Sora brushed at his hair, and looked at himself in the mirror, just thinking about things when a small fish swam in.

"Sora! Sora!" it sang out.

"Donald. How happy I am to see you!" Sora smiled cheerfully at his friend.

He leaned forward towards the fish. "I really want to go visit Goofy today! I found some new stuff while I was out by the sunken ship."

Sora couldn't speak informally in a public area such as the castle, so words such as, "Wow!" and "No way!" and even "Shut up." Couldn't be uttered quietly.

"B-b-b-ut, Sora! Your dad will be really, really mad if he finds out!" Donald told him, a little too loudly.

"Mad about what?" A rather large crab entered the chamber and looked at the young prince.
"Ugh..Axel…" Sora rolled his eyes.

"Come on kid. Tell me." It pressed.

"Uhm…" Sora knew the urchin would tell his father, so he came up with something quickly.

"We were gonna, ahem, going to the coral gardens and uhm…pick some sea flowers…" He said slowly.

"Well then, that's nothing to be angry about, now is it?" Axel narrowed his eyes.

"Ehh….No?" Sora swam out of the room quickly and made his way to the surface.

"Goofy! Goofy! Where are you?"Sora shook out his hair, and looked around for the small island.

Finally spotting it, he yelled louder, "Goofy! Look what I've found!"

"Uh, huyuck!" Goofy flapped his wing, "Come on over Sora!"

The two sea creatures swam their way over to the bird, who was currently pecking at the sand.

Sora dumped the contents of his bag on a rock.

"What do you call these?"

"Hmm...Well..." Goofy pondered over the items.

"This one is uhh...a ...Garlneff!"

"Goofy...You said that about the last thing we brought you." Donald looked disapprovingly at the bird.

"Uhh...I did? Huh yuck." Goofy laughed and began pecking at the sand again.

The two friends looked at each other.

"Uhm...Nevermind Goofy. How about this one...?" Sora held out what we would call, a candle stick.




Sora was growing impatient.
Goofy went back to his sand.

Donald sighed and splashed back into the water.

"Thanks anyways Goofy." Sora jumped back in, a little dissapointed.

Sora and Donald swam back to the castle and into the front room,

where they were greeted by a not so happy father.

Sephiroth glared at his son.

"Yeees...?" Sora batted his eyelashes.

"Where have you been this past hour? Not on land I hope..."
Sephrioth swam closer.

" Why do you ask?" Sora looked down.

"Oh, don't worry your Majesty! We were just visiting the seagull!" Donald smiled gleefully.

There was a silence.

"Sea...gull...?" Sephiroth stuttered, disbelievingly.

"Nice going." Sora elbowed the fish.

I DON'T EVER! EVER! EVER!!!! WANT YOU GOING ON LAND! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?" Sephiroth raged, waving around his triton.

"..." Sora swam as fast as ever out of the room and into his own. Donald followed quickly.

Sephiroth sighed and shut his eyes.
"That boy..."

END! Continue to chapter 2!