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Chapter 13

"You aren't really thinking of going. Are you Rae?" asked a very nervous Beast Boy. The day had been hectic so far but this current event made it all the more troublesome. His eyes were fixed on the love of his life who was currently being fitted with a bullet proof vest, much to her dismay.

"I have to go Beast Boy." replied Raven with a hint of worry in her voice. 'I don't WANT to go…but I have to.' she thought before adjusting the bullet proof vest which was currently cutting off the circulation to her body. 'Damn it, why did I agree to wear this in the first place?'

"Yeah well I don't want you to go. It could be dangerous. Plus the guy is probably nuts right now and who knows what he could do." pleaded Beast Boy.

"I appreciate that you are looking out for my safety Beast Boy but I'm the only one he is willing to negotiate with. I will be fine." she reassured him.

"Well we can come up with another plan because I'm not going to let you go in there." added Beast Boy with a commanding tone.

"You won't LET me go!? Who the HELL do you think you are talking to!? I'm not a fragile little girl who needs protection from anyone. I've faced things that would make you wet yourself with fear." screamed Raven much to the surprise of a now cowering Beast Boy and the confused officers around them.

"But…but…you're my girlfriend…" stuttered Beast Boy trying to regain his original commanding tone.

"So what?! That makes me your property!? Let's get something straight right now Garfield: I won't tolerate any macho bullshit. If we are in a relationship then we are equals and if you can't accept that then we can end this relationship right now because I won't be anyone's property." added Raven still angry at Beast Boy's apparent possessive attitude.

"I don't think you're my property Raven…and I know you are one of the strongest Titans out there. It's just…" stuttered Beast Boy nervously.

"Just what?" asked Raven growing impatient with the green teen's attitude.

"I'm afraid of losing you…" softly replied Beast Boy. His expression had changed from fear to sadness so quickly that it surprised Raven. The dark teen smiled softly as she wrapped her arms around the green teen and rested her head on his chest.

"You won't lose me." she said softly, losing herself to the sound of her love's heart beat.

"I've never been lucky in life, my parents' death…the virus that made me look like a little green elf...heck every time I look in the mirror I get a reminder of my past." Beast Boy replied holding her close. The two teens stayed in their embrace in a calm silence. Their relationship had started off crazier than either would have thought but somehow it didn't matter at the moment, they were together and that was what mattered.

"Raven everyone is in place." interrupted Robin with a surprised look on his face. "The team is set up and the officers are in place. The negotiator told Joseph you were coming up to secure the release of the hostage." his expression turned a bit serious as his two teammates released their embrace. "Beast Boy I need to speak with you so hold up for a minute." he added before pulling the changeling aside and muttering something to him.

As the teens went their separate ways the crowd that had gathered behind a police barricade to see the heroes in action was left to question the meaning of the argument they had just witnessed between the jokester of the teens and the dark witch of the team. Truth be told the town was less than surprised when Robin and Starfire had been surprised by fans on a romantic outing as a couple soon after the Team's return from Tokyo. They seemed perfect for one another and were taken in as the city's new perfect couple. This new pairing however seemed to confuse most of the citizens.

"So the sweet, lovable Beast Boy is in a relationship with Raven? She so isn't his type." whispered a blonde teen to one of her friends.

"Yeah, I thought he like…was into blondes. That witch probably has him under a spell or something. It's Voodoo." replied the other blonde teen somewhat loudly.

"You wouldn't know Voodoo if someone stuck a pin in your ass." added a dark haired teen slightly appalled at the comments.

"Yeah they make a cute couple. Kind of like Ying and Yang." added an older woman with a smile.

"They at least look less sickening than Robin and Star. I mean those two look like something out of a fifties sitcom. At least BB and Rae look like a real couple." said a young teen boy with a smile. The gossiping of the crowd halted as the dark teen was about to enter the building. Raven and Beast Boy exchanged one final hug and to the surprise of their team, and the people around them, Raven pulled the green teen into a soft kiss before heading into the building. The rest of the team simply stared at the changeling in surprise. Cyborg walked over to the green teen who seemed to be a million miles away in a daze.

