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Note: Never tried a drabble before and this appeared from nowhere. Word assures me it is 100 words (of pure fluff!)


She popped the chewy square in her mouth.

"They're mood sweets." He looked so pleased with himself.

"They're mood sweets!" Grinning, not surprised… nothing he did could surprise her anymore, not that she wasn't delighted by each and every thing.

"No, they taste better if you're happy."

"Huh." Now she's confused.

"Why? How do yours taste? Mine are like fresh strawberries." That trademark grin.

"They taste like mint."

"I like mint. Mint could mean happy."

"Mint's okay – I'd prefer strawberries though… Make me happier!"

Brows furrowed now in serious contemplation. "Um… Rose Tyler, I love you. How's that?"

"Ooh, cherry!"