Hotel Kagome

Fan fiction

July 28, 2007

Summery: Kagome lives in hotel Double Tree. She's the jock that everyone sees as a friend but not much more. She has a weird way of living with her changing moods. And then she meets a certain cold youkai who allows her to use a room in his suite due to nasty events. Soon, she has to pretend to be his soon to be mate and everything is just about crazy and learning new things outside of school is never really fun.

AN: I'm am going under edits, and writing other stories for when this is over, you have something to read before I start the second story. And the fact that my sister is forever, on the computer, I never get to go on!

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Home Sweet Kagome

Kagome stared at him for a minute before leaving the room and heading to the lobby. Of course she first had to tell Sango. She headed down stares and remembered it was still early. Instead she went to the man at the check in/out counter. "Hey um, you."

"My name is josh." She stared at him. "Right, sure um is Sora Hi- I mean Toshiba still her suite or did she leave?"

"I can't revile that-"

"She's my mother,"

"Then shouldn't you know is she was there or not?" Kagome narrowed her eyes at him. Yes she could have just gone back up stairs and tell her mother but why bother. She grabbed him by the collar pulling him of the counter, "Tell me."

"I-I-I'll call security." She smirked.

"Go ahead, new meat." She told him. Yeah, he was new. She hadn't seen him before, or maybe he was the morning manager. She wasn't sure. He pressed a red button that was before covered with a piece of wood that blended in with the desk. In a matter of seconds two large security guards were standing behind her.

It was the manager's turn to smirk. She let him go and turned. "Hiten! Ginta! Long time no see!" She gave them a smile and they gave it back to her.

Of course, 'Josh' was feeling lost. "What's the problem here Kagome?" Hiten asked. She frowned and motion to 'josh.'

"All I asked was if my mom still in her suite and he didn't tell me, so I got mad." She said.

"Aw, well Kagome you do have that temper problem but I'm sure that if you ask him now, he'll tell you." Ginta told her. She nodded and turned back to Josh with a smile and he had is mouth wide open.

"Is my mother still in her suite?"

"U-um, yes but she is planning on leaving in a few days to a near by house." Kagome nodded but was a bit confused, there was no near by houses. "Thank you, and thank you two, too!" She smiled at the two guards before heading to the elevator she spoke, "Oh and I'll be gone for a while make sure you spread the word, tomorrow. Not today, some people might get mad they didn't hear it first." She smiled. And they nodded.

She went to the elevator. She then realized what she was wearing, "shoot, how embarrassing." She went to her old suite. "Hey, mommy." She said with a smile and the suite's door wasn't even open yet. The door flew open and there stood her mother. "Hey ugly." And she hugged her daughter.

"What's up?" She asked and pulled Kagome in. There was boxes every where apparently the bed her mother slept on wasn't her mother's but Kikyou's bed was and it was all packed up and resting on the wall next to the door. However, her mother's bed was gone.

"I hear you're leaving soon. Where are you going?" Kagome asked and watched her mother who still had sleep in her eyes sit on the couch. Kagome laid her back on the standing bed.

"Well, there is a beautiful mansion where your brother lives, Kikyou and I were heading there. Did you want to come or are you having way too much fun with your hubby?" Her mother did a bitter laugh and turned her head to look at her daughter. Kagome had her hands across her chest and goodness it looks as if she hadn't changed from her sleeping garments with hair unruly and ghastly clothes.

"And what are you wearing?" Kagome looked down at her clothes. "I am wearing cotton granny underwear and a long knee length orange shirt. Not to mention that I am not wearing shoes. What are you wearing?" Her mother chuckled and Kagome sat next to her. "I'm going to live with Sesshomaru in someplace of the Yale university campus, or something, for a month."

Her mother stared at her. "I am wearing a green robe that cover's my green lingerie."

"Mom, didn't you just hear me?"

"I heard you. You're leaving again. A part of me wonder's if it's me you can't standing. You never did like staying home. You were always out and you always wanted to go to sleepovers, never having one yourself. I don't understand. And who really is this Sesshomaru? I hardly know him and yet you're going to parties with him, staying with him, sleeping with him!"

"Huh, how do you know about that?"

"So it's true! Have you been using protection?"

"O, o! ew, when I say sleep with him I mean just sharing the bed. And how do you know about that?"

"The entire staff knows about it. When I was getting my last check the new chef was spreading the word. Turns out her name is Collette, some short Hispanic woman with long black hair."

"Since when is Miroku Toshiba my brother?" Kagome asked registering what her mother said earlier.

"Don't change the subject dear. I-"

"Blah, that's all I wanted to say. I'm leaving for a while. Tell Kikyou."

"If I don't allow you…"

"You don't have that power of me mother. You disowned me long ago." She said with a smile and left with her mother gasped behind her.

Her mother couldn't believe Kagome remembered that. It was so long ago.

Kagome went back up to her suite. She went in to see Rin jumping on the bed and Shippo watching her. "You're going to fall and hurt yourself. Now get down!" Kagome spoke higher then she usually did. Rin jumped down with a giggle and went to the television where Shippo was now heading, neither saying a word to her as if her there presence was all the greeting she needed.

She entered her room and took her cell phone from its charger calling Sango.

"Yeah," She heard on the other said of the other side.

"Hey, babes."

"Kagome? Hey you. Did I tell you? I had such a great time with Miroku thank goodness you didn't come with me!"

"Really, how was it?"

"Well, surprisingly, Miroku was a total gentleman."

"That's great but I have a bomb to drop."

"O man. You're moving aren't you?" Sango hit the 25 right next to bull's eye. "I'll only be gone for a month and I'll stay with you for the rest of the summer, if you like, before I'll move in with that woman called Sora."

"That's fine, but then I don't forget, I'm leaving too for the contest that Miroku invited me to join."

"When did you tell me this?" Kagome questioned taking a seat. "I told you yesterday, babes but you was just talking about that warm feeling you had every time you woke up. By the way what was it?"

"It was Sesshomaru; he's been sleeping with me."

"What! It's true! My little girl is growing faster then me!"

"Ew no, and where did you hear this? And so help me god if you heard it from-"

"E! News, really they had a picture of u and Sesshomaru together on the bed in the middle of the night." Kagome froze and her phone fell out of her hands. How the hell did they get a picture like that? Sango drone on about a video they played as well.

Kagome ran to the front where the kids were watching television and she looked at the bed to see Sesshomaru lounging on the bed. She looked at him and he looked at her. "What?"

She made a motion with her hands telling him to stay silent, and looked. She looked around and noticed something very small on the back of the couch. It was being covered with a cover Kagome had placed on the couch to have a more homey look to the suite. She stayed to angle walking to it side ways like a crab.

She slowly went to it and Sesshomaru watched her every move. She swatted it. Like the bug it was. She hit it. And it hurt. The swat didn't do a thing but hurt her. She raised the cover and there was a small black square. She took it and saw a lens. She looked at Sesshomaru and he was getting angry.

"I never like E! news." She said and destroyed the fly on the wall via her foot.


Obviously Sesshomaru reported them and they lost a lot of money and Sesshomaru received it and eye rolls from Kagome. The rich just got richer.

Later that day Sesshomaru left and she was alone with the kids. "Did you all pack?" The responded a no together. "Well hop to it."

They packed and of course Kagome had to help spending hours on them before realizing they had not eaten.

"Who wants potatoes?" They groaned and she pulled out the service phone near the bed. "French potatoes." They cheered knowing that meant French fries.

Later that day Sesshomaru still had not come and Kagome got them ready for bed. The next day they were going to leaving, something Kagome grew a habit of. She was here for to long anyways.

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