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Title: Tojikomeru

Rating: M

Warnings: Yaoi, rape, Mpreg, future lemon(s) etc etc

Pairings: SasuNaru main, OroNaru slave/rape, KakaIru, NejiShika

Summary: Naruto leaves Konoha after failing to rescue Sasuke. When he thought that nothing else could go wrong, he is caught by slave dealers and sold to Orochimaru... How will Sasuke react? SasuNaru. rape, Mpreg, Lemons

Hope you enjoy!!


Tojikomeru chapter 6:

Naruto gave a small sigh as he lay awake in the hospital bed, debating with himself on what to do. He did not want the child he was currently carrying…and yet he could not bring himself to abort it. It was wrong to kill an innocent. And the child is similar to him in a way… being something not within its control.

It was also…strange, to know that he was carrying a being that depended and survived off him. It felt…he wasn't sure he was able to find the words to describe how he felt. He felt awkward…I mean he was a guy and he was pregnant.

He closed his eyes briefly before opening them again to look over at Sasuke, whom was sleeping in the bed nearby, his back turned to the blonde. Naruto gave a sigh and a small smile. He was grateful to the Uchiha…and a little surprised by the older male's actions earlier that day…

x- Flashback –x

Naruto sat up straight in the hospital bed, his arms wrapped around his knees, staring at the Hokage in shock.

"So I have no home?" He asked, his voice showing his shock and anger. From the other bed, Sasuke watched the scene with intent dark eyes. Tsunade gave a sigh,

"Yes Naruto…you have no home. The villagers burned it down after you left."

The woman then gave an angry sigh and looked the blonde in the eyes.

"Naruto, it is partly your fault. You shouldn't have run off like that! Everyone has been so worried about you!"

The blonde lowered his eyes and mumbled quietly,

"If I had stayed, I still would've gone through shit…I don't even remember what happened after the curse seal was placed on me. And that's a good thing isn't it?"

"Yes and no…let's forget it, okay? First things first is that we have to find you a home-"

She was cut off when Sasuke's cool voice cut through the air, startling the two blondes since they had forgotten about him.

"Naruto can stay with me…my house is big enough for him to stay as well."

There was silence in the room after that proposition as Tsunade and Naruto stared in shock at the youngest Uchiha. Did Sasuke just say that? The dark haired teen stared at the two with a lazy half lidded gaze.

"S-Sasuke, are you sure?" Naruto asked his voice uncertain. Sasuke gave a shrug and turned his head to look out of the window. Naruto looked at the Hokage, whom had a thoughtful frown on her young looking face. After a small pause she said,

"Yes, I think that would be a good idea. The council wish to keep an eye on you two and it would be easier if you two were in the same house."

Naruto blinked cutely and then smiled,

"Okay obaa-chan!" The old woman's eyebrow twitched at being called a 'granny' but the woman smiled and ruffled Naruto's blonde-red locks. Naruto then turned to Sasuke and said quietly,

"Thank you Sasuke, for everything."

Sasuke glanced at him before giving a small nod,

"Hn, dobe."

The blonde's jaw dropped as he stared at the Uchiha in shock. His eyes then narrowed and he hissed,

"Teme! I try to thank you, but you throw it back in my face! Y-you TEME!"

Naruto missed the small smirk hovering on Sasuke's lips.

X- Flashback –X

Naruto gave a small shake of his head, getting the memory out of his head. He gave a small huff, glaring at the sheets. Sasuke treated him just the same…typical of the Uchiha. Damned bastard. Naruto gave a sigh and turned over closing his eyes. Tomorrow was when Sasuke and he were going to be discharged from the hospital, and also living in the Uchiha mansion together.

Naruto gave a sigh; He didn't mind living with the Sasuke…it was the fact of the two alone there. Well…there were going to be ANBU guards watching them. But it would still feel creepy…living in a place where an entire clan was put to death in a single night. Just leaving the ghost of their memories to haunt the mansion.

Naruto gave another sigh before dropping off to sleep.


Naruto was awakened when someone shook his shoulder gently. He opened his blue eyes to look into the light green ones of Sakura.

"Time to get up Naruto." She said quietly. With a yawn, Naruto sat up, rubbing his tired eyes. Sakura gave a small laugh before setting a tray in front of him. Naruto pulled a face. No Ramen. Sakura obviously noticed this and gave a small sigh,

"Naruto. Ramen is not healthy, especially when you're with child."

