What's That?

Authors Note:Ok, so my fanfic isn't goin to win an award or anything...but its funny, so its good. ((This idea really came to me in a dream, so don't blame me.

Summary: Well, Warrick finds something in his locker thats not suposed to be there, and well, Catherine finds it.

"My God, hard enough case?" Catherine said as she walking to her locker with Warrick. "Yeah, that guy was the last person we'd think of."

"Well, I had a feeling it was him the whole time!!!" Catherine teased. "Then why'd you just say that it was a hard case?" Warrick asked. "Well you know, I was kidding" She said and smiled, leaning on the locker beside Warricks. "Yeah, you keep telling your self that" He answered and chuckled, as he opened his locker. "Oh my God, what the hell is that...!!!!" Warrick yelled and backed away from him locker. Catherine looked down, and knew what it was imeaditly what it was, on acount of seening one saw so often in her past job. "Wow Warrick, I never knew you would do anything like that at work...?" She said, picking up what seemed to be a condum still in its packaging. "Wha...that...tha...thats not mine!!!" He answered, utterally terrified of what he found in his locker, that was not his. "Oh, come on Warrick... I found it in your locker, and its still not opened...hey...are u planing something...?" She asked him in her little playful voice. As she said that, she would move closer to him by the second. Now she was exited. "You know Warrick, if you want to tell me something, anything at all, all you need to do is speak up and I'll listen..." She said, so close to him that their noses were almost touching. Warrick looked at her wondering if she was about to do what he thought she was about to do. Then looked down at her hand to see if she was still holding the condum, while he was looking down, he noticed that she was loosening her buttons on her shirt. "Uhhhhh...Catherine...2 things...You know I'm married, and thats not mine..." Warrick said pulling away, from her. Just then, Greg happened to come in, seening Catherine falling, and Warrick backing away. "Oh, hey guys. You okay Catherine?" Greg said and went to go help her get up. As he did so, he saw that she was holding something in her hand. "Oh...uh, Catherine...where did u find that??" Greg asked Catherine, pionting at the condum in her hand. "We found it in Warricks locker, why?" She answered him. "Because...uhhh...thats...um...mine...you never know...when ummm...its gonna be your lucky day at work..." Greg said and ran out the room. "Oh" Catherine giggled. "Sorry Warrick, false alarm" she said as she laughed her way out of the room.