Vice City Troubles

Chapter Eight: Beginning of a Lifetime... Part Two

Rating: Teen

Authors Note: Blondebabe800, I don't mean to embarass you dearie XD I just got so reinterested into GTA: VC after hearing Tommy's line of 'I've got to dress like a chump as well as hang out with them! I like this shirt...' and your reviews gave me the punt I needed sorely in the rear! And to answer your question, Why in the world did Selena's mother marry Sonny? The answer is her brother

Joey, she got pregnant out of wedlock and back then that was a HUGE no-no, the baby would be taken and the mother would be

put in a type of asylum. Selena's mother would have been around sixteen when she had Joey (who was born the same year

Tommy was born), Sonny would have been eighteen. He married her out of fear that his name would be ruined.

They then had Selena when she was twenty five and he was twenty eight... So in nineteen eighty six, he would have to be fifty two, Joey would have been thirty four or thirty five, and Selena's mother would have to be fourty nine or fifty.

Authors Note Two: (Continuance) And for her to know the workings of men, she was in deep with the mafia, she knew the workings on how men cheated, Sonny prefferably. She was the one that took the females to Joey's Club and to the hospitals from rape trama,

being told if she ratted about anything she would die. Her death happened in nineteen eighty six from doing just that. I hope that clears the air!

Disclaimer: I do not own GTA:VC or any of its characters, But I do own Selena Forelli.

Chapter Eight: Beginning of A Lifetime... Part Two

We were over at the Malibu, after all that is where we decided to have the reception, Tommy and I owned it and it was an easy place to have people gather. Plus it was right across the street where we got married, good thing was, the VCPD had stopped traffic so we could cross the street safely. Tommy gave them a small bit of money to bribe them into doing this. I heard Mercedes in the background, "We have to lift her train so she can cross the street without it getting dirty!"

Tommy turned around and grinned, "That's where I come in..." He scooped me up in a princess carry and carried me across the street, God the love I had for this man couldn't waver. I watched the familiar strobe lights flicker as Tommy carried me into the Malibu, looking over at the massive bar counter I saw gifts strewn and at the far right at a lone table I saw our cake. The fucking thing was about five tiers! I looked at Tommy and pointed to the cake, "That's OUR cake! Good Lord almighty that thing is HUGE!"

I heard a chuckle, "Well... I wanted you to remember this day for as long as you live baby..." I had clasped my hands over my mouth and began to gasp trying to fight the tears in my eyes. "Oh baby, don't cry honey... I did this all for you... Nothing could ever stop me from ever trying to give you the moon and the stars..." That sentence was all that it took and I began to cry, Tommy took out his handkerchief and wiped my tears away after sitting down at a booth. He began to rock me back and forth, "Hey hey now... Don't cry..."

At that time I heard Candy's soft voice, "Mr. Vercetti, we need to go get her out of her wedding gown.." Tommy looked up and caressed my face with his hand, "Candy.. I'll get her out of the gown... Our clothes change should be in the same room... I want to get out of this tux..." Tommy stood up with me in his arms still and carried me upstairs to the office where we could change in relative privacy, as soon as we got up to the office Tommy went over and drew the curtains in the office to block any peeping eyes as he unzipped the back of my wedding dress, "You looked so gorgeous today... When I saw you walk up... I could barely breathe..."

I gave him a broad grin as I slid out of my dress and into a white sequined one that Tommy had picked out for our first dance as husband and wife, "Nothing too flashy, eh?" He gave a shrug and smiled a lecherous smile at me, "It shows off your curves nicely..." Giving his body a glance over as he took off the tux and slipped out of his pants and I grinned again looking at his black boxers, "Glad you didn't get wet love"

"Well babe, don't give me ideas now... We are in a public setting and I don't want our guests getting scared at hearing their boss scream in pleasure." He winked at me and my mouth dropped open with a vivid blush staining my cheeks, "Tommy!" A sly grin was sent to me as he slipped into his custom tailored charcoal grey suit with a softer grey pinstriping, as he was buttoning his lavender shirt up, I walked over to him and fixed his collar.

