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Because Hakkai loves what Gojyo tries not to hate

Hakkai had always loved Gojyo's hair. The overlong, slightly messy, yet very well-cared for mop of crimson that cascaded down around his face and back. It ... should have looked wrong. It shouldn't have looked so right that a person who'd spent half his life hating his hair should wear it so long. It did though. It looked perfect. And God knew not much about Gojyo was perfect, or so the Hanyou seemed to think.

A small character trait that Hakkai hated about the other man. This constant belief that he could never be good enough for anyone. All the one night stands with women that Gojyo never learned the names off, all one big facade. A way to make himself feel wanted. A way to touch someone and never have to allow that person to know him.

Gojyo never felt wanted, Hakkai had realised that a long time ago. Not once in his years living, fighting and starving on the streets, had the redhead felt wanted. Not once had he felt loved.

Sometimes, Hakkai hated the faceless brother Gojyo had let slip about for leaving the young man in such a state. If this 'brother' had loved the man enough to save his life, then why leave him to face the many horrors the world presented for a 'child of Taboo' alone. Why ...

Something Gojyo never had explained. Something Hakkai wasn't even sure Gojyo knew. Maybe if he did know, the nightmares wouldn't be so frightening. If he knew why his brother abandoned him after saving his life, why his mother had tried so hard to hurt and kill him, maybe the hurt wouldn't be so much. Maybe the gut wrenching guilt wouldn't be so all consuming.

Guilt. Something Hakkai understood all to well. Yet, while he hid behind his smile, and quiet motherly patter, Gojyo didn't bother. Hakkai threw up every defence imaginable against the pain and the guilt. He built the walls so strong and so tall, the only hurt that truely threatened to consume him was locked safe in a box underneath his heart. The key was placed somewhere so safe only intense searching could find it.

Gojyo, the only thing he hid in was his hair, allowing the flaming tresses to cover both his cheeks at all times. The rest, the self destruct Gojyo always seemed to be on, that was the only other defense he knew. Make it all seem small, and it might all go away.

Yet, Hakkai still loved Gojyo's hair. When it tickled his cheek as he wrenched the half empty class from the other man's clutching fingers. When it slipped through his fingers as he tried his best to hold it back when Gojyo had gone one drink to far. When it hid Gojyo's face completely on those rare occasions Gojyo had to bully himself into not crying. When Hakkai had his face buried in it on those even rarer occasions he'd held Gojyo through the night.

It was ... a defense and a tormenter all in one. The only thing that truely told of the weakness, and the incredible strenght Gojyo possesed. Hakkai loved it, while part of him still hated the pain it symbolised.

He sighed again, so softly the Gojyo jerked as the gush of breath tickled his cheek. Hakkai smiled, and fiddled gently with the crimson strands that played across his chest and neck, willing Gojyo back to sleep.

A soft sigh told him that this endevour had been successful, though it still shook him to hear Gojyo whisper:

"I didn't mean to, mom ... I'm sorry ..."

It's alright, Gojyo ... It never was your fault anyway ...


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