Author's Note: I just wrote these poems first of all: because I felt like it and second: because I saw the trailer for PotC AWE which came out today and I was completely inspired. Review if you wish. Next I'll be doing Will Turner…

Jack Sparrow

Chocolate eyes rimmed with dark kohl,

Brown dreadlocks adorned with multicolored beads,

Faded red bandana,

Bleached shinbone of a reindeer adorning his head,

A chicken's claw,

And the hat.

Tan boots covered in sand,

A red and white strip of cloth hanging from his belt,

A compass that doesn't point north,

Silver rings,

Dark leather coat,

And the hat.

A determined gaze,

Searching the horizon,

An adamant stance,

Perched upon his ship,

A defiant demeanor,

And the hat.