"What?" asked Beast Boy after snapping out of his daze.

"We have a lot to talk about when this is over." replied Cyborg with a small grin as he slapped the green teen softly on the back.

"Not really. But if Raven wants to then we will talk." added Beast Boy before returning his gaze to the building's entrance. Barely a minute had passed yet to the changeling it felt as if time was being slowed to an agonizing pace. A hand on his shoulder snapped the changeling out of his trance.

"You know the plan." said Cyborg with a serious expression trying to catch the changeling's attention once more..

"She won't like it." replied Beast Boy with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"I guess, but it's for her own good." added Cyborg with a smile. "But then again, we can always blame Robin and have her take out her wrath on him." added the metal teen turning his gaze towards the team leader. Robin was discussing the plan he had in mind with the police negotiator and having a tough time convincing the veteran officer to follow his plan.

Apartment Building: Inside

'Last time I was here things didn't go so well…' thought Raven starring at the door in front of her. She had reached Joseph's apartment much quicker than she had hoped. 'Might as well get this over with.'

'Be ready for anything. He is probably panicking.' commented Wisdom from within Raven's mind.

'Yes. The most logical thing to do is be prepared for anything." added Knowledge.

'Just rip him inside out and get it over with.' shouted Rage before being pulled back into her cave by a very annoyed Brave.

'I won't resort to violence unless I have to. Keep things ready for anything. I need all concentration I can get.' added Raven before retreating out of her mind. "Joseph its Raven." she shouted before the door opened to the apartment slid open slightly.

"Rae?" asked a trembling voice from the other side of the door.

"Joseph…Can I come in?" asked Raven opening the door slowly. She had already prepared a barrier in case Joseph tried to surprise her or catch her off guard. Stepping into the apartment her attitude changed slightly at the site she saw. Joseph was huddled in a corner of the living room, trembling while clutching the firearm he had used to take the hostage in the first place. A movement on the couch caught her attention, wrapped in a blanket was a young girl which Raven knew had to be the girl he had taken hostage. 'I have to make sure she is ok.' As she neared the girl something on the couch caught her attention. 'She is bleeding…this is bad.'

"I had to knock her out cold…she was panicking…" muttered Joseph seeing Raven examining the girl. "Is she ok?"

"Yes. She hasn't lost too much blood. She will be ok after I heal her." replied the dark teen while placing her hand over the girl's wound. As a soft glow enveloped her hand the girl's wound began to close and heal.

"Rae I need your help. I can't go to jail." pleaded Joseph as the dark teen finished healing the injured girl.

"That's why I'm here. Don't worry. Let me finish healing her." replied Raven in an emotionless tone. The glow around her hand intensified as she scanned the girl's body for any other injury.

"So where are we going then? I have family in England. If we can get there then there is no way the police can prosecute me." added Joseph while pacing nervously around the room. "Also I can still promote my book around Europe so I won't lose the money from the contract."

"What the hell makes you think I'm helping you escape?!?" shouted Raven angrily.

"Well you said that you were going to help me." pleaded Joseph. He had closed the distance between himself and Raven the moment he heard her angered voice.

"Yes I'm going to help you. But by making sure you hand yourself into the police without any incident." corrected Raven with a more annoyed tone.

"What?!? I thought you were going to teleport me somewhere safe. That is the whole reason why I asked to talk to you alone!" screamed Joseph

"Well if that is what you had in mind then you're screwed." replied Raven trying to calm herself. A shiver ran down the dark teen's spine as Joseph's hand caressed her cheek. The pale teen's expression had softened dramatically and now his face bore a soft smile.

"Please Rae. You're the only one that can help me. Please. You cared for me once…can you find it in your heart to help me?" asked Joseph in a soft and caring tone. His smile grew as the dark teen's expression softened. His smile lasted only an instant before she slapped his hand away forcefully.

"If you ever touch me again I swear I'll rip your limbs off and torture you until you beg for death!" growled Raven, her voice full of venom.

