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March 20, 2007

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Summery: Kagome lives in hotel Double Tree. At she's the jock that everyone sees her as a friend but not much more. She has a weird way of living with her changing moods. She meets a certain cold youkai who allows her to room in his suite due to nasty events. Soon, she's now his pretend soon to be mate and everything is just about crazy and learning new this outside of school is never really fun.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, the I-pod nor do I own the hotel double tree

Chapter 1: "Running to feel light

Kagome and her twin, Kikyo, got off their school bus and headed home. Their walk was silent as was all the walks they had together. They didn't exactly like each other, and to avoid confrontation, they kept quiet when they were around each other. They weren't that opposite but their minds were in two different places.

Kagome was a jock, and everyone liked her. She was the nice well known twin but then again she was the kind of person that you wanted as a friend not as a date. Kikyo, on the other hand, was a cheerleader, not the captain though, and was the girl the girls wanted to be and the girl the boys wanted to date, and sleep with. Though she didn't do it on purpose, she was pretty much a smart slut. It was an odd combination.

Kikyo was smart when she wanted to be and Kagome was just as smart, but everyone knew that. Kikyo kept her genius mind to herself and family.

The two brown eyed, raven-haired girls walk to the spinning door of Hotel, Double tree. "Hey, Jeffery," the twins greeted the door handler. "Good afternoon, Higurashi " Kagome pushed the door to the side but Kikyo stayed outside. Kagome rolled her eyes knowing that her sister had paused to flirt with Jeff, like she did everyday. Kagome went to see her best friend Sango on the other side of the counter.

"Sango, guess what." Kagome questioned.

Sango looked up from her magazine to see Kagome in gray sweat pants and two wife beaters, one she wore while the other was around her neck. Her hair was in a high ponytail and it looked like she was sweating earlier. "Um, you made the track team?"

Kagome looked at her friend oddly. "Yeah, I did. Who told you?"

"It was just a wild guess." Sango replied.

"Well…" Kagome launched into babble about the tryouts and the cuts and how hard it was, more blah.

Then HE caught Sango's eye. He walked looking hot in his Armani Suit and matching black brief case and gator shoes. He fixed his tie and took a right from the steps in front of the elevators, and began to walk up to her. Kagome continued to babble on and Sango was officially drooling.

"Sango," He stated as he stopped in front of her.

He said my name! How sexy was that? Sango thought, oh wait, I have to say something! H-hi Miroku," And then he smiled. Sango felt like she was just melted in her shoes.

"It's been awhile, how is private school life like?" He questioned.

Sango smiled her most dazzling smile. It was at this time Kagome decided to stop talking to air and watch the other two.

"How nice of you to ask, Miroku, but you wouldn't want to know. My life is quite boring."

"Oh the contrary, dear Sango, I want to know." He stated in response.

Oh man! I'm a 'dear!' So far…" And they went on like that, going back and forth, having a conversation.

Kagome was feeling dizzy following them left and right. She gave a sigh and headed toward the elevators. The elevator slid open, and she stepped in holding her yellow backpack and big duffle bag. She turned to face the elevator doors and she saw a tall man. She tilted her head and realized that it was the new boy from history class. He turned and their eyes met for a moment but the elevators door slid shut.

--Floor 16--

She went down the hall and slid the card through the little pocket thing on the handle.

"Ma, I'm home!" She called as she closed the door.

She heard a faint sound coming from behind the bathroom door, "What about Kikyo?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "She's with Jeff, and I'm fine thanks for not asking."She dropped her things on the ground near the suite's door. She

walked farther into her mom's/living room. She sat on the couch that was a little to the left of the room and in front of it was a television.

Behind the couch was a little area to walk down but her mother's bed was there taking up space. She grabbed the remote and flicked the television on, but as soon as she did, the door busted open.

"Ma, I'm home!" Kikyo called as the door closed behind her. Kagome gave another roll of the eyes and the voice raised the volume on the TV.

"How are you sweetie?" Her mother came out wearing a white robe and a towel around her hair. Kagome face turned into a sneer as she turned up the volume again.

