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He stormed into the Kazekage's office and found her sitting on top of her younger brother's desk. The fateful encounter with Gaara had left him slightly bruised and with a firm warning from the Kazekage to stay away from his older sister . . . Or else he'd face the repercussions. Shikamaru was, naturally, incredibly pissed he had to deal with Temari's younger, and slightly psychotic, brother and then, this only made it better, Kankurou had showed up. The other brother. Joy. Needless to say Shikamaru was thoroughly screamed at, beaten up and threatened by the two and knew that being in the room alone with Temari was only going to make it worse, but he had to yell at her or . . . Something.

"Why would you leave me alone with your psycho little brother?" Shikamaru demanded, watching Temari as she sat upon the desk, eyeing him coolly.

"Don't say that about Gaara," she snapped, "no matter what he's still Kazekage. He could kill you."

"Him and Kankurou already tried." he answered lazily. "You knew he was coming, didn't you?"

Temari cocked her head to the side. "I don't know what you mean."

He glared at her. "Cut the crap, Temari."

"Hn." Temari pushed herself off the desk and began walking towards him. "So what if I did? You're a shinobi too so you should've been able to sense him."

Shikamaru backed away from her until his back hit the rock wall of the Kazekage's office. Wow, he thought wryly, this seems familiar. "You could've warned me. Gaara found me half dressed and, to top things off, I was in front of your room. How am I supposed to explain that to the Kazekage when it looks l—" Shikamaru, as she began laughing, shook his head and frowned at her. "What are you laughing about?"

"Did Gaara think that we'd been doing something 'inappropriate'?" Temari asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Obviously." He was exasperated by her nonchalance. Didn't she understand the position he was in now? Gaara would be watching him like a hawk and Shikamaru was afraid that he'd attack him in his sleep with his charka infused sand. He was the ambassador from Konoha and if word of this incident got back to Tsunade then he'd get his ass kicked by not only the Hokage, but his mother too. "Why would you do that to me?"

"It was funny," she said, kissing his cheek then making her way back to Gaara's desk and rifling through some papers on it.

Shikamaru frowned while he advanced towards her. "You thought it was funny? My ass might be on the line because of this!" he hissed.


She moved so fast Shikamaru had no time to respond. Temari had grabbed him and flung his body onto the desk causing a paper storm inside the small office. She grinned down at his shocked face and straddled him.

"T-Temari!" Shikamaru exclaimed. "Get off."

"Why?" she asked, pinning his arms above his head.

"I don't need another beating from your brothers. What if Gaara came in and saw us like this?"

"Forget about my brothers," she commanded, inching her face down to his, "they shouldn't concern you right now." Her lips touched his and she parted her mouth for him, but he was as responsive as a dead fish. "What is your problem?"

"My problem is currently straddling me!" Shikamaru yelled. "Get off already!" When he moved her body slid down from its perch on his stomach to his—he didn't even want to think about it. A light blush coated his cheeks and it only seemed to egg Temari on as she absently ran her finger down his chest. God, I wish I could hide my feelings as easily as Neji does . . . He'd tried forceful and reasonable, now he was going to plead. "Please, Temari," he appeased, "please get off."

"Never thought I'd hear you say that," she remarked coolly, "and to a woman? What happened to your chauvinistic thinking, Shikamaru?" Temari leaned over him, her kimono-like dress parted in the front, and he got a generous glimpse of her breasts.

Oh good god . . .

Shikamaru couldn't help but stare, he was a guy after all. "G-Get off of me." he stammered.

"You wish." Temari replied and brushed her lips along his jaw.

She hadn't found him attractive at first, Uchiha Sasuke caught her attention just as he caught every other girl's attention, but after their fight in the Chuunin exam she was intrigued; he'd proven himself to be a worthy adversary and had nice muscles to boot. And when she'd helped him with Tayuya when his team had to retrieve Uchiha, there had been chemistry she couldn't deny. Shikamaru had helped them with the situation of Matsuri's capture, and when they met up again she'd instantly began flirting with him. Temari liked that he had an 'old world' sort of view on men and women: Women were troublesome and he didn't like to be indebted to one. It wasn't manly. The fact that he thought this way made her laugh.

"I do wish you'd get off." Shikamaru replied automatically and tried shifting his weight to make her slide off. Temari locked her legs at his sides and smirked. Ok, bad idea. He was supposed to have an IQ of over 200, so why couldn't he figure out a way to get out of this mess?