"Bitch!" screamed Joseph. His gentle caress turned into a forceful hit as the back of his hand connected with Raven's cheek.

The shock of the hit spun the dark teen around and left her slightly dazed. Her patience had just about run dry and now the effects of her anger where showing. Her eyes turned a shade of blood red as she turned to face her future victim. Her eyes met with a site they hadn't expected as the half demon starred at the gun barrel a few inches from her face.

"If you won't help me then I have no use for you. If I'm going to jail then at least I can earn some respect by killing one of the Titans." commented Joseph with a twisted grin.

Raven's eyes widened in horror as Joseph's finger tightened slightly on the trigger. 'I can't teleport in time or set up a barrier. What the hell can I do?' A scream of pain snapped her back to reality. Joseph staggered backwards as a large lump formed under his shirt.

"Damn it! What the fuck is this!?" he screamed as another wave of pain surged through his body before he could gather the strength to lift his shirt. His face shifted from pain to shock as he discovered the source of his pain: a large gelatinous green creature was attached to his chest. The creature released its tentacles form around the teen's chest and dropped to the floor. The creature's form shifted and morphed into the form of a green teen.

"It's called a box jellyfish. It's the most venomous creature on the planet. You have three minutes of life." replied Beast Boy, his voice full of anger. "I should add that those three minutes will be the most painful of your miserable life." his eyes turned towards the shocked expression of his fellow Titan. "Are you ok Rae?"

"Yeah…but…when did you get here?" asked Raven rather confused at the sudden appearance of the changeling.

"I got here a while ago. I came in as an insect and clung to your cape in case you needed me." replied Beast Boy stroking Raven's cheek where she was struck. "When I saw the bastard hit you I jumped on him and crawled up to his chest."

"So you followed me even when I told you I could handle everything by myself?" asked Raven with a slightly annoyed tone. The green teen shifted nervously in place before flashing his trademark toothy grin.

"I've never been good at doing what I'm told." he replied simply.

"I guess not." added the empath, wrapping her arms around the changeling and pulling him into a hug. "Thanks anyways."

"Anything for you Rae, now let's get the hostage and the jerk outside. There is an ambulance there waiting to deliver the anti venom to him." commented Beast Boy releasing their embrace slightly.

The dark teen allowed a small smile to grace her face before turning her attention to the unconscious girl on the couch. The changeling's grin faded quickly as he turned his gaze towards the spot where Joseph was lying only to find it empty. 'Where the hell could he have…' his thoughts were interrupted by the thunderous sound of two gunshots piercing the silence of the apartment. The changeling turned quickly towards the sound of the shots just in time to see Raven's body hitting the floor in front of him. Her cape covered her body as she hit the ground, the fabric absorbing the blood that escaped her wounds quickly. Joseph aimed his gun at Beast Boy. The green teen stood there frozen with rage, his teeth were clenched and bared as his rage erupted within him. A primal force within him growled and ached for blood and revenge. The poison was taking its full effect on Joseph and the teen could barely hold his aim. His finger squeezed the trigger and the gun let off another shot. Much to his surprise the shot pierced only the air as the spot where the changeling stood an instant ago was empty.

"I should have killed you when I had the chance worm." growled a feral voice from behind the pale teen. "Do not worry. I will not make the same mistake again." added the creature wrapping its claw around the teen's head. In one swift movement the Beast lifted the terrified teen into the air and hurled him towards the window. The green behemoth through the now shattered window in pursuit of its prey. The creature let out a terrifying howl upon landing on the ground and seeing its prey being protected by some familiar figures. Robin and Cyborg stood between the green behemoth and its intended target. They had assumed a battle stance the moment Starfire caught the falling body and were ready to attack whichever form or being emerged after it. The crowd that had formed since the beginning of the hostage situation erupted in screams of terror the moment the Beast had emerged from the building. The civilians weren't the only ones caught of guard by the sudden appearance of the Beast as the police officers currently at the scene couldn't decide whether the creature was friend or foe.