"Oh mom, the Tashio's are here!" Kikyo squealed and raised her already short cheerleading skirt, and Kagome's eyes rolled again as she raised the volume once more. Kikyo walked to her mother who was behind the couch in front of her bed. "Mom, they are the hottest and the richest and I heard that their dad might buy the hotel." Kagome decided to lower the volume and pay attention. "Miroku's dad is saying no but the Tashio's can merge."

Kagome turned in her seat so she can look at them. Her mother was in deep thought. Their mother, Sora, was the top chef in Double Tree restaurant. Since she was employed here, she had the option to stay for free and she took the chance. If Double Tree got a new owner, she didn't know where they'd be staying here or not. "Mom they are hot! Did I already say that?"

Darn, short attention span. Kagome rolled her eyes when her mom smiled and the two began a conversation about the top hottest rich person. Her mother was sort of an older and a little more mature version of Kikyo, but sometimes Kagome felt she had to take care of both of them. The two jumped on Kagome's mother's bed and continued talking.

Kikyo slipped into a conversation on meeting Sesshoumaru at lunch.

And Kagome rolled her eyes for at least the hundredth time that day. She got up from the couch and walked out of the suite to go down to the lobby. Miroku and Sango were still chattering away and Sango's cheeks were as red as blood. An angry old woman was standing at the counter and watched Sango and Miroku going on, she let out a growl and walked away. And she decided this was another time when she could have rolled her eyes, and she did. She walked to the hall, which was at the left of the elevators, and went down to the last door that brought her outback, outside.

In front of her was a beautiful sight. A 100-yard track field laid there. To the right was a tennis area with many tennis courts and to the left were volleyball courts. The pool was a roof on the 12th floor.

She pulled her I-pod out from one of her pant pockets and an I-pod athletic pouch. She attached the pouch to her forearm, turned the I-pod on and slipped it into the pouch. She stared at the track's distance, nodded and went on. Right step she inhaled left step she exhaled. She went like she was flying. The wind around her held her and pushed her all at the same time. She felt one with the wind. All the while she had Green

day blasting in her ear.

-- Floor 29 --

Sesshoumaru Tashio went to his suit on the 29th floor, the second top floor. His brothers, Inuyasha and Shippo, were in the room to the right of his. Rin, his little sister, was with her father on the highest floor, floor 30. Sesshoumaru entered his room and first saw the bed, which happened to be king sized. Across from it was a chair with a coffee table sitting in front of it. There was a couch to the side that had a television in front of it. To the right of the bed were sliding doors, which indicate a closet, and to the left was a door lead into the bathroom.

He threw his bag onto the bed and looked out the window that was across the entire wall the bed's headboard was set on. As he looked out the window, he saw a girl when he looked down. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail and she was running around the 100-yard track field. His golden eyes widened. She never did break her stride. She was quick and beautiful. She was doing the turn and he saw her face. Her pink lips matched her pink check from running. I've seen her before, He thought. Yes, I saw her in class. What was her name? He gazed at her. She was going around again now but then she stopped and stared at something black, rectangular, that was on her right triceps.She pulled out a little white thing and yanked out a wire.

Sesshoumaru believed that the headphones were the things that popped out of her head when she yanked the wire. She looked around and did a tad shiver but turned, walked and disappeared from his view.

Sesshoumaru thought of her even seconds after she was gone before he decided to meet her. He ran out and went to the elevators. When he got down looked about the lobby and saw that the girl was already gone. He released a small sigh and relaxed his tension. He shook his head and headed back to the elevator.

A man wearing a nice suit walked in and pressed the number 16. He looked up and they gave each other small nods to indicate that they had realized another presence. Once they reached the sixteenth floor, another small group headed in. The man wearing the nice suit went out. Just as the crowd cleared out, the door began to close.

That's when he saw the back of the girl. She had the headphones back in her ears and he watched her butt sway. The backs of her arms were glistening from the sweat and her behind looked enhanced in the sweats. Through the wife beater, he saw the outline of her sports bra and just gazed at her going up, and down. She was a little tall but mostly legs, beautiful, fine legs. Her head bobbed to whatever she was listening to. He was so mesmerized, when the door slid shut, it jerked him back to reality and he growled in frustration, he forgot to walk out and ask for her name. But then up they went.

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