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Story Summary: After an embarrassing incident at a poetry reading Raven is forced to confess a few things she has been keeping from her friends. Beast Boy is battling his own emotions during this and will get an unpleasant shock from one of Raven's secrets. Will things between them be ruined or can they both accept their new emotions (ok not the most original summary but give me a break it's my first try.)

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Chapter 1: A beast's anger

'This isn't happening. Not tonight. Not on the one night I bring them here' the grey skinned girl thought as her view darted form the stage to the booth she was sitting in. Her violet eyes looked at her friends' expressions as she tried her best to hold back her emotions. She looked to the stage where a young man was reciting a poem from an up and coming book he was going to publish. 'How could he?!?' Her emotions were now going crazy inside her mind and she knew this was very dangerous for everyone around her.

"Friend Raven, are you ok?" came a soft voice from beside her. She had forgotten for the briefest moment that her friends were there as she battled to control her emotions.

"I'm fine Starfire. Don't worry" she said trying to regain her usual blank expression and monotone voice.

"I see. Do you perhaps know this person who is about to read the poetry?" the orange skinned beauty asked, her green eyes filled with curiosity. This was her first time doing the "hanging out" with Raven somewhere that Starfire hadn't picked and she was eager to enjoy herself.

"Yeah Raven. You are looking paler than usual." jokingly said Cyborg as Raven shifted in her seat every time she saw the boy on stage begin a new poem.

"I'm fine!" snapped Raven trying to hold her emotions in check. 'He can't read the poem…he just can't….he promised' she kept repeating in her mind.

"Dude she says she is fine. Lay off. I'm actually enjoying this place. It has a peaceful feel to it. But I have no clue what that pale dude on stage is talking about" smiled Beast Boy trying to help Raven relax. He could see she was tense but he knew better than to pry too much into it. At least in public.

He had never been to the coffee shop Raven had suggested and he was pleased to see it wasn't as creepy as he had expected. It was scarcely lit but the whole place seemed to glow with eerie light from every corner. The large window in front of the shop was covered with purple and black drapes and they gave the window an unearthly yet beautiful look. The main floor of the shop had a variety of booths to accommodate anywhere from a couple enjoying a brief romantic moment to a group of ten people just there to enjoy the arts. It was crowded mostly with gothic teens and adults yet it felt as if anyone was welcomed. Raven once told the group that they accepted everyone there since they knew how bad it felt to be left out or ignored by others. There was a simple stage with a black curtain for a background. A microphone stood near the front or the stage and a tall black stool was placed next to it in case the reader of the poem didn't require standing. At that moment the stage was occupied by a pale young man. His hair reached his shoulders and was black as onyx which matched his clothes perfectly. He wore a long sleeve black turtleneck and a pair of black cargo pants which could barely hide his thin frame. In Beast Boy's opinion he wasn't just thin, he was down right scrawny but the girls at the shop were almost drooling staring at the man and they sighed with content every time he spoke. Beast Boy couldn't be sure but there was something familiar about him. And it was something he didn't like. He had begun to read some poems about thirty minutes ago and the crowd couldn't get enough of him. Beast Boy had heard him earlier bragging about some book he was going to get published soon and wanted to give his "preferred audience" a sneak peak and the poems he was going to include.

"Raven isn't he the guy you were..." Robin was about to finish his sentence until Raven shot him a death glare that made him swallow his tongue. He squeezed Starfire's hand tighter trying to shake off the fear that crept into his body. He and Starfire had been dating ever since they returned from Tokyo about six months ago and he had never been happier. She brought out the best in him and he had even formed stronger ties to the Justice League thanks to her encouragement. He smiled as he looked at Starfire's face. She was resting her head on his shoulders and she looked so cute starring at the poet on stage. She hadn't fully grasped the basics of Earth poetry and she was doing her best to understand. Just then he heard the poet announce his next poem and he saw Raven's skin turn even paler. 'She is terrified. What could scare her like that?' he thought. He heard the name of the next poem "A fragile sight"

"No…" Raven's voice trailed off as fear and panic began to take over her. 'That asshole! He said he would never share that with anyone. That it was his treasure and just between us.'

