Dear Readers,

I've read many stories from this site and I have decided to write a bit of my own Twilight fanfiction. This story will be a Twilight remix with the story being in Edwards POV (point of view) instead of Bella's and will have a few different twists in the way of extra-curricular classes and activities. I am not Stephenie Meyer, I will never be her, nor will I ever write like her, so please don't sue me. Everything character-wise and setting wise, except for the few changes I make, are hers. As much as I would love to own Edward- I don't. I will try to release a new chapter of this each week, but I will need a ton of reviews to tell me if you like what I'm doing or not. If you hate it, tell me that (along with telling me why) and I may just change it to make it a little better within reason. Well, here goes my first chapter of The Absence of Sound is Nothing. Happy Reading!


P.S. Since this page is a random author's note, I figured that I'd give you a little heads up as to what's going on. The list below contains Edward and Bella's schedules in the wonderful Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight. The only difference is that in the real story Bella takes Spanish instead of French and to make the schedule logical, in my mind, Edward's second block is English and Government is moved to the third block… The major change is French for Bella since I know French and I honestly can't see any difference to the story if we're in Edwards POV with Bella learning French… After school on certain days may be a bit different, but I won't release such info now… That you'll have to wait and see…

Edward's Schedule

1) Calculus
2) English
3) Government
4) Gym
5) Biology
6) Spanish

Bella's Schedule

1) English
2) Government
3) Trigonometry
4) French
5) Biology
6) Gym