Reclaiming the Trio

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Chapter 8: When Eavesdropping. . .

Sirius and Remus woke up to find the bed empty and the shower running. Hermione was still humming to herself, so they knew she wasn't actually in the shower yet. Quietly, they climbed out of bed and stretched, their bodies protesting. . . loudly. Working out the kinks and pops, Sirius trotted over to the window and looked out.

"Strange, isn't it, Remus?" Sirius said, basking in the sunlight. It warmed his face and hair, and he laughed for the sheer joy of it. It had been a long time since he'd stood at a window without fear.

"What? Last night? This morning?" Remus said, coming to stand beside his best friend. Sirius smiled broadly at his friend. As bad as Remus had had it over the years since his affliction, he still had more good memories than bad. When he was so literal and tormented, Sirius had to smile at his relative naiveté.

"Remus, when are you going to learn to enjoy the simple pleasure of sunlight, freedom. . . being able to stand at a window without fear," Sirius said, trying not to give in to his deeper joy. It simply wouldn't do for a Black to prance around a room for joy in such a simple thing.

Remus closed his eyes and breathed deeply, catching the scent of the breeze flowing into the room. Nature filled him and he turned a cocky smile to Sirius. Sirius's nostrils flared and his eyes flattened with desire.

"We've time while she showers," Sirius breathed, reaching out to take Remus in his arms. Remus growled low in his throat and grabbed the back of Sirius's head quickly, drawing his mouth close to his own, immediately thrusting into Sirius's mouth with a force unlike himself. Remus tasted Sirius, drawing him into his own mouth, sliding his tongue against Sirius's teeth and scraping, oh-so slightly, barely nicking himself. The coppery taste coated their tongues and they groaned as one.

"Back to bed with you," Remus breathed, guiding Sirius back to the large bed, stretching out on it and gazing up at his best friend and lover. Somehow, in the kiss, Remus had lost his bottoms, and he stood high and proud, his member glistening and gently trembling. His eyes were dark as he stretched languidly. Finally, Sirius couldn't take any more.

Sirius stretched out over Remus, his own erection still covered by his bottoms, and he rubbed himself against Remus, causing the werewolf to howl in pleasure. Chuckling, Sirius covered Remus's mouth with his own, to silence him, as Sirius worked his hand down between them, grasping Remus tightly. Using the moisture, Sirius lubricated his hand and started pumping, tight and slow, until Remus was thrusting against his hand.

"If you keep doin' that, I'm gonna go before we get to play," Remus whispered hoarsely, in a staccato rhythm to the pumping Sirius was giving him. Sirius kissed Remus against before getting up, still pumping, and leaning his head over Remus, sucking his tip in for a quick moment before getting up and shucking his own pants. Sirius stood and his own organ jutted out, pointing directly at Remus, whose eyes darkened in anticipation as he sat up. He reached out to grasp Sirius, but Sirius pushed his hand away.

"Tut-tut, my dear Remus. Is that any way to greet an old friend?" Sirius said, thrusting his hips forward so his tip was against Remus's mouth. Remus licked his lips and drew Sirius in, slowly swallowing the tip until it hit the back of his throat. Remus sucked, hard, for a few minutes before Sirius put his hands on Remus's shoulders. "Now we have fun. If you would?"

Remus stood and kissed Sirius hard before Sirius pushed him onto the bed, on his stomach. Grabbing his wand off the night-table, Sirius muttered a quick incantation, both clearing and lubricating the sight before him. Sirius put his wand back and laid his hands near Remus's opening, trailing the tips of his fingers up and down Remus's back until he was squirming and panting, begging Sirius.

"Oh, gods, please, it's been. . . too long, Sirius. . . please, please," Remus was moaning, squirming against the bed, trying to relieve some of the blinding sensation in his own member. Leaning down, Sirius planted a kiss at the nape of Remus's neck as he positioned himself. Reaching around, Sirius grasped Remus and began pumping him as he thrust into Remus. "MMmmph!"

"Gods," Sirius said, stroking in and out as he pulled and petted, his hips working strongly yet carefully so he didn't hurt Remus. They were moving in unison, Sirius thrusting forward as he petted Remus, Remus thrusting forward into Sirius's hand as Sirius withdrew while pulling on the rock-hard member. They continued until Remus felt Sirius stiffen and begin to grow harder and larger, then Remus started thrusting himself into Sirius's hand, faster and faster, until they both. . . exploded.


"Remus! Gods, Remus," Sirius said as he pulled out for the last time with an audible pop, his erection finally subsiding. Remus collapsed forward on the bed, Sirius next to him, both panting and smiling. Sirius's eyes began fluttering shut, and Remus leaned over to kiss him softly on the mouth, reaching out and grabbing his own wand, muttering a spell to clean them both up. Each man meant to get up and get dressed, but instead they moved closer to one another, falling asleep together in one another's arms for a well-earned nap.


Upon hearing such a disturbance in the bedroom, Hermione decided to cut her shower shut, turning off the showerhead and quickly toweling herself off, heading out the bathroom door. She turned into the bedroom, and what she saw took her breath away.