All the titans seemed in shock as the poem began. The young man began to describe a night of passion he had shared with his now ex love. He described in every detail of the girl's body. Every curve, every flaw, every feature. He gave vivid details of the girl's skin and how she quivered as his lips explored her body. He focused on how fragile she looked in his arms and how he had been the one to turn her into a woman. Everyone in the audience was entranced by the poem. The girls in the audience blushed deeply, bringing color to their pale cheeks while the guys in the audience all seemed to squirm as they imagined themselves in the man's place. The only faces that didn't show positive emotions where those of the five titans. Raven brought her hood up as tears began rolling down her cheeks. She wanted to phase out of the shop. She felt violated and betrayed. She wanted nothing more than to return to her room and never leave, but she felt as if her powers had abandoned her. For the first time in a long time she felt powerless and weak. She looked at her friends and saw how they were glaring daggers at the man on stage. 'They know he is talking about me…' she thought still fighting her emotions. With each passing verse they grew angrier as they had figured out who the man was describing as soon as he mentioned "grey skin". It was Raven. And now they were hearing every detail about her body and about one night she hoped to have kept secret.

"I'll kill him…" muttered Robin glaring at the man and felt Starfire squeeze his hand tighter as her anger rose. Her eyes had begun to glow green and she was clenching her jaw trying her best not to reduce the man to ashes. He glanced at Cyborg and saw him gritting his teeth and doing his best not to break the chair he was sitting on. His eyes moved to Raven and he noticed her cheeks were wet and though her hood was covering her eyes he could hear her slowly whimpering and crying quietly. 'Why haven't her powers gone off? Could something be canceling them out? With all those emotions going through her, she should have at least blown up something in the shop' He moved his eyes to where Beast Boy was sitting but his eyes grew in shock as he found the seat empty. 'Where did he…' his thought was cut short as he heard screams erupt from the crowd around them.

A growl silenced the screams as a green Siberian Tiger pinned the young man to the floor and began to bare its teeth. Beast Boy morphed back to his human form but still held the pale man pinned to the ground. "SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!" screamed Beast Boy before punching the man and leaving his nose bloody. "IF YOU SAY ANOTHER WORD I SWEAR I WILL RIP OUT YOUR THROAT!!" Beast Boy screamed baring his own teeth and wrapping his hand around the man's throat. "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY THOSE THINGS ABOUT RAVEN!! AND HOW DARE YOU REVEAL SOMETHING SO INTIMATE AND PRIVATE" continued Beast Boy before being pulled off the man by Cyborg

'Why is he doing that? Why is he so angry?' thought Raven looking at Beast Boy. Then she realized something: Beast Boy was crying just as much as she was. 'He is crying too…' thought Raven before everything around her went black.

"Raven!!" yelled Starfire catching her companion as she fainted. "Raven what is wrong? Are you all right friend?" she looked at Robin who had immediately taken out his communicator and was speaking to someone.

"That's right J'onn. We have a type "A" containment situation here. And…sorry for bringing the League into this…" he trailed off before hearing a gentle voice respond

"Do not worry. I will be there with Dr. Fate and we will take care of everything. Just make sure no one leaves" reassured the voice.

"Thanks J'onn. Ending transmission" Robin closed his communicator and looked towards his friends. Beast Boy was being held back by Cyborg but was still showing his rage, trying his best to escape his metal companion's grasp so he could continue to beat the now bloody nosed man's brains out. Raven on the other hand had fainted and was now cradled in Starfire's arms. "Cyborg take Beast Boy back to the Tower and calm him down as best you can. Star take Raven to the tower and make sure you take her straight to the medical room to monitor her condition." ordered Robin and without another word the teens were off. Starfire flew towards the tower with Raven in her arms while Cyborg threw Beast Boy into the T-Car and sped off towards the tower.

No sooner had they left when two figures materialized behind Robin. He turned around and greeted them "John. Dr. Fate. Thanks for coming"

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