Jump City was covered with the dark sky. Three titan boys left their tower and left to go explore the streets of Jump City. Their destination; a bar. Today was a guys night out.

Going out to a bar late at night was something that the boys had picked up from their girlfriends. Almost every week a couple of the titan girls would head out to a bar at night and drink their favorite drink, coming home happy and a little tipsy. This little habit was going on for a few months already. This habit seemed to have a good effect on the girls and their relationships. Seeing the girls have so much fun made the boys want to give going out a try.

Although their relationships couldn't be better, the boys needed to get away from their girlfriends. They needed a chance to do guy stuff and talk about things that one doesn't talk about with their girlfriends. Going out to a bar was perfect to do just that.

As they walked in the bar, the bell above the door rung. Three boys walked in and took a seat at the front of the bar.

Cyborg let out a low whistle. "So this is the famous bar. Nice."

Since it was guys night out the boys had decided to go out and blend in with society. This meant that they weren't in uniform. Cyborg wore black pants and a grey sweatshirt that covered up his mechanical parts.

"I can see why they come here," Beast Boy said, taking the seat in the middle of Robin and Cyborg. "It's kind of cozy."

Beast Boy had on some creamed colored pants with a black short sleeve shirt on. He also had on a purple vest with a pair of black sneakers.

"I wonder what's taking the others so long," Robin said, passing a glance at his watch. "They should've been here by now."

Although tonight meant no costumes, Robin still hid his eyes by wearing black sunglasses over his eyes. Robin had on a black leather jacket over a white shirt. He had on blue jeans with black boots. His hair was spiked up like always.

"Well, I'm tired of waiting," Cyborg said, a big goofy grin on his face. "I say we order."

"I'm with Cy," Beast Boy said, raising his hand to catch the bartenders attention. "Hey, bartender! Three beers."

The bartender nodded and bought over three glassed beers, setting one in front of each titan. The bartender smiled as he walked away to tend to his other customers. If these guys were anything like their girlfriends he would be making a lot of money tonight.

"Well," Robin began, raising his glass up. "Here's to guys night out."

They began to drink when the bell above the door began to ring, greeting a new arrival. The boys figured it was no one to concern themselves with and continued to drink. The sounds of foot steps could be heard making their way up to where the titan boys sat.

"Looks like you guys started with out me."

The three boys turned around to see who exactly was this new arrival.

"Speedy, what's up man." Robin said, shaking hands with Speedy.

Just like Robin, Speedy too had his eyes covered with black sunglasses. Speedy wore a red sleeveless shirt that showed off his biceps. He had on dark blue jeans and dark yellow timberland boots.

"Looks like I'm late to the party." Speedy said, taking a seat next to Robin.

"Hey, bartender, we need a new beer here." Cyborg called out.

The bartender didn't waste any time and bought Speedy a drink.

Beast Boy looked around, a bit confused. "Where's Aqualad? I thought he was coming with you."

"Couldn't make it. He had a date."

Beast Boy laughed a little. "With who, Aquagirl?"

"Yeah, actually."

Beast Boy closed his mouth and took a sip of his drink.

"Where's Kid Flash," Speedy asked. "I thought he was gonna meet up with you guys."

"He couldn't make it," Robin answered. "He had Jinx related things to do."

"Damn," Speedy said, a little bit in disbelief. "There's something you don't hear everyday."

"What is it about this bar that gets the girls...you know..." Cyborg trailed off.

"I think it's the liquor." Robin said taking a sip of his drink.

"Yeah," Beast Boy said. "What is it they drink again?"

"Tequila." Cyborg answered.

"Man you guys are lucky." Speedy said.

"What do you mean?" Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy asked in unison.

"For starters, your girls come home drunk almost every week," Speedy said, a smirk on his face. "And I bet you guys have a lot of fun."

"It's not all fun," Beast Boy said. "I mean, you wouldn't believe the hangovers they get when they wake up."

"It's not all that bad when they wake up." Robin said, drifting off into a dreamy state of mind.

The others smirked. Looks like they just found something to talk about.

"Really, Robin," Speedy asked. "Due tell."

Robin snapped out of his day dream and saw the smirks of his friends. He mentally slapped himself. He had spoke to much.

"Nothing, I meant nothing," Robin snapped. "Just drop it."

"No way," Cyborg said, shaking his head at Robin. "You brought it up, so talk."

Robin groaned. How was he supposed to get out of this.

"Tell me something, Robin," Speedy began, a sneaky smirk was on his face and you could tell he was up to no good. "How is Starfire in bed?"

Robin choked on his drink. Speedy however continued to rant.

"I mean a chick like that, there's bound to be some good action."

Cyborg and Beast Boy laughed. Robin's face turned a deep shade of red, whether it was because of embarrassment or anger, no one could really tell.

"Would you shut up about my girlfriend."

