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Shikamaru knew he should've listened to Chouji and refused the mission to Suna, it was troublesome and tedious, but Tsunade had pressured him and he cracked; his will was like an eggshell when it came to arguing with that woman. The Hokage was so demanding and worked him to death, with the Chuunin exam and having to go to Suna every few days, he hadn't found any time to relax and stare at the clouds.

He also should've refused the mission because of a certain blonde kunoichi who currently had him pinned to the wall.

A coy smile played on Temari's lips as she leaned in to brush the side of his face with her lips. Her hands, of their own volition, roamed down his Chuunin jacket and unbuttoned it, revealing his thin, mesh undershirt.

"You know," she commented in admiration, "I never noticed how built you are."

"Really." Shikamaru answered, trying his best to push her off of him but failing miserably. "That's great. Please get off."

"Shikamaru," she murmured his name, breath warm against his ear. Her hands ran up his stomach and chest and he suddenly had trouble breathing. Temari pushed the offensive jacket off his shoulders and the green material fell to the floor. She stepped back slightly, still keeping him against the wall though, to cast an approving glance at his body. God, he had a hot stomach. Temari could sense his stiffness, and irritation, and she knew exactly how to loosen him up. "Don't you want me?" Temari pouted, pushing out her full, luscious lips.

He stared at her lips for a moment and then frowned. "You're not going to get to me that way."

"Oh really." Temari pressed her lithe body closer to his and watched as a blush, fiery red, made its way up his neck and to his face. "Something wrong?" she asked innocently, though the smirk upon her face ruined the overall effect.

Shikamaru shivered as her hand traced his face and neck. "I have a problem." he said stiffly.

She leaned in and pressed her lips to the bend between his neck and shoulder. "It is a growing problem?" Temari teased him a little and bit his neck.

His legs almost gave out beneath him. Why the hell is she being this forward? I need her to get off of me soon. "At the moment . . . Yes." he answered through clenched teeth. His hands had come up and he was grasping her shoulders in a vice grip and was glad Temari didn't seem to mind that he might be bruising her skin.

She nibbled on his ear lobe and licked the silver earring he wore. "That's good." she said offhandedly.

Temari forced him to take off his shirt and he absently shrugged out of the material. Shikamaru couldn't really think straight anymore and he loosened the ties that held her fan; it crashed to the floor because of how heavy it was. He was busy looking around to see if anyone was coming while Temari was busy kissing his chest and running her hands up and down his back. She kissed him and he ran his tongue along her bottom lip for entrance.

"Hey," he said in between kisses, "we can't do this."

Temari grinned against his mouth and kissed him again. "We're doing it pretty well right now."

"You know what I mean." Shikamaru pushed her away from him roughly. "What if someone came and saw us . . . Doing . . . That?"

She laughed and then smirked at him. "I guess you're right, Shikamaru," Temari languidly slid her body against his and gave him a peck on the cheek. "But that means I can't help you with your problem." she breathed into his ear.

His eyes widened. "Hey!" he yelled desperately.

Temari disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Shikamaru was left in the middle of the hallway and he sagged against the wall and sighed deeply. Damn her. I can't believe she'd do that to me. Actually, it's something she'd do, and quite often if I let her pin me against a wall everyday. I was so stupid. How could I let her make a fool out of me like that? I should've seen this coming a mile away when she said she needed help analyzing some papers . . . Oh god, what are the brothers going to say if they find out? WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO TO ME!? Things had become so troublesome since Konoha formed an alliance with Suna . . .

"Why," a cool voice said, "are you half naked outside Temari's room?"

Speak of the devil.

Shikamaru inwardly cringed as he met Gaara's chilly, and murderous, gaze. Oh shit . . .


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