Tommy grabbed my hands and leaned his now smooth face into them, "Selena... Thank you for making me the happiest man in this universe..." I pressed my forehead to his and kissed his lips gently with a butterfly kiss, "Tommy... There is no need to thank me for something I was born to do..." We held each other for a while drinking in the moment that we were forever entwined with one another, there was another good thing that I thanked Sonny Forelli for, he introduced me to my future husband when I was thirteen...

Tommy slipped a pair of silver ballet flats upon my feet and looked up at me, "Shall we go sweets? I am sure they are waiting for us..." I nodded and stood up after smiling at him, "You said I looked gorgeous... Tommy... You were the vision of total handsomeness.." I watched as his cheeks stained a light pink and heard him mutter a thanks, I took his hand and he entwined our fingers together as we walked down to the dance floor of the Malibu. As soon as we got there Kent Paul was right there with a beer for Tommy, "Awright me ol' China.. Hows about a drink with yer pal Paulie?"

"Paul... No. I want to stay sober on my wedding day..." Paul looked down trodden, "But Tommy..." Tommy glared at the man with the intensity of a supernova, "I. Said. No."

I stepped forward, "Paul... Maybe some other time. He just wants this day to stay forever etched in his memory... I do as well... I want to remember the fun we had today, no arguments or fights... Just fun." Paul smiled at me and nodded, "Awright m'lady. I got the tea and the juices ye asked for. I even got a bit of fizzy drinks to broaden the prospect of non-alcoholic drinks for you and the little one."

Tommy clapped Paul on the back, "Thanks Paul... That means alot to me that you got her the variety of drinks..." Paul nodded and walked off. I looked at Tommy and smiled, "He's not a bad guy, just a bit silly." We walked over towards the cake and I admired its beauty, our wedding colors were white and aqua, we couldn't get aqua colored roses so we settled with getting the red roses for my bouquet. The cake was a good five tiers high, all done with white butter cream frosting around the edges and had little aqua frosting roses placed around intervals of the cake.

As soon as we greeted our guests and thanked them for coming we sat down at the table after getting our dinners served to us. Mild chatter and laughter permiated the room until Mr. Kelly stood up, "May I have your attention please? Thank you... We have seen his rise to power, and his many moods... If it wasn't for his kindness, I think the majority of us would be destitute or worse. And they say behind every great man is an even greater woman...and this is true... Look at them... If it wasnt for them, we'd still be living in fear from Diaz! Tommy, Selena... Thank you for giving this old man a son and daughter like figure again in his life... Thank you two kids... May you have a beautiful marriage together."

I smiled kindly at the old man, he in a short amount of time had became my father figure... While my father was in a sharks gut, hopefully not making those poor animals keel over, I was escorted down the aisle by the man that was like a father to me. After listening to Candy, Mercedes and the Colonel speak and give their best wishes to us, Paul grinned, "Awright. Time for the 'appy couple to 'ave their first dance as the mister and missus."

Tommy stood up and took my hand in his, I looked into his eyes and saw a twinkle that reminded me of Polaris, "May I have this dance my sweet?" I smiled again, "Yes..." As we walked out onto the dance floor, Paul decided to put the spotlights on us making my dress glimmer in the lighting, he put on REO Speedwagons 'Keep on Loving You' and Tommy began to lead in the slow dance. I laid my head on Tommy's shoulder and he laid his head on mine as we began to sway back and forth to the tune, he held me close and entwined our hands together as I held him close.

I let a soft smile spread across my face as I heard him began to sing in his baritone voice softly in my ears, in tune with the song. Seeing the flash of lights from camera flashes, we continued our little dance. Swaying back and forth in time, ignoring the little 'oohs' and 'awws' from the crowd. I knew why he was taking it slow, he didn't want to take a chance of me falling...

Did I mention after finding out I was expecting that all of a sudden I became a klutz? Yeah.. That is one of the reasons why Tommy wanted me to rest before the wedding. I dropped a jar of peanut butter after handling the butter, a good damn jar of peanut butter went in the garbage that day because of my buttery fingers not grasping it. Same thing happened with a fucking glass of milk! I think Tommy was tired of cleaning up glass, he went out and bought me plastic cups and silverware. I cannot tell you how EMBARRASSING that is, I am twenty-eight years old... Not SIX.

