning slightly.

"What is it?"

"I have a solo mission for you. Read this report." She said, handing him the piece of paper that she had previously been reading. He took it and she watched his expression turn sick as he read it. When he had finished, he asked,

"Can people really be this sick?"

"Yes. And what's worse is that they have quite a few customers who buy the slaves for high prices."

"So, what do you want me to do, Tsunade-sama?"

"I want you to find out as much as you can about this group because…" She didn't continue and he smiled in an understanding way.

"You're worried about Naruto? I can see why."

There was silence in the room and then Kakashi said,

"Don't worry, I'm sure that Naruto will be fine."

Naruto groaned and opened his eyes slowly, trying to fight the fogginess in his brain. He moved slightly and blinked when he realised that he was no longer wearing a collar and shackles. He slowly sat up and looked about the room and frowned. The room was large and he was lying on a double bed with deep red silk sheets. There was an ornate wooden door that Naruto assumed led out of the room and then another door near him that properly led to the bathroom. Other then that, there wasn't much in the room. His frowned deepened,

'Where the hell am I?' He thought.

He pushed the sheets off him to get out when he realised that he had no clothes on.

'What the-?'

He covered himself up just in case anyone else came into the room to find him like this.

"Ah, finally awake are you?"

Naruto jumped and whirled to come face to face with Orochimaru. Naruto's mouth opened and closed a few times and then he demanded,

"Where the fuck am I, bastard!"

Orochimaru's expression darkened and he slapped the poor blonde, who fell back on the bed, stunned. When he came to, he realised in a panic the Orochimaru was now hovering inches above him. He trembled slightly, causing the sannin to smirk. Naruto then realised that Orochimaru was only wearing a dark red silk robe.

"In answer to your question, you are in my hideout. I told you, you're going to be my pet."

Naruto's eyes widened and he tried to push him away. Orochimaru grabbed his wrists and pinned them above his head with one hand.

"Ah, a fighter are we… this will make things all the more… entertaining…"

"Wh-what are you going to do?" Naruto asked, still struggling. Orochimaru chuckled and smirked, but didn't reply. With his free hand, he removed the sheets from Naruto, exposing his body. Naruto struggled even more, getting more panicked.

Orochimaru whispered in his ear,

"If I were you, I would stop struggling… otherwise I'll make it even worse for you."

Naruto stopped struggled, but he still trembled.

Orochimaru studied Naruto with lust filled eyes.

"Beautiful." He breathed. He leaned down and roughly kissed Naruto, thrusting his tongue into Naruto's mouth. Naruto chocked and tried to get the invading tongue out of his mouth, but to no avail. When Naruto thought that he was going to pass out from lack of air, the older man pulled away. Naruto gasped for breath and glared at the man above him, causing the said man to laugh at him.

Orochimaru then slowly removed his robe, causing Naruto to panic even more.

"Don't." Orochimaru hissed before grabbing Naruto's legs and wrapping them around his waist. Naruto tried to wriggle away, but Orochimaru grabbed his hip in a painful grasp that made him gasp. Naruto looked fearfully into lust filled eyes.

Naruto didn't like the feeling of something large and hot being pressed against his entrance. He squeaked and tried harder to wriggle away. Orochimaru grabbed his hips and harshly thrust into the helpless boy, causing him to scream as he felt his insides ripping apart. Orochimaru smirked when he heard Naruto's scream.

"Ah, music to the ears."

He thrusted again, causing another scream to tear from the blonde's throat. He chuckled darkly before setting an erratic rhythm of thrusting in and out of the helpless screaming boy. Naruto felt like as if his insides were being ripped apart. He couldn't take it any more, he wanted it to stop… all he felt was pain, there was nothing but the pain. After what seemed an eternity for the poor blonde, Orochimaru released his seed deep inside him.

Naruto lay there in shock for a while and then started to cry weakly, the tears rolling down his pale cheeks.

Orochimaru pulled out, but still kept the boy pinned under him. He smirked and said,

"You'll make a good pet."

"I hate you…" Naruto said weakly, tired from fighting and screaming. Orochimaru licked Naruto's cheek, causing the teen to shiver in repulsion.

"I think now is the perfect time to test out a new kind of curse seal I've been working on."

Naruto looked at him, terror evident in his tear filled blue eyes. Orochimaru smirked and said,

"This seal will enable me to control everything you do… you'll be my little slave."

Orochimaru leaned down and bit into the tender skin of the boy's neck. Naruto cried out at the sharp stinging pain that shot through his body. Orochimaru pulled back to observe the curse seal appear on the boy's neck. It was a small black spiral. He smirked in satisfaction as Naruto lost consciousness.

See what I mean by agnsty? (Sigh) do you want me to continue?