Ron and Harry had been. . . wonderful. But now she saw them as beautiful, magnificent, even, moving in such a perfect rhythm. Even the night before had been so unlike what they'd shared. She smiled to herself, wondering how they'd gotten such expertise. Probably just experimenting with themselves, she thought to herself, caught up in the moment as the men before her arched together, shouting their release before collapsing on the bed, talking, sharing a kiss, then passing out.

Well, I guess some things never change, Hermione thought, chuckling a bit. Then it hit her. Why not return a favor?

Hermione dropped her towel, still almost damp as she made her way to the bed. Ron was on his back and Harry on his stomach; she kissed the back of Harry's knees, and he shuddered like never before. She smiled and kissed her way up to his bum, nipping each cheek before she moved over to Ron, her beloved Ron.

Hermione decided to start at the top that time, kissing her beloved on the mouth, trailing her tongue down his throat and chest, causing him to rumble her name in his sleep. She swirled her tongue around his flat, male nipples, and his breath hitched; she waited, trying to see if he would wake and break the spell. He didn't, and she continued to spiral her way down his body, hovering over his flaccid yet large penis. Her breath wafted over him, and his cock started to stir. Smiling, Hermione turned her attention to her other bedmate.

She rolled Harry over, and was delighted to see he was already more than half hard. Makes my job easier, she thought, smiling as she sucked him into her mouth quickly, finishing the job. Ron's cock was standing at attention by then, and she considered her options. She placed on kiss on his tip, reaching down between her legs and testing herself. She found her nub and rolled it a few times, but she was already wet from the audacity of her actions. Moaning, she got up on he knees and threw a leg over Ron's waist, lowering herself onto him with a moan. She was tight because she hadn't down that in a while, and she could feel how she stretched.

"Nnnhhh," Hermione moaned, maneuvering herself until she could ride Ron while at the same time have her mouth on Harry. She bucked her hips to get the right angle, and then twisted and grinded until she was gasping. Finally, she pulled her mouth off Harry and began bouncing up and down on Ron, her hands on his chest, raking her nails across him.

"Hermione?!" he said, his eyes snapping open. She was a goddess above him, her hips a vehicle to paradise. He began thrusting up to meet her as Harry stirred and positioned himself behind her. She felt the same spell from earlier take effect, and Harry pushed her down until she was flat against Ron, shoving himself inside her. He controlled everything from then, and it wasn't long until they were all screaming their pleasure.

"Quite a thank you," Harry said as he collapsed, again, this time next to Hermione as she was in the middle. She was still on him, but Ron had removed himself and had turned on his side to face them. "I could get used to that."

Hermione turned her head and gave him a strange look. "As if you hadn't already."

Ron and Harry shared a look and she sighed, getting up and heading for the bathroom again. They stared after her, their eyes devouring her as she walked, hips swaying and a sheen on her skin from their exploits. Tired as they were, Remus and Sirius still had to get up once she was safely ensconced in the bathroom.


"How the hell will we ever tell her now?" Remus asked, head in his hands at the kitchen table. Sirius was getting coffee from the pot Dobby had whipped up for them, and his scowl was dark.

"Why tell her? She can stay here, we can stay here, and it won't be a problem. Besides, even before what just happened, it would have been cruel to tell her. Now we have another reason not to tell her," Sirius said, his eyes dark. No way was he going to give up the scene that had just happened, or any future permutations thereof.

"That's what we were supposed to do, Sirius. Help her heal, help her remember -- the truth, Sirius, not the world she's made for herself," Remus reasoned, and Sirius shook his head.

"What good will it do her? If we tell her, she could go back into that coma, or break, or run off into the muggle world, never to be seen of or heard from again. If we choose not to tell her, it's for her own good," Sirius shot back, slamming a cup of coffee down in front of Remus. In their states, neither man heard the shower shutting off or the light footsteps that followed. "Oh yes, I can see it now, or at least how you seem to think it will happen:

'Hermione, Harry and Ron were killed in the Final Battle, actually protecting you, of all things. They made Sirius and me promise to take care of you, and then you fell into a coma, and when you woke up, you thought I was Ron and Sirius was Harry. We were going to tell you otherwise, but instead we treated you to probably the best 24 hours of sex you've ever experienced, not that we doubt Ron and Harry's expertise, of course. Well, after the fact, I decided I was too guilt-ridden to not tell you the truth, so here we are. Care for a shag?'

And of course, Hermione would answer quite well, you know, not that it would be a shock that she hated us for:

'Why, Remus, I do believe you all were quite right. Ron and Harry were good, but you're wonderful, and they're gone now, and I remember everything, and yes, that was the best sex, so shall we continue?'

Remus, the bird isn't going to go for it. All Hermione will know is that I'm not Harry, you're not Ron, we fucked, and no-one bothered to tell her otherwise," Sirius finished, almost shouting by the end.

"Sirius, I really think you need to give the girl a chance. She's quite reasonable, and given some time--" Remus began, but was cut off by a shrill scream.

"Bastards! They asked you to take care of me and all took advantage of me?!" Hermione screamed, running from the house clad only in her t-shirt and shorts, slamming the door.

"Damn it. Who goes after her?" Sirius said, taking a long swig of his coffee.

"Flip for it?" Remus suggested, and Sirius gave him a dirty look. "Fine. I'll bring her back soon. Why don't you make us all a nice lunch while we're out?"

With that, Remus left to follow Hermione and Sirius set to finding Dobby to have him make the lunch.


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