Temari pressed her lips to his, surprisingly Shikamaru didn't fight her this time and kissed her back. She sighed and spoke into his mouth, "I wish you wouldn't fight me all the time."

"One of us has to resist." he murmured. She released her hold on his hands and Shikamaru placed them lightly on her waist.

"Please stop." Temari said as she playfully bit his neck. He frowned at her when she pulled away and she leaned back in to gently lave the bite with her tongue. "Come on. One minute you seem so ready and then the next you're like a rock."

"I'm not doing this again," he replied defiantly, "one experience was enough for me."

"We didn't even get anywhere." Temari stated unhappily.

Shikamaru said lazily, "You half undressed me."

"That was only your shirt and vest," she scoffed. "I hadn't gotten anywhere near the pants."

"Let's keep it that way."

"You act like an old geezer." she said as she got off of him reluctantly.

Shikamaru didn't respond as he sat up on the edge of the desk to right his Chuunin vest. He stiffened as she placed her hands on his thighs, inching her fingers up the black material. Shikamaru stared at Temari as she positioned herself between his legs and placed a kiss on his neck.

"What are you doing?" he asked warily. Temari stood on her toes and licked the shell of his ear, causing a shiver to run down his spine. Shikamaru grasped her shoulders and roughly pushed her away from him. "Stop that."

"Why?" she tilted her head to the side like a lost waif. "You like it."

He rolled his eyes. "That's beside the p—"

Temari cut him off by crushing her lips to his and snaking her tongue through his mouth. Her arms locked themselves around his neck and Shikamaru sighed into her. He relented and began kissing her back, running his tongue along the moist interior of her mouth and having a battle of dominance with her tongue. He elicited a moan from Temari and it boosted his ego. Geez, he thought, I'm not supposed to be enjoying this.

She released his mouth and leaned her forehead against his. "Now," her breathing pattern was a bit ragged, "that wasn't so hard."

Shikamaru dragged his lips across her cheek till they reached her ear. "I guess not." he whispered. Temari pressed herself closer to him as he leaned back on his palms. "But that's as far as we go." he said with finality.

She wanted to strangle him. "Why are you being so difficult?" she demanded.

"We're on your brother's desk." Shikamaru replied calmly. "I don't think Gaara would enjoy the fact that we messed around on it." He surveyed the office and its paper covered floor. "We need to clean this up."

"What Gaara doesn't know can't hurt him." she responded reasonably, opening his vest and pushing it down his arms.

Shikamaru frowned as he lifted his arms out of the Chuunin vest and his shirt as she tugged it over his head. "He works on this thing."

"He can buy a new one." Temari grinned as he began placing butterfly kisses along her neck and pushing her kimono down to brush his lips along her shoulder. That's more like it. When Shikamaru was in the mood he was actually quite fantastic at what he did and it only made her more excited. His hands caressed her neck as he nibbled, sucked and kissed. God, he's good. She let out a breathless moan and then he stopped. Temari looked at him oddly and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I can't do this." Shikamaru watched as she took off the black gloves she wore and ran her cool hands along his chest. "Gaara's going to kill me—" he sucked in a shuddering breath as she licked her way up his stomach. "Not to mention the Hokage." Shikamaru gazed at her lazily as Temari smirked at him, her eyes a dark green and smoldering beneath half-closed lids. "This is going to make more trouble for me." he said as she nimbly jumped onto the desk and pushed him onto his back.

"Then I'll make it worth your while," Temari replied, her voice husky. She leaned down to brush her lips against his.

"What the hell are you two doing on my desk?"

Startled, Temari and Shikamaru separated their lips and hastily turned towards the door.

"G-Gaara!" Temari stuttered.

The youngest of the three Sand Siblings did not look pleased and Temari had a feeling that Gaara was trying to microwave Shikamaru with his eyes while he planned a painful death for him in his head. Her eyes widened as she saw more people standing behind him; Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura were gazing at their display, shocked, while the legendary Sannin Jiraiya was busy taking notes in a small black notebook, a perverted smile across his face. She groaned. Oh god, this is going into one of those perverted books he writes . . .

Kankurou was gawking at his older sister and screamed, "TEMARI!"

Oh god damn it, the Nara thought, explaining this to the Hokage is going to be so troublesome . . .


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