Feeling that familiar wave of nausea strike right when the song ended and Tommy dipped me gently, my eyes widened. Tommy understood that look very well and he scooped me up again and ran to the bathroom. I made it to the sink, I wasn't able to hold it in any longer. I could tell he was worried, I could tell by his touch, he was rubbing my back gently in an upwards and downwards motion. Mercedes came racing in to check on me, holding a small bottle of pills and she put them in Tommy's outstretched hand, "Make sure she takes one, its from Doctor Lowry, it's to help fight the nausea and so she can eat without getting sick... We forgot to give her one before we got her in her dress, I'm sorry"

Tommy gave a curt nod and continued to rub my back as I rinsed out the sink and my mouth, using his hand that held the pill bottle with those wonderful pills that stopped the nausea, he pried out one and slid it past my lips where all I had to do was cup my hands for water and wash it down. After taking the medicine and washing my hands, Tommy lead me out of the bathroom and sat me down on his lap.

God the smell of that cake was tantalizing me! I felt like an overly fidgity child looking at that monsterously tall cake, Tommy may not be able to finish it off by himself, but give me a couple gallons of milk and I'm happy... Damn me gaining weight and cravings! Tommy gave a low chuckle, he knew I wanted some cake but he was waiting for the other guests to finish their dinners, "Darling, you have to wait... I know it is tempting but hold on sweetheart."

I picked at my piece of chicken and at the pasta salad, I swear those people were POKING on eating their dinners, but then again.. I was only picking at mine. That was until Kent Paul yelled, "Oy! When are ya gunna cut the cake! Some people want it and pictures!"

Giggling, I was glad someone broke the ice on that issue other than me. Tommy looked at me and playfully rolled his eyes, "You and your cake, eh babe?" I grinned at him as we made our way over to the behemoth cake. Things were going smoothly up until it was time to cut the cake, I didn't want to cut perfection! Even though it had all that sweet... Delectable... Delicious frosting... Tommy looked at me and grinned, "Quit drooling baby..." I looked at him and pouted, "But... A part of me doesnt want to cut it but the other darker half of me... Says to fuck it all and rip into it!" He threw his head back in a laugh, "We'll start one piece at a time alright?"

Standing chest to chest and entwining both of our hands around the silver knife to cut the slice of cake from the bottom tier, as we did Tommy gave a broad grin as he scooped some of the icing and cake on a plastic fork and I did the same and he took the bite from my fork as I took the bite from his. Ken stood up, "Tommy, youre supposed to put cake in her face and she's supposed to do the same!"

We both looked at the lawyer and gave a laugh, I had got some cake on my hand and grinned as I looked at Tommy. Tommy looked at me and a look of 'Oh no you wouldn't dare' came upon his face, "Selena... Put that cake down!" I advanced my hand towards him and he grabbed a small handful of the cake and advanced towards me. I rubbed my cake covered hand over his face and a moment later I got the same treatment. Of course the crowd was laughing, it wasn't often they got to see Tommy in a playful mood.

He took a napkin and wiped my face off gently after I wiped his off, "In a messed up way... I wish your dad was here to see the couple he brought together..." I looked up at him and wiped off a bit of the aqua frosting that was on the tip of his nose with my finger, "Tommy... My dad is here. The man that walked me down the aisle is my dad... Sonny Forelli was just a sperm doner. And I know for a fact... That our child will have the best father in the world..."

Tommy put his hand on my slightly rounded stomach and kissed my lips tenderly, "I won't be the best dad... But I have a feeling I'll be a damn good father... Just like you will be one hell of a damn good mother..." We had sat back down and let the caterers take the cake to the guests, relishing everything that had been bestowed upon us.

Looking at the mountain of gifts I prodded Tommy, "Look at that... Bet you there is a majority of things for you..." Tommy looked up and smirked, "They're for us... Betcha, they are for the little one."