Naruto crossed his arms and gave a cute pout. The pink haired female gave a smile before moving off towards the other bed. Sasuke was already awake and sat up in bed, staring out of the hospital window at the street below. He made no move to acknowledge the green eyed female as she gave him the food and attempt to strike up a conversation. But after a few failed attempts, she moved off and out of the room with a forlorn expression on her face. Only then did Sasuke turn away from the window and to his food.

Naruto gave a shrug and turned back to his own food, eating it. When he had finished, the door to the room opened and Tsunade walked in. Naruto gave a small grin and jumped up, going over to the woman. She smiled at him, ruffling his soft hair before giving him a pile of clothes.

"Put these clothes on Naruto. You're being discharged today and I do not want the villagers knowing of your pregnancy, okay?"

Naruto gave a nod, taking the clothes from her, moving back to the bed, placing them on the sheets. He then looked down at his hospital gown with a frown. He was glad to get out of this thing. He hated hospital gowns…he had been in enough to know that he hated them. He looked up when he heard the curtains being drawn around his bed. When he was completely hidden, he quickly slid the gown off and slipped the boxers and trousers on. He hen paused, his fingertips lightly touching his swollen stomach. He gave an involuntary shudder.

"Naruto, you done yet?" Tsunade asked. Naruto blinked before shrugging the baggy top on. He then walked out to see Sasuke there already in loose black trousers and top. Sasuke looked good in black he noticed.

Tsunade looked him up and down and then gave a nod,

"That looks okay. Right you two, for six months you will be confined to the Uchiha mansion under watch 24/7. Sakura, Kakashi and Iruka will be the ones to do any shopping for food and things for you two, okay?"

Naruto gave a small 'yes' whereas Sasuke just gave a small nod. Tsunade gave Naruto a small smile before turning to Sasuke with a stern face.

"Uchiha, understand this. I do not trust you, even though you helped to kill Orochimaru. If you try to escape or hurt Naruto in any shape or form, I will not hesitate to kill you, understand?"

Sasuke was silent for a few moments before giving a nod. Tsunade gave the pale teen a long look before turning back to Naruto. She enveloped the small blonde in a hug and said,

"Kakashi should be here shortly to take you to the Uchiha mansion, okay?"

Naruto gave a small smile and a nod. Sasuke did nothing but glare at the unoffending wall. A second later, a cloud of white smoke announced the arrival of the said Jounin's appearance. Kakashi came visible and smiled at everyone, draping an arm around Naruto's shoulder then giving the blonde a friendly smile.

"Hello Naruto, how're you today?"

Naruto grinned at him and replied,

"A little tired, but otherwise okay Kakashi-sensei."

The Jounin gave a nod and then looked at the Uchiha,

"Ah, hello Sasuke, how're you?"


"Ah, good. Now, I'm to take you two to the Uchiha mansion, is that right?"

Naruto gave a small sigh at their sensei's tardiness and gave a nod. Kakashi gave him the eye smile. Kakashi gave a small nod to the Hokage before herding the two teens out of the room. Naruto and Sasuke said nothing as the white haired Jounin led the two out of the building into the bustling street. Naruto was a step behind Kakashi and Sasuke, looking around at everyone nervously. There were curious looks directed at him, but no one seemed to recognise him, which, in his opinion, was a good thing.

But what Naruto didn't like though, were the strange looks that he received from many of the young men. They looked at him with intent, hungry gazes, making him feel uncomfortable. Instinctively, Naruto grabbed onto Sasuke's arm, as if seeking protection from the Uchiha.

Sasuke noticed the sudden pressure on his arm and he looked down at the nervous blonde, noticing the small blonde's flittering gaze. Sasuke looked about and scowled when he noticed the lusty looks at his blonde. Wait…when did Naruto become his? Naruto wasn't his…yet. He then gave a smirk when he remembered that he was going to be alone with the small blonde for six months. His smirk widened, lucky him.

He decided to let the blonde hang onto him, since he liked the idea of the blonde looking to him for protection. Plus, the slight pressure on his arm felt nice. Kakashi looked back at them, blinking when he saw Naruto hanging off the Uchiha's arm. His visible eye then looked at Sasuke, the eyebrow rising in a questioning manner. All Sasuke did was jerk his head to the side, causing the Jounin to look about them, noticing the looks the trio, or rather Naruto was receiving from the crowds around them. He gave a snort before moving closer to the pair,

"I suggest that we get a move on…we don't want the crowd to attack us where we stand now do we?"

