Vice City Troubles

Vice City, Florida... The largest Cocaine dealing syndicate city in the United States. My father Sonny Forelli of the Liberty City Forelli Mafia, the second to largest Mafia family in Liberty City. You may wonder how I know so much about Vice City. Well... I was there, I watched Tommy Vercetti take Vice City by force.

My name is Selena Victoria Forelli, Well... Hopefully Mrs. Selena Victoria Forelli-Vercetti. I know... a big laugh huh? Well I'll tell you my story.

The year was 1986 and business was booming for my father, I don't know how many conversations I had listened into that was Mafioso business. But business was good, until someone told my father that Tommy Vercetti was getting out of prison, I didn't know what to say or do. My father for some time had been looking to expand our power southward. When I got found out, my father smirked and sent me down there to meet with the local drug lord "Mr. Coke" Ricardo Diaz...

I knew then, my father had a death wish for me. Since my brother Joey, was killed by the Leone family for infiltrating their hideout and stealing their high powered rifles. Father hasn't been the same. Mother died from father, she was assassinated for going to the police and telling them the date of a illegal weapons deal. But anyways; Tommy Vercetti was sent down to Vice City, and so was I.

My father set up Tommy along with the help of Diaz, as you can tell I was never close to my father... I hated him. I went down a few weeks later, I went into hiding in Liberty City, after my father told me to head to Vice City, well when I left I saw one of my fathers men carrying heat. I left and never looked back.

When I arrived in Vice City, I went to Sunshine Autos and purchased a new car, hey... I had money hidden in my Condominium.

Well I bought a brand new blue Cheetah sports car. It was better than that piece of shit Admiral that I had in Liberty. I loaded my suitcase that contained my major necessities, a picture of my mother, Joey and I, and more cash which I needed to stop at a bank to deposit. The only good thing that my father ever taught me was as soon as you get your money, deposit it.

I went to the local bank El Banko Corrupto Grande, and deposited my money, well I had enough to buy a place of my own on Starfish Island. Right beside the bridge heading to Washington Beach.

Well guess who's mansion was caddy cornered from mine? That's right, "Mr. Coke"'s himself, Ricardo Diaz, or so I thought. I decided to make a visit after I made a trip to acquire a small pistol, a Colt actually. I'd do what my father had done previously; use my surnames power and intimidate the fucker. Well I drove to the mansion after leaving Ammunation and I pulled in the driveway, and geez louise! This man had pristine landscaping and one HELL of a view of the ocean!

I opened the car door and stepped out, smoothing my skirt, well... my father's associates always said I had the legs and curves like my mother. Opened a couple more buttons on my blouse, hey! It was a hot day! I walked to the doors of the mansion and entered. What I saw made me cringe, pizza boxes, wine glasses, beer bottles, and garbage bags litters corners of the entrance hall. Obviously this man was a slob, or his men were... Then I looked to the right side of the doors and I saw a shovel, a damn shovel! I knew I was in deep and I hid my gun deeper in my purse.

A man in a hawaiian shirt saw me and shouted, "What in the hell are you doing in here?!", I of course jumped in response, damn me and my sharp tongue! "Looking for Ricardo Diaz you prick!!! Where is he?!" The man pointed an Uzi at me! I dove my hand into my purse to get my Colt to blast his ass away, until another man shouted, "HEEEEY ITS MR. V!!!"

Mr. V? Who in the fuck is that!? I looked up and saw a dark haired man wearing a cheesy blue Hawaiian shirt came walking down the stairs, "Lower your gun Ricky.". After the man with the Uzi, dubbed 'Ricky', lowered his gun, I watched the man in the blue shirt closely. The man turned his head and faced me, "Who are you and why in the hell are you in my house?!"

I glared at the man, the nerve of this prick! "I asked your fucking dickhead of a friend, where's Ricardo Diaz!?" The man in the blue shirts gaze became as hard and as cold as the grave, "He's fucking dead. Now, I'll ask again, WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY FUCKING HOUSE!?"

I smirked, time to use my surnames power with this dickhead! "Selena Victoria Forelli, daughter of Sonny Forelli ...!!!!" Next thing I knew the man in blue had a hand wrapped around my throat choking me! "W-what the!?"


Ok, you can make fun of my hair, you can diss my clothes... BUT DON'T EVER CALL ME A BITCH!!! " No he sent me down here to deal with Diaz, since he's dead, I have nothing to do... And, I HATE MY FATHER! NOW LET ME GO YOU FUCKING NAMELESS PRICK!!" The man in blue dropped me and smirked, "Comrades in arms it seems... I hate your father as well... He set me up fifteen years ago, in Liberty. Names Tommy Vercetti."

WHOA! Hold the damned phone! Tommy Vercetti?! THE Tommy Vercetti?! "Heh. I think we'll get along, Tommy..." A dark skinned man wearing a white suit and a pink shirt walked in, "Who's she Tommy?"

Tommy stared at the man, "She's Sonny Forelli's Daughter. Selena." Another gun pointed at me. Good GOD! What is it with these Crazy Trigger happy people?! Thank God Tommy was there though, "Put the gun down Lance, She's on our side."

Ken Rosenberg walked in the door, "SONNY FORELLI'S DAUGHTER?! TOMMY ARE YOU NUTS?!" Tommy just smacked his forehead, "Shut up! She's with us! SHE HATES HER FATHER!!"

I stood there and just brought out my Colt, "Here I thought I'd have to use it... I'm glad I didn't use it..."

Tommy just stared at me and raised one of his eyebrows. "What... I was gonna blow Diaz's head off!" Tommy leaned back in a laugh. "What I'm being serious here!!! You guys need a woman's touch to this place... its filthy!" Lance looked pissed, "It is not filthy, just disorganized." Tommy just shrugged, "She's right, this place stinks of 3 day old pizza. It reeks in here."

I let my mouth drop in shock, He was agreeing with me!! The Harwood Butcher agrees with me! Well I can't call him that... he's Tommy now and he was Tommy then. "Tommy... What do we have to do to get my bastard of a father off your back?"