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Disclaimers: If I owned Torchwood, I assure you, things would have been an awful lot different. Like the existence of Lisa, for example. Might not have happened. Though it did provide lovely Ianto moments...

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Ianto screamed in pain. It felt like his heart was ripping in two. Lisa...

Lisa was dead. Killed at the hands of the man Ianto loved, no less. And the only thing that hurt was that Jack had killed her. Not that she was dead. But that the man who hated him had killed her.

Jack wanted him gone.

In all honesty, Ianto had stopped loving Lisa before she turned into this cyber... cyber thing. But he felt a sense of duty. He should have saved her, kept her safe from those ...things... in the first place. Doing this seemed like the right thing to do.

But now - this was the end. The end of Lisa. The end of the job he loved. The end of his memories of Jack. The end of his ability to love Jack.

Jack would have to RetCon him. This made him curl into a tighter ball as sobs racked through his body.

Then, Jack's arms were around him, comforting him, protecting him. Ianto sobbed, begging Jack not to make him leave. Jack comforted him, promising not to, that Ianto would never be forced to go.

As his tears slowed, and eventually stopped, Ianto came to a conclusion.

Ends didn't have to be ends. They could also be beginnings.

003 003 003

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