Opening the gifts, I swear... I think I want to never see a wrapped gift until Christmas. Tommy got records and other odds and ends, I got certificates to boutiques and a spa to bring a friend, I think I'll take Tommy on that... But sure enough, the majority was for our unborn child, Tommy had told Mr. Kelly that we were going to do a wild animal theme for the nursery and that sweet old man pitched in and got our baby a large stuffed animal of a lion. Ken bought the crib and offered to help set it up, Paul bought a small mobile that had multiple animals on it. And when Mercedes and the Colonel told us the rest of our gifts were at our house and set up made me anxious to go see...

After Tommy and I got into the back of the Stretch and we drove off to the Vercetti Manor, I kept thinking, what did they get us... We already had the crib... What more could we need? Getting out of the Stretch and walking up to the front doors, we saw rose petals scattered upon the floor, making our way to our room Tommy froze and a warm look came to his eye, "I'm taking that this is one of the gifts..." Entering our bedroom I saw a soft white wicker bassinette at the foot of our bed, tears stung my eyes as I walked towards the beautiful manmade object, looking inside I saw soft white satin pillows and bedding with little baby blankets that had animals printed on them.

"Tommy... This is gorgeous... Tommy?" I looked up and he was at the doorway to the nursery a look of stunned awe upon his face, making my way over to him I gently tapped his shoulder, "Tommy... What's wrong?" He took my hand and led me into the nursery, looking around I saw a diaper changing table with diapers of every size piled into a neat pyramid beside the table, a baby washing tub with everything that I needed to take care of our little one tied with a leopard print bow. Over in the corner was a rocking chair beside the sheer leopard/tiger print curtains, but what made me cry the most... Was the murals on the walls of animal babies with their mothers and fathers, sure that may not always be the case for most species in the wild... But in here... It felt like it was possible...

"Tommy... Who... How... What...?" Tommy wrapped me in an embrace, and looked around the room at the beautiful murals "I dont know babe...But it's beautiful..." behind us a throat cleared and we turned around to see Mercedes, the Colonel, Candy, Ken and Avery.

"Senor... We all pitched in to do this for you... It's the least we could do to help bring in the little one into this world..." Mercedes smiled at me, " Alejandre painted this while we were at the wedding... It was the reason why daddy kept disappearing."

Candy flashed us a million watt smile, "Mercedes and I went to the baby store and bought the diaper table and the tub, Ken bought the diapers and arranged them in the pyramid." We watched as Ken shrugged and blushed, "It was the least I could do. I owe you guys that much.."

Avery smiled at us, "I bought the rocking chair to rock the tyke to sleep, and if ol' Tommy boy falls asleep in it with the little one... Take a snap shot of it will ya Selena?" I giggled, "Of course..."

"Well this is their honeymoon, we should head on out... You guys have fun and be safe!" after giving them all a hug goodbye we watched them leave so they could go home, I turned to Tommy and smiled, "We have great friends..."

Tommy smiled back at me and lead me to our room, "That I agree on..." He helped me into my pajamas after I got out of the gown, my feet were sore and partially swollen as I laid upon the bed. He slid in under the covers clad in only his boxers and curled up to me, "I think the shower can wait until the morning... Agreed?"

I gave a nod, all the excitement wore me out, as I snuggled to my husband who wrapped his arms around me to hold me close, I knew only one thing... Bliss...


' Curling up into a ball I let out a small whimper, the doctor never said there would be pain like this! Tommy heard my whimper from the other side of the bed and jolted out of a deep sleep, "Selena? Are you okay?" When another sharp pain went through my body I let out a wail of pain, "Oh God it hurts!" Tommy flipped on the lights and threw the covers off and saw that my side of the bed was drenched, "Selena, did you spill any water on the bed?" I shook my head, "No... There was this gush and I felt like I wet myself but I didn't I don't have to pee!" Tommy's eyes widened as he threw on a charcoal grey t-shirt and a pair of jeans, slipping on his sneakers he grabbed my bags, "We're going to the hospital then! It's time!" '