"Holy shit what is that?!?" screamed one of the rookie officers pointing his gun at the Beast.

"Everyone stand down until I order otherwise!" commanded the veteran officer trying his best to keep cool under the current development.

"Not this again." protested Cyborg aiming his sonic cannon straight at the Beast.

"Assume the worst case scenario. Raven is injured and Beast Boy lost control." shouted Robin to his team. "Starfire get Joseph to the ambulance and then fly up to the apartment and check on Raven. Cyborg, you and I will try to calm down Beast Boy before he goes too far."

"You dare protect such a worthless pest?!?" growled the Beast. Its voice pierced through the silence of the area frightening those who had never laid eyes on it. "Very well then, I suppose I will just have to kill you to get to him." it added with a sinister grin. "Pity, you had such potential." The Beast bared its fangs in anticipation before commencing its attack. In a split second it lunged at the Titans, claws and fangs bared and ready to strike anyone who stood in between it and the prey it was after. Its attack halted as a black tendril wrapped around its neck and stopped its attack.

"Heel!" commanded a voice emerging from a dark port. The darkness shot upwards and twisted into an all too familiar form. Four blood red eyes emerged from the darkness of the cloaked figure. "Calm yourself my pet. I would not have you taint yourself with the blood of such a worthless prey." added the voice, caressing the Beast's fur with another of its tendrils.

"As you wish my mistress." replied the Beast turning towards the dark being. "We should return to our normal forms. Your injuries have to be tended to."

"Very well. We shall play later my pet." replied the demonic form with a malevolent yet seductive smile. The darkness began to shrink, slowly returning Raven to her original form. Her cape was still bloody as her form finally shifted back to normal; her face had turned paler than usual and was drenched in sweat. As the adrenaline wore off her body began to feel the effects of the blood it has lost. The dark teen's eyes closed as the world around her turned dark. Beast Boy caught Raven's unconscious form before she collapsed on the pavement. He inspected her body quickly trying to find where the dark teen was wounded. His heart calmed slightly as he discovered where the two shots had hit. One of the shots had hit her directly in the chest but was stopped by the bullet proof vest. The second shot was the one that caused the bleeding, the bullet hit her right arm had gone straight through. The changeling cradled the dark teen's body close to his before lifting her up gently and carrying her over to the waiting paramedics.

"Cyborg, you go with Raven and make sure to assist the doctors anyway you can and Starfire you go with the paramedics attending Joseph, the moment he is out of danger have the police place him under arrest." ordered Robin before turning his attention towards Beast Boy. "What the hell happened up there?!?"

"Things got out of hand. Everything was under control until he managed to shoot Raven. He must have crawled out of site while I was checking to see if Raven was ok. When I turned back to get him I heard shots and when I turned around I saw Raven falling and covered in blood. I lost control after that." calmly replied Beast Boy. The changeling prepared himself mentally for the chewing out he was likely to receive from Robin.

"It couldn't be helped I suppose." replied the masked teen calmly. "There were no casualties…and the hostage is safe…" he added as he placed a hand on Beast Boy's shoulder. "Good job."

"Aw c'mon dude I did my best..." protested Beast Boy before comprehending what Robin had just said. "Wait…You aren't mad? You aren't gonna rip me a new one or throw me off the team or something?" asked Beast Boy completely confused by Robin's calm reaction.

"We all have our dark sides Beast Boy…and we all need to learn how to control them…" replied the masked teen. "For the next four months you will train with me an extra hour a day and you will meditate with Raven daily as well." added the masked teen as he turned towards the police officers and press to handle their questions.

"Wait…so you aren't sending me to Titan's East then?" asked Beast Boy trying to make sense out of everything the masked teen had just said.

"No. You won't be transferred. Even if I rarely say it… you are a valuable part of the team and a good friend." replied Robin. The masked teen could sense the smile forming on the changeling's face. "Also I don't want to be the one Raven takes her aggression out on when she reads the tabloids that will probably be filled with stories and rumors about your new relationship as a couple." he added with a grin before leaving the worried changeling alone with his thoughts.

