I'm sorry. I know it's been years since I've posted anything. Lots of things have been happening, and I just couldn't think of what to do next. Plus, I hadn't played in forever, so I didn't remember everything that was in the game. Unfortunately, this one's not that long, either. Not much happens and it's not overly funny, but at least I've posted something. Please enjoy.

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Mystere's Quest for Pixie Sticks - Part 3

Ronfar walks up as Mystere walks out of the store. "An oar? You sure?"

"Of course an oar, what else could I possibly use?"

"Well, you did make a raft out of Twinkies."

The two men stand in awkward silence.

"Silence! I must get underway!" He throws his cape back and marches off.

Ronfar follows.

The two of them get to where the Twinkie raft had been. A number of wild animals had found the package of Twinkies and were making a meal out of them.


The animals scatter, leaving growls, screeches, hisses, and other unhappy, animal sounds behind.

Mystere cradles the bag, on the verge of tears. "I didn't even get to christen it!"

Ronfar sighed. "You do know that there's a boat out behind the house, don't you?"

"…There is?"

"Uh, yeah…you know, village by the water and all."

Mystere sprang to his feet. "Why did you not volunteer this information sooner?"

"Never came up."

Mystere and Ronfar finally get the boat from the backyard, into the water.

"Finally!" He points off in a random direction.

Ronfar looks off to where he is pointing.

"With this vessel, I'll finally be able to set out and locate you more pixie stix."

"Great." He claps Mystere on the back. "Now get going." He walks away.

Mystere frowns. After checking over all of his supplies, he embarks and rows off into the distance.

Ronfar walks into the house.

"Oh! Ronfar, did Leo already leave?" Mari asks.

"Yeah, he just took off; why?"

She holds up two boxes of pixie sticks.

Ronfar's eyes go wide.

"I found a bunch of boxes in a closet."

Ronfar runs to the closet to see. He pulls open the door and finds several boxes of pixie sticks.

"I was going to tell him not to bother going to get any more."

"Eh, by the time we get through these, we'll need more, don't worry about it, he'll be okay. …Wait…"

"What is it?"

"…When did we get a closet…?"

Yeah, probably not worth the very long wait, but that's part three. Sorry it wasn't very long or that funny, but thanks for reading. Please review and let me know if you have any ideas for future parts.