Whenever we see Harry's world, we usually see it through his troubled eyes, through a glass, as the saying goes. Sometimes, a tiny scene will stand out, a single image of such perfect clarity that the reader is breathless with wonder. These scenes do not merely beg the question – they entreat, plead, and grovel for it, desperate to have an answer. Glimpses is an attempt to answer those questions.

The scenes you will read are disjointed, based on snap-shot moments from the books, written in the first person point of view of another canon character. These moments freeze in the mind of the characters, some with breath-snatching beauty, some with heart-rending sorrow. They are moments that are, in a lot of ways, what we truly love about the Harry Potter universe, and these still points are meant as a tribute.

I am not JK Rowling. I am a street busker, piping her music from a tarnished flute, borrowing her melody for a while to trace a little harmony around some of its measures for the joy of those who love the symphony she writes.

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