Chi-Chi burst out the back door, with Goku following behind wondering what was going on. Seemingly not surprised by the huge mass of people, she yelled out, "WHERE'S MY SON AND THAT LITTLE HUSSY OF HIS?"

"I'm right here!" said Goten, hopping up and down so that he could be seen.

"I don't mean you, honey," she said sweetly, "I mean your brother."

Goten started to answer. However, Trunks could see what has about to happen and thought quickly. He stepped on his friend's foot, causing him to let out a cry of pain.

"Sorry about that. Hey, wanna play tag?" With that, Trunks took off into the air, Goten joyfully following.

"TELL ME!" Chi-Chi reverted back to her loud voice and directed it at everyone still on the ground. "WHERE IS GOHAN?!"

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about," said Yamcha. You had to have superb improvisational skills in order to be a bandit, and he'd kept those skills throughout the years. "We haven't seen him or Videl. They're still missing, remember?"

"Oh really? Then why did Maron in there say that this was Gohan's bachelor party?!"

"Heh know Maron...easily confused. This wasn't a bachelor party."

"Then why was she not wearing anything?"

"She was just showing us her dancing skills."

"By Kami-sama, you're her boyfriend! And you were OK with this?"

"Yes," he said, although this was far from the truth.

"Hmph. So tell me, what was the occasion for this party?"

"It's the birthday of one of Gohan's friends. We were hoping that he might come to this, so we brought everyone here just in case he did."

"And why is Piccolo sleeping in the building next door?"

"Well, he said something about using a new kind of meditation to try and find Gohan, but that with all of our large ki forces around, it was difficult and he needed some distance. It must just look like sleep."

Chi-Chi thought in silence for a moment, but couldn't find immediately find any holes in his story, though she knew he was making it up. She sighed.

"Oh well, I must have been mistaken. Anyway, our car broke down. Yamcha, you know how to fix cars, right? Can you help?"

He nodded and followed the couple back to their car. Fifteen minutes of poking under the hood later, he had it working again.

"There you go," he said as he slammed the hood down. "You might want to have a professional look at that soon, though."

"OK, I will," said Goku, who had taken the wheel. "Thanks for your help, and sorry for interrupting anything."

"No big deal. Seeya at the wedding!"

The look on Chi-Chi's face as they drove away was, Yamcha thought, priceless.


He returned to the large group.

"Well?" asked Bulma.

"I fixed their car. They're gone." Everyone began to breathe again.

"Now that the guests of honor are no longer here," he continued, "We may as well go home. Someone go tell the strippers we're done with them."

With that, he shot off into the sky and headed back to Capsule Corp.


Gohan and Videl landed back at the Tower. Their heads were beginning to throb. Dende welcomed them.

"Anything I can do?"

"Yeah," said Videl. "We don't feel too good. Mind healing us up?"

"I can do that." A few seconds later, the couple was feeling fine.


"Anytime, Gohan. The wedding is tomorrow, right?"

"Yep. Tomorrow at noon."


Goku had just finished changing into his sleeping clothes when he heard something coming from the kitchen. He looked in to see what it was.

Chi-Chi was crying.

"Is something wrong?" he asked, walking up to his wife.

She nodded. "It's Gohan," she said inbetween sobs. "I can't believe he's marrying that horrible girl."

"I thought you liked Videl. Didn't you say something about 'marrying into money' or something like that?" Goku had never figured out what she meant by that.

"That was before. Now I'm worried that she's just toying with him, and that he's just using her for...for...for some female company."

Even Goku was able to understand what she meant. "Chi-Chi, you've raised him better than that. He wouldn't do such a thing. Remember the Budokai all those years ago? Just before Buu came along? You remember how each of them reacted when the other one was nearly killed. I can't see that kind of thing happening unless they truly cared for one another."

She wiped the tears from her eyes. "I guess so. But it's not just that. Until he moved out, I hadn't realized how much I enjoyed having him around, and now I know that he won't be coming back. And it'll just be a couple more years before Goten starts getting interested in girls too. Then what?"

He placed a hand on her shoulder. "We'll see when that happens. But whatever happens, I'll always be here. Now let's go to bed. Things always seem better when the sun's up."


He turned out to be right. What in the darkness seemed to be the sundering of her son from her was revealed in the light to be two hearts in love joining together.

The couple turned up from wherever they had been hiding. Gohan showed up first. Then Videl; she was escorted down the aisle by her father Mr. Satan. Chi-Chi knew that he was as protective of Videl as she was of Gohan, so this must be right if he approved.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds talked to everyone during the reception, though they seemed to be avoiding her.

She didn't really care anymore about the personal question she had for them, but she knew that if she didn't try to ask she'd lose some of her reputation.

As she'd expected, and half hoped, they flew away when she tried to ask. Keeping up appearances, she yelled after them, but inside she was grinning.


Gohan and Videl arrived in their honeymoon suite at one of the best hotels in the world.

"We have weird parents," said Videl after they'd finished unpacking everything.

"That we do," said Gohan, drawing her close.

This isn't a lemon, so we'll draw the curtain of privacy and switch scenes.


When everyone from Capsule Corp. who went to the wedding returned, Yamcha immediately turned to face Maron.

"How could you do that? I cannot believe that all this time you never told me you were a stripper!"

"I told you that I was a dancer."

"I thought that meant ballet or something! Get out!"


"You heard me! Get packed and get out of here! Find an apartment. Hell, find your own house, I'll pay for it! But I don't want you here anymore! It's over!" Normally he would have been a bit gentler, but he was in no mood for that at the moment.

Maron packed and left. Yamcha, fuming, watched silently as she drove off. He turned around, to find Bulma, Vegeta, and everyone else giving him a standing ovation.

"What is this?"

"We're glad you finally got rid of that idiot," said Vegeta. Bulma frowned, but didn't correct him.

Yamcha growled in his throat, and stalked back to his room in silence. He sat on his bed for a few minutes, bitterly staring at the wall for a few minutes. Then someone entered.

"Hey Pu'ar," he said wearily.

His long-time friend, and floating cat shape-shifter, came up to him. "I'm sorry about Maron."

"That's OK." He rubbed his forehead.

"I want to show you something," she continued.

"All right, show away."

He'd been expecting her to show him a new shifted form that she could master, and he was right. He was, however, most definitely caught off guard by the actual form.

She had transformed into a stunningly beautiful woman who seemed to embody everything he'd ever wished for in a woman.


She was blushing. "I'm sorry, but I had to let you know. I've had feelings for you for a long time, but I never could get up the courage to tell you. Not until now. You looked so depressed that I knew I had to do something to cheer you up."

He couldn't say anything.

"If you don't feel the same away about me, just let me know." It sounded like she was about to start crying.

After a moment's pause, he spoke. "I don't. Yet. You've been my friend for so long that it's hard to think of you as anything else, but I'm more than willing to try. Want to do something on Saturday?"

She nodded enthusiastically, and her grin was wider than anything he'd ever seen.

"OK then, it's a date."

She transformed back into her normal form, and flew off. Yamcha shrugged. Why not? He'd take shape-shifter over airhead anyday.


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