Sasuke gave a nod. Even though he liked the idea of Naruto clinging to him, he did not like the looks directed at the smaller male. Naruto was only his to look at.

I told you that you were rather protective of him, didn't I?

Sasuke frowned…what did that voice want?

What do you want?

Oh…touchy are we?

Shut up…just tell me what you want.

Oh…nothing really. Just checking up on you. How's Naruto-chan?

He's fine…he'll be living with me from now on. Sasuke didn't know why he was telling his little inner voice this…but he felt he needed to. In fact, he didn't even know what that inner voice was! Was he going mad…?

You're not going mad Sasuke I can assure you on that one. And that is very good news you know. Maybe that pain will stop? It's already fading…

Sasuke frowned. The voice was right. Before they rescued the blonde, his head had been continually throbbing like as if he had a migraine and his chest was constantly aching, making it hard for him to breath. And now being close to Naruto it had faded somewhat as if the blonde's very presence deterred the pain from rearing its ugly head again.

"Sasuke?" The soft voice of Naruto snapped him out of his daze and he blinked down at the blonde,


"You kind of spaced out there for a minute. Are you okay?" He asked, his blue-red eyes filled with concern. Sasuke blinked before nodding with his usual frown,

"I'm fine Dobe. I was just thinking."

The blonde's puffed out slightly in his indignation. It was rather cute, making Sasuke chuckle. It was so fun teasing the small blonde.

After a little while they reached the silent Uchiha mansion. They stopped outside the open gates, staring inside at the eerie buildings. Unconsciously Naruto clutched at Sasuke more, causing him to wince at the intense pressure,

"Naruto please don't grip me so hard…you're stronger then you think."

The blonde looked at him startled before he let go, a small blush on his cheeks,

"Sorry teme."


Naruto pouted at the one syllable response. It seemed to be a well defined skill of the Uchiha's. The ability to avoid all conversation possible by using the one syllable of "hn". I suppose it went with their cool and composed image that they had. The blonde gave a snort. That was just stupid really. Seriously what was wrong with talking!?

The three stared into the empty compound, obviously not wanting to step inside. Sasuke clenched his fists. He really didn't want to come back here. This place caused him painful nightmares of that fateful night that changed the course of his life forever. He briefly wondered what would have happened if Itachi hadn't killed his clan that night. A sigh fluttered past his lips before he stepped into the compound, feeling the familiar chill run up his spine whenever he did.

He walked up to the front door and slipped it open, vaguely aware of the footsteps of the other two behind him. He stepped inside and looked about. It was so…dark and empty. Hollow. Lonely…

He narrowed his eyes slightly, making his way further into the house, his feet picking up a small amount of dust with eat footstep. The house was in need of a thorough clean out. The structure was still sound, it was just covered in a layer of dust which needed to be gotten rid of. At least Naruto and Sasuke had something to distract them for the duration of their confinement. Sasuke only hoped that the blonde would continue to live here after everyone stopped watching their every move.

Sasuke opened the door to the kitchen and scowled. This really was the first room they needed to tackle. He turned his head to look over his shoulder at the other two,

"…looks like we have some cleaning to do…"

Kakashi gave a small chuckle,

"It would help keep you two occupied. I'll go get you cleaning tools to help you." And with that the man poofed off.

The other two stayed silent for a small while before Sasuke gave a snort and walked into the kitchen, nudging the table slightly with his foot. He then walked over to the sink and turned the tap on, scrunching up his eyebrows in disgust as brown water came through. He decided to leave it like that so that they pipes would clean out with the continuous water flow and clean water would then flow through.

He then moved over the fridge and opened it, narrowing his eyes when it was not working. He moved around the back, pulling it forward slightly before sighing. Rats or mice had chewed through the wiring. This was going to take longer then he thought.


The raven haired male blinked and looked up at Naruto. He had almost forgotten about the blonde. He gave a small grunt to show that he was listening as he inspected the rodent damage. It looked like they needed a new fridge…

He felt a poke in his side and looked at the frowning blonde now standing next to him.

"What is it Dobe?"

The blonde's frown deepened at them before he pouted,

"Sasuke…where are we going to sleep?"

Right…fuck. That needed to be sorted out to. He thought for a moment before he jerked his head towards the doorway,

"Come on then I'll show the bedrooms and the bathrooms. It's going to take a while to clean all this out though."

