Gohan and Videl's Bachelor Parties

Hello all. Sorry I'm so late with the next chapter of "Tourney Nights." It will come, trust me; the same is true for "MST: Chrono Trigger Dimensions." In the meantime, though, here's this little story. It takes place sometime during Chapter 11 of "Time Passages." Enjoy!


Kami-sama's tower.

"Are you comfortable, Gohan?" That was Dende, the Namek that currently held the position of Kami.

"We're fine, Dende. Thanks for letting us stay up here." That was Gohan, the most powerful being on the planet. He and his fiance, Videl, were hiding from his mother Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi had a very personal (not to mention embarassing) question for the couple. And thus, until the wedding day, they had to retreated to the tower, where Dende was allowing them to stay. Gohan had saved the Earth on several occasions; it was the least he could do.

They had been up there for two days now. It was very nice, as one would expect the home of a so-called god to be. The date for the wedding had been set for twelve days from now.

Dende nodded and continued to pace around the perimeter of the tower, using his far-seeing abilities to try and detect any dangerous anomalies. His combination friend and servant Mr. Popo followed him.

Gohan sat back in his chair--the couple was sunbathing--and turned to look at Videl. She was smart, attractive, loving...everything he could hope for in a woman. And the knowledge that she considered him everything she could hope for in a man made it all the sweeter.

From behind them, there came a small cough. It suggested not that the cougher had a tickle in his throat or a chunk of food stuck in his esophagus, but rather they wished to make their presence known.

Gohan and Videl craned their heads backwards. The identity of the cougher was revealed.

It was Yamcha, wearing a grin. Yamcha was one of Gohan's father's oldest friends. He had once been a bandit, and while he had long since turned to good, he still possessed quite the roguish nature.

"Hey Gohan. Hello Miss Videl."

"Uh...hey Yamcha," Gohan said hesitantly, adjusting his sunglasses to see the older man better. "How did you find us?"

"Deduction. Once everyone knew you were gone, not to mention the reason you were gone, I figured you'd be among friends. The only ones that couldn't immediately be questioned by Chi-Chi were Tenshinhan and Chaozu, and Dende and Mr. Popo. Then I decided that the wastelands that Tenshinhan and Chaozu live in would be considered unsuitable to take the love of your life to. That left Dende."

"You're smarter than you look," Videl muttered.

"Not hard, I have to admit."

"Please, Yamcha-san, don't take us back to my mother! She'll kill us!"

Yamcha laughed. "I'd never dream of doing such a thing. I just came up to tell you that you're not getting off the hook, though."

"W-What do you mean?" the young half-Saiyan asked nervously, while Videl simply gulped.

"You have a bachelor party to go to on the night before the big day, Gohan. Miss Videl, you have a bachelorette party of your own."

The couple stared blankly. Yamcha took off into the air, and began to fly off.

"I'll tell everyone else I searched up here and didn't find you. But I expect you to meet me at my old desert place the night before; Gohan, you know where that is, you've visited before. See you then!"

He flew away, back toward the surface of the Earth. Gohan and Videl merely sighed, and consigned themselves to their fate.