Hello everyone. I know you probably want to kill me for Finality, if you even read it, that is, but I'm in quite a funk, so I going to write a one-shot/short ff until I can get out of this funk, which unfortunately doesn't consist of any thoughts on Finality. Tell me if you like it. Until later…Byes for now…

"Alice!" I whined. I'm so sick of being her mannequin.

"What?" she mimicked my tone, adding a perfect pout to accompany.

"I just want to go home. I'm tired of this. There is no special occasion, so please. Please?" I was begging now. I have no pride. I need to find some. I need to find Edward.

"Bella, goddamn it, I'm almost done. Stop wiggling. I swear to you it will only make me take longer…your bathroom seems to have gotten smaller," she commented, looking around Charlie's shabby little bathroom.

"Nope, you are just getting bigger," I smiled at her horrified face. "Just kidding. But, it can seem fairly small when you're in here for," I referenced my watch, "thirty-seven minutes putting makeup on a very opposing human." Sarcasm, one of better feats.

I looked up to her face and saw her roll her amber eyes.

A few minutes passed and I was growing even more impatient.

"Thirty-nine," I said, and edge working its way into my voice.


"We've been in here for thirty-nine minutes," I stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh darn. That means that you've been away from Edward for, what? Forty minutes?" Her sarcasm was way better than mine.

"Well, forty-two actually. Now forty-three. You forgot the drive over here," I smiled up at her, laughing as she pursed her lips, trying not to break down into giggles.

"Bella, I'm almost done, so just be quiet." I listened to her, but I still counted the time until we were finally done.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"And, done!" she finally exclaimed, putting an end to my misery.

I jumped up off the toilet lid faster than I though I was capable of and ran to my room, shutting and locking the door behind me.

"Bella, if I really wanted to, I could get into your room. There's the window, plus the fact that I could break your door down as if it were a piece of paper. I'm not going to, because I know you'll be out here in just a few moments anyway. Just thought I'd share that bit of information with you," she said in a pleasant tone from the other side of my door.

I got up and locked my window too. Why not humor her?

"Why do you think I'll be out soon?" I called, the curiosity getting the better of me.

"Because I'm here." I'd know that voice anywhere. Edward. I flew open my door and ran to his awaiting arms. He pushed me back a few inches to get a look at my face and his breath hitched.

"You like it?" Alice was behind us smiling, leaning against the railing of the stairs.

"Could you excuse us Alice? I haven't seen Bella in how long? Fifty minutes? No, fifty-one," he said with a lopsided smile.

"Not you too!" she exclaimed, rolling her eyes to the ceiling.

"Bye Alice," I said with a smile as I brought Edward's lips down on mine.

"Are you kicking me out?" she exclaimed, a touch of false hurt lining her tone.

"Yes," Edward and I both said in unison, smiling into our kiss.

"Well, fine. Have fun you two. Edward, don't do anything Emmett and Rose would do." And with that she left, humming to herself. Edward groaned and picked me up, slightly breaking the kiss.

I landed on the soft plush of my bed, and was swallowed up in a frenzy of passionate kisses and touches.

Well, that's it. I've been told that I was good at passionate scenes, so I just wanted to give you guys a very light, very small one, with a bit of added humor. Byes for now. Can't wait to get some reviews and work on the rest of Finality. Byes.

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