The blonde nodded in agreement and looked about the dusty kitchen. He then followed Sasuke as he walked out of the kitchen and through several halls towards where all the bedrooms where located for the main house Uchiha. Sasuke stopped outside the only closed door, glaring at it,

"Don't ever set foot into this room."

The blonde blinked in confusion,

"Why not?"

Sasuke gritted his teeth and snarled,

"It's Itachi's room."

Naruto remained silent, thinking it would be best if he didn't say anything to further upset the raven haired male. He shifted his feet slightly before saying in a small voice,

"The bedrooms Sasuke."

The Uchiha snapped out of his dark thoughts before walking onto the rooms furthest away from Itachi's. He pointed to one room,

"You can stay in that one. My room is right next to yours so if you have any problems during the night you can come and wake me up."

Naruto nodded before he walked into the room that was assigned to him. It was a small room, but it had the essentials like a futon, chest of drawers, a bedside table and lamp. Of course everything was covered in a layer of dust. He walked up to the futon and smacked his palm onto it, coughing and sneezing at the cloud dust. Inside his mind he could hear the Kyuubi laughing at him. He ignored it and walked off back into the corridor, looking into Sasuke's room to see him seated on the bed, whipping away dust from photo frames with his T-shirt.

The blonde walked in slowly and sat next to Sasuke, watching him with calm blue-red eyes. The Uchiha gave no hint that he knew the blonde had entered the room as he continued with his work, cleaning the frames and placing them in a pile. When he had finished, he turned his head to look at Naruto in a questioning manner. The blonde blinked and then smiled at him,

"Ne, teme. Where's the bathroom?"

"Down the hall. You should be able to find it. Do me a favour and turn on the taps and shower and let them run for a while. The pipes need cleaning out."

The blonde nodded before nodding and skipped off down the corridor, looking through the doors before he came onto a rather spacious bathroom. The toilet was behind a closed door in the corner. That would need a good cleaning. Naruto hummed softly before he approached the taps, turning them all too full blast, wrinkling his nose at the smell of stagnant water. He turned on the shower as well before he made his way back to Sasuke room.

As he passed Itachi's room, he paused, staring at the closed door. He felt curiosity pull at his mind, making him want to go inside and explore the room. Maybe find a hint as to why Itachi killed the clan. Whether it was an order from someone or Itachi's own whim. Or even if he had help. The blonde found it hard to believe one man could kill the whole of the Uchiha clan save for his younger brother. That was another question that bugged Naruto. Itachi killed the other children…but why save his own brother? It just didn't make sense. None at all.

Deciding it was best if he got back to Sasuke before the teme wondered where he was. He bounced down the hall and poked his head through Sasuke's door. The Uchiha was still in the same position as when he had left, his eyes blank as he looked off into space. The blonde frowned at this. This was the second time today he had caught him daydreaming. What was he thinking about? The past? Time really was too short to be brooding on that past. It only leads to never ending circles of pain and hurt. Naruto had discovered this himself. He wondered if Sasuke had realised this as well…

The blonde stepped in front of the dark haired male and snapped his fingers in front of Sasuke's face. Onyx eyes blinked rapidly before they glared at the blonde for disturbing,

"I did what you asked me to do, teme."

Sasuke nodded before standing up,

"What should we clean first?"

The blonde shrugged,

"I don't know…bathroom and bedrooms first. Our ones before doing the kitchen then everything else. I would have thought that Kakashi and the others would bring us food. So I really want a clean place to sleep tonight or at least a shower…"

The Uchiha nodded before he sighed. It seemed like mission impossible. But they needed a clean home…especially if Naruto was keeping the child. There was a tense silence in the room before there was a puff of smoke and Kakashi appeared, smiling at them. He held a medium sized box, which he quickly deposited on the floor, disturbing the dust on the floor.

"These are the cleaning tools you are going to need to get this place in shape. The others agreed to help you get this place liveable again for you two. We don't want you living in a filthy house now would we?" He said with a smile.

Sasuke gave a soft snort. The others didn't care about him, they just cared about Naruto. If it was jut Sasuke they would have just left him here all alone to clean it up. Which most likely would take years in its current state. And even then he would have to start all over again.

Naruto grinned at the Jounin,

"Thanks Kakashi-sensei! We're going to need all our help we can get. It's a mess!"

"It has been empty for a few years." Sasuke pointed out, frowning lightly. The blonde shrugged, rubbing his upper arms as if trying to warm himself up,

"So when do we start, teme?"


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