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This story takes place 4 years after the Sixth Hokage protected the village from an evil organization called Akatsuki. Here we tell the story of Sora who has lived her life in secret, and is only known by 3 people. So, let us begin: A Happy Birthday.

A Happy Birthday

"Happy birthday, Sora." Hinata was smiling as the small child opened her eyes. Child-like wonder filled those eyes instantaneously.

"Presents?" The child lips formed the words breathlessly, questioning if it were really true. "Presents…..PRESENTS! Oh mom, really? I really got presents?!?!" The little girl hopped up and down in anticipation. Even as she turned to see her mother, she shifted her weight from foot to foot, unable to stand still. Hinata chuckled at the sight.

"Why of course Sora-chan. It's your fourth birthday. Did you really think that you wouldn't be getting any presents?"

The little girl stopped hopping. Her forehead scrunched in concentration and she bit her lower lip, wondering if she should speak her thoughts aloud.

"Well…….."She looked up at her smiling mother, than stared at the floor. "I've never gotten a present before, so I guess I wasn't really expecting it." Sora's attention soon turned back to the present. She ran towards it, almost tripping over her own feet, in haste to reach it.

Hinata's eyes became dull. It's true. She thought. This is her first present. Even though she's young, I should've tried to buy her something earlier. Although it took an extra month's work of missions to buy her that gift I'm sure she'll love it…

"When can I open it?! Can I open it now!?!?!?!" Hinata's thoughts were interrupted by her daughter's pleadings. Sora stood hunched over present, just waiting for her cue to pounce on it. Her blue eyes were filled with excitement and anticipation. Her shoulder length blonde hair a mess after hopping so much. Hinata's frown disappeared.

"No one's stopping you, go ah…" There was no need to finish the sentence. Sora ripped the colored paper off the box vigorously.

"What can it be? What can it be! This present that I see before me!" Sora sang. The little girl hated when people didn't talk when there's someone else around. Silence is meant for solitude. "Mom………….this is…….. AMAZING!"

Sora carefully pulled the hard covered scrapbook from the box. "So many pages! It'll last me YEARS!" Her mother laughed.

"Knowing you, it'll last you weeks, if we're lucky."

"I will NOT waste my precious gift!" Sora cried, hugging the book to her chest.

"There's more than that Sora-chan…."

Sora's eyes widened. She disappeared in a furry of tissue paper.

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