Titan's Tower: Three days later.

"So the press still won't let it go huh?" asked Cyborg while frantically mashing buttons on his controller in an attempt to beat his previous high score.

"Nope. They been calling non stop looking for interviews and hoping to talk to them. Did you know there is a magazine called: 'Goth Romance'?" replied Robin before taking another sip of his morning coffee.

"Oh now that's just freaky." replied Cyborg before returning to his gaming.

"Well I think it is glorious. I cannot wait till Raven awakens so she can tell me all about how she and Beast Boy will begin the dating." added Starfire with a beaming smile. She was currently playing with Silkie while her most recent cooking experiment finished fermenting. Robin shuddered as a wave of stench hit him from the kitchen and he began forming a plan to get rid of the dish without Starfire noticing.

"You might think it's good but when Raven finds out she will be on a killing spree." chuckled Cyborg with a grin.

"Oh…so we should hide the articles from friend Raven then?" asked Starfire a bit timidly. "Then I must hurry before she awakens."

"Starfire what did you do?" asked Robin a bit worried at the alien princess' nervousness.

"I may have placed one or two magazines in her room…" replied Starfire with a nervous smile. Her smile faded as the lights in the kitchen exploded.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!?!?" came a shriek from within the Tower. The tower shook once more as another wave of energy caused most of the lights in the tower to disintegrate in a shower of sparks.

"I think she woke up and found the magazines…And I just remembered I promised to meet Bee at the movies so I better go and make sure I'm early." commented Cyborg before dashing out the door leading towards the garage.

The metal man's escape was just in the nick of time, the main doors opened and a very pissed off Raven stormed into the Common Room. Her eyes were glowing white and her hands held a magazine in a death grip. The cover showed a photo of Raven's demon form with a tendril around the Beast's neck with the words: 'Raven a Dominatrix?' as the title. The dark teen threw the magazine into the trash before turning her attention towards the masked teen who had not even moved an inch since the lights exploded.

"What the hell is all this?!?" shouted the dark teen.

"What did you expect? We are public figures. And your relationship seems to be the newest fad. Don't worry it will pass." replied Robin calmly before taking another sip of his coffee. "Also you have gotten several calls in the past three days. Lots of people want to interview you and Beast Boy."

"Three days?...Beast Boy!" shouted the dark teen. Tendrils of energy wrapped themselves around Robin's ankles as the possibility of Beast Boy's transfer donned on Raven. "Where is he? Did you send him to Titan's East? If you did you are in for…" Raven's threats were cut short as a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her into an embrace.

"You've been out for three days, I was taking a shower and he didn't send me to Titan's East." whispered Beast Boy softly into Raven's ear. The dark teen's anger seemed to melt away as the changeling's words sunk in. She turned and wrapped her arms around the green teen.

"Star I think we should let them be alone." commented Robin making his way towards the alien princess. "Lets go tell Cyborg the coast is clear so he can stop hiding behind his car." he added taking her hand and leading her towards the exit to the garage.

"Very well then." replied Starfire with a smile before exiting the room with Robin.

"We are in for a lot of attention now that we are together." softly commented Beast Boy. He smiled a bit as his eyes met with Raven's.

"Not really. I'll just send a few reporters to another dimension and soon the calls will stop." she replied with a soft grin.

"Hey telling jokes is my thing." interjected Beast Boy with a mock expression of anger.

"Maybe but you aren't very good at it." shot back Raven playfully. Her smile faded quickly as she rested her head on Beast Boy's chest. "Things will change from now on…won't they?"

"A bit. But change isn't always a bad thing I guess." replied Beast Boy in a comforting voice.

"I don't want to be hurt again…" muttered Raven softly, her voice showing a hint of fear.

"I would never hurt you Rae…" replied Beast Boy in a comforting tone before his lips pressed against Raven's. After a few moments their lips parted and the two teens pressed their foreheads against one another. "No matter what we face…I'll always be here Raven…I love you."

"I love you too Gar."

The End.

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