"Chill, Robbie, we'll stop if you just answer the question." Cyborg said with a smirk of his own.


Robin looked down and the others laughed.

Beast Boy patted him on the back. "There, was that so hard."

"I'll tell you one thing," Cyborg began. "You're a lucky guy to have a girl like Star."

"Yeah, I guess I am."

"I'll say, you lucky bastard," Speedy said in a joking manner, putting a arm over Robin's shoulders. "I mean, just look at her. She has a fantastic body and huge-"

"Shut up," Robin yelled. "I already know she's beautiful. I don't need some pervert drooling over her."

"Hey, I'm not a pervert," Speedy said. "I just admire the female body."

"Yeah, but theirs more to Starfire then looks," said Beast Boy. "She's really nice to."

Robin smiled at this. Finally someone admired her for more then just her looks but for her personality as well.

"Thanks, Beast Boy."

"No problem dude. Just telling the truth," Beast Boy said. "I mean it has to be true, especially with all the crap you put her through."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means you don't exactly win boyfriend of the year," Cyborg stated. "I'm surprised she hasn't dumped your ass yet for the way you act."

Robin looked down at his drink, a depressed look on his face. Was he really such a bad boyfriend? Starfire hadn't complained to him about anything. Ever since they talked he tried to be a better boyfriend, spending more time with her and working less. Maybe he wasn't trying hard enough.

"Hey, cheer up man," Cyborg said, realizing that his words probably had cut deeper then intended. "It's common to make mistakes with your first girlfriend."

"Actually...Starfire's not my first girlfriend."

Beast Boy almost spit out his drink in shock. "She's not?"

Robin nodded. "My first girlfriend was Batgirl."

Speedy put a hand to his chin. "Batgirl...oh yeah! She's hot, not as hot as Starfire, but defiantly hot."

"Why did you two breakup?" Beast Boy asked, curious to know more about Robin's first relationship.

"I couldn't deal with it anymore. With Gotham, being in Batman's shadow. So I left and broke off all my ties with Gotham."

Speedy raised a brow. "I still don't get why you broke up with her."

"She wanted me to stay. She refused to understand why I needed to leave."

"Do you regret leaving her?" Beast Boy asked.

"There are days that I think about her, but then I remember how happy I'm with Starfire and I realize I made the right choice."

Their was a comfortable silence between them which Speedy interrupted.

"Yeah, well...Starfire had bigger boobs anyway."

Speedy, along with Cyborg and Beast Boy laughed. Robin decided to ignore his friends comment seeing how it was indeed true. He took a sip of his beer and looked over his shoulder. The pool table was empty.

"Anyone wanna play a game." he asked.

The others shook their head saying they came to drink, not play pool. Robin decided he would play a quick game. He got off his seat and made his way to the table. He grabbed a stick and positioned himself to make a shot. He closed his eyes remembering the first time he played this game.

He opened his eyes to find the bar empty, not one customer in sight. The bar was encased in a soft red glow. That's when he felt someone wrap their arms around his waist, pushing their body close to his.

"My, have you grown."

A slight smile crept on to Robin's face. He knew that voice any where. He made his shot causing all the balls to retreat in the holes. He put the stick on the side and lifted himself up, causing the arms to retreat from his waist. He turned around to face the one who was holding him a few seconds ago.

"Hello, Batgirl."

"Please, call me Babs," she said giving him a wink. She walked around him and sat on top of the pool table, crossing her legs in a lady like manner. Her eyes drifted to the pool table, then to him. "Still like pool I see. Do you remember when we used to play?"

"How could I forget, you were the one who taught me."

"And I still have lots to teach you." she said, pulling him by his jacket and bringing him closer.

"Babs...I can't..."

She shushed him by placing her finger on his lips. "Lesson one, always obey teacher."

She then put her lips to his in a lustful kiss. His arms immediately responded to her actions and played with her hair before wrapping around her waist. She deepened the kiss by opening her mouth to him. He complied. He leaned her over the table resulting with her on her back and him hovering over her.

"Lesson two," she began placing her hands on his shoulders and moving them slowly to the collar of his jacket before removing it completely. "Never wear to many clothes."

"Your one to talk," he said, a smirk on his face. "Lose the shirt."

"Hmm, my boy learns quick."

Without any hesitation she pulled off her shirt and his lips crashed down on to hers, pushing her back down on the table. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him as closer. He broke the kiss and rested his head on her shoulder, he could feel her breath on his ear.

She whispered in his ear. "Robin."

The sound of the stick hitting the balls was heard. All of the colorful balls on the table rolled into a hole. A perfect shot in the game of pool.

"Dude," Beast Boy's voice woke Robin from his trance. Beast Boy was clearly impressed by Robin's shot. "I didn't know you could play pool."

Robin put the stick down on the table and walked over to his friends, reclaiming his seat, a grin on his face. "What can I say, I had a great teacher."