A/N: Oh my gosh, I'm so ashamed

A/N: Oh my gosh, I'm so ashamed. I haven't updated in like forever. I promise that I'll try to update at least every couple of weeks now that I'm done with school! So- do you still remember what's going on in the story? Time to find out! If you've stuck with me, I don't even have enough Krispy Kreme donuts to thank you with!

Chapter 13: Did Someone Say Spicy?

When Jenna awoke the next morning, she laid in bed for a few seconds, thinking about the previous night. Wow, she thought to herself. She stretched and looked around her cubicle for something to wear, eventually finding a pair of jeans and a polo to put on. After this, she moseyed (A/N: I love that word!) into the kitchen in search of breakfast.

Stefan, Mona, and Cosmo were all sitting at the table. Stefan was reading the paper, while Cosmo and Mona talked in hushed voices. When Stefan saw Jenna he brightened.

"Доброе утро," he commented.

Jenna looked blankly at him, confused. "It means 'Good Morning' in Russian," he told her.

She smiled and went to pour herself a cup of sim-coffee. Taking her coffee with her, she made her way over to the window and looked outside. Stefan came up behind her.

"I guess we'll have to stay indoors today," he said in a dissatisfied tone.

Jenna sighed. Of course they'd have to stay inside- the smog outside was a reddish color. She didn't really feel like wearing a mask to go anywhere. She turned to Stefan. "What will we be doing today?"

Stefan frowned. "Honestly, right now I don't know what I want to do. Part of me wants to find Faustino right now and bring her down, and the other half of me wants to pretend this whole thing never happened."

Jenna put her hand on his. "Whatever you decide to do, I know it will be the right decision."

Ditto had woken up and was at the table. Mona and Cosmo were on the computer, playing a game. It's going to be a long day, Jenna thought.

"I think that I will go lie down to think to myself," Stefan announced to the group. The other supernaturalists acknowledged his comment with nods. As Stefan shuffled away, Jenna sank into one of the armchairs nearby, trying to think of what to do, but she soon fell asleep.

When Jenna awoke, she looked around, but the other supernaturalists appeared to be gone. Then she saw the note on the chair:


As you can probably see, the smog has

cleared up. Cosmo, Ditto, and I went to get

lunch; we'll bring you and Stefan back



Jenna yawned, rising out of her chair. So the smog had cleared- now they could at least go outside and do something! She decided to go see if Stefan was sleeping; he probably was.

She peeked around the corner into his cubicle- he certainly appeared to be sleeping. She approached his bed, but he didn't move. Hmm, Jenna thought, feeling mischievous. Time to see if he's a sound sleeper.

She crept over to his dresser, snatching up on of his shoes. She walked the cubicle's opening, and suddenly whipped the shoe at Stefan, hiding around the wall in the process. She peeked around the wall's edge; he hadn't moved!

This time, Jenna had a new idea. She stood by the side of the bed, counted to three…and jumped on top of Stefan.

He thrashed around wildly, not really having a clue, while Jenna fell off of the bed and onto the floor.

"Wuzzgoinon?" Stefan asked in a daze. He shook his head and saw Jenna lying on the floor. "What are you doing down there?"

Jenna put on a pout. "Trying to wake you up, silly. Which wasn't and easy task, I might add," she laughed.

They both heard the front door open and close. "Come on, the other three brought back lunch," she told Stefan.

He pulled her to her feet. "Lunch sounds really good right now."

They walked out of Stefan's cubicle and to the door, but all of a sudden stopped.

The other three supernaturalists weren't back after all, but someone else was.