Hello there, this is my first ever piece on This was done as part of a portfolio that I recently submitted as part of my creative writing course. This is a transposition of the songs 'Dark Waltz' by Haley Westenra and 'Face to Face' by Siouxie and the banshees. In other words it is a songfic. This is an AU of the scene in the masquerade ball given by Max Shreck.

I do not own the copyright to the film 'Batman Returns' or the songs 'Dark Waltz' and 'Face to Face'

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Face to face

They stood there staring at each other face to face; their masks had been stripped away to reveal who they actually were. The games between them were finally over; it was time for her decision.

'How did we get here?'

'Here; at this dance?'

'No. How did we end up falling in love with each other?'

'I don't know, you sound almost regretful.'

'I am a little. Before I met you Bruce my life was simple. It might have been dangerous and more than a little illegal but it was my life. It was exciting, a challenge; it made me feel alive. Then you came into it and before I knew what was happening I was questioning all that I had done. I found myself wanting to change for you and I hate change.'

'Things have to change Selina, they can't stay static forever however much we might want them to. What would happen if it was summer all the time?'

'Before I met you it was summer all the time. It was you who introduced me to the other seasons, I'm not sure whether I should thank you or curse you for it.'


She smiled up at him.

'You're so serious all the time Bruce. Dance with me.'


'Dance with me underneath the moon shining so bright, turning me into the light.'

They danced together to the music of the waltz being played by the hired band. They spun round together reverse and natural turns coming easily to them as they showed off their double reverse spin on the floor, their combined natural grace and beauty showing through. Soon they were the only couple left on the hard wooden boards as all the guests gathered round to watch them. Finally the music ended and they simply stood there face to face again the positions they were in before the dance.

'One more kiss before we die Bruce?'

'We won't die Selina, fly with me instead,' he whispered back to her.

The next dance had already started but still they stayed there together face to face. Slowly he leaned in to capture her lips with his. Reluctantly she pulled her lips away keeping her eyes fixed on his.

'To die like this with a last kiss I want this bliss but something says I must resist.' Her eyes were downcast as she continued in a barely audible whisper. 'I hate to stay but then I hate to leave.'

'So what have you decided to do?'

'I'm sorry Bruce but I have no desire to become domesticated, to become a society wife, to attend functions and parties not as my own person but to be there as your appendage.'

'My appendage? Selina no!'

'It doesn't matter; I love my life too much to give it up. To be with you would slowly kill me.'

'Selina, no please don't do this; I love you.

'Goodbye Bruce.'

She pulled away and drew her mask down over her head, vanishing into the sea of faces where it was impossible for him to find her. Throughout the night he searched for her in every masked face he encountered but none were hers. The only sign that she had ever been there that night was the open safe; empty save for the figurine of a black cat sitting on the cold hard metal of the interior.

Let the dark waltz begin

Let me wheel, let me spin

Let it take me again.

Turning me into the night.