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Because Kougaji has what Dokugakuji wants

It's always funny to watch Kou be the older brother. Watch him protect his little sister as best he can, however it may embaress him in front of others. Dokugakuji assumes it's because he has to make his little sister fell like she belongs. He has to make her feel safe and wanted in his company.

It's funny to watch the kind little smiles, and the way Kou's eyes always soften when she comes bounding through the door, full of energy and constant laughter. The way he can't help ruffling her hair while trying to scold her. The way his worry for her makes him angry, but in a good way.

Dokugakuji sometimes wishes that he'd had the chance to do that. Back when things were both terrible and good at the same time. He wishes that, maybe, he could've had the chance to make his own little brother cry.

He also wishes that one day that isn't going to sound so sadistic.

He wants it to have panned out like it did with Kou. He wants it to be so he had fun with his little brother without a constant shadow hanging over their heads.

He can't even lie to himself, anymore. Kou had it just as hard as he did, with the crazy bitch manipulating everyone and everything. It isn't an excuse to say his mother distroyed everything. Kou kept his relationship close with his little sister, and hasn't let go of her yet, through all of that. Dokugakuji spent years wondering how his kid brother would survive in a world that was intent on distroying him.

Every day, he has watches Kou and his little sister laugh as best they can, in the ruins of their lives, and he wonders how it can all have gone so right for them, and so wrong for him.

Kou's little sister is only his half sister, born of a different mother. Like Dokugakuji's own little brother. Kou is just so much better at this then he is. So much better at holding together what there is barely enough of.

That is why he has sworn himself into Kou's service. To watch them, together, and to hope that Kou will unknowingly patch the pieces of his ragged past together with his worried, loving smiles.

That way, he knows that if and when he sees his own little brother again, he knows that though everything went wrong, they made it through alright.


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