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Warnings: Dark, Yaoi, boys love (of course), rape, mature content, MPREG, violence, and well you get it.

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"I-I love you"

Those three words change everything. Sasuke looks into the blond blue eyes trying to read what the other is thinking.

"Sa-Sasuke." Tears came from the blue eyes. Naruto wraps his arms around the older man neck and brings them closer together. Lips crash together as they share their second kiss but their first kiss as lovers.

That happened a year ago.

They hold their real emotions by hiding behind a mask. They didn't want anyone else to see them suffering. Now they don't have to. They have each other: through the hard times, the fun times, and the sad times.

It's their first anniversary as a couple. Sasuke brings Naruto out to a nice restaurant. After the dinner they went to Naruto's home. They usually end up watching movies until four or five in the morning, but tonight is different. They crash their lips together as they made their way to the apartment.

The kiss breaks apart only to come together again. Sasuke takes control and put his tongue into Naruto mouth tasting the sweet chicken they had for dinner. They move from Naruto living room and made their way to the bedroom not losing contact.

Once in the clean bedroom Sasuke pushes Naruto in the bed and climbs onto of him. He attacks the neck earning moans of the young one.

"uhhhh… Sasuke"

Sasuke smirks and bits onto the neck. Naruto yells in pleasure not pain. Happy with the mark that he made Sasuke playfully bites on Naruto ear.


He grabs the end of the shirt and pulls it off of Naruto, once off Sasuke goes right to the harden nipples. Licking, biting, and sucking it.


"Beg for me Naruto." Sasuke tells him. The blonde under him grabs the raven hair and tries to pull him down.

Sasuke gets the idea. He goes down and takes off the orange pants along with the orange boxers, little Naruto standing up proud. After taking off Naruto clothing he too gets undress.

"Sasuke … p-please" Naruto cries.

Sasuke grabs Naruto manhood and starts to lick it. He puts two of fingers to Naruto mouth. Naruto looks at the fingers confused.


Naruto takes the two fingers into his mouth and start sucking it. After Sasuke believes the fingers are wet enough he takes him out of Naruto mouth. He takes the young one legs and puts them over his shoulder making the small rose opening more opening to him. He takes his mouth once again start attacking Naruto cock.

When sucking on little Naruto Sasuke takes one of his fingers and pushes into the little opening. After Naruto is comfortable with the one finger he puts in the other. Small tears come out of the little one eyes.

Sasuke gives harder sucks to Naruto dick and it helps Naruto take the mind off the pain. Naruto cums into Sasuke mouth. Sasuke takes fingers out of Naruto opening. He spits out the cum into his hands. He takes the cum and puts it onto his dick for lubricant.

Then he pushes himself into Naruto.

"Sasuke you are much bigger then two fingers." Naruto cries. His face showing the pain that he is in.

Sasuke smirks. "I am much bigger then you." He nuzzles into Naruto privates.

Naruto blushes and turns his head to the side. "Teme."

Once Naruto gotten use to Sasuke size, Sasuke starts to push in and out. All Naruto could think of is the pleasure that he is given.

"Ahhhh" Naruto screams. Sasuke smirks and pushes towards that direction again earning the same yells and screams from Naruto. Happy that he found Naruto special spot Sasuke keeps all of his pushes towards that way.

Feeling that he was close, Sasuke wraps his hand around Naruto cock and starts the same speed as his. In no time they both cum each other names.

Holding each other in their arms they slowly close their eyes and fall a sleep unknowing a pair of eyes watching their movement.


Naruto opens his eyes and looks at his surroundings hoping that it's just a dream. Looking around he sees that it's no dream. A small window higher then himself is the only source of light.

He is lying down on a small bed that is chained to the wall and a chain that connects the bed to Naruto foot. Small whimpers come from the young boy. He looks across the small room to see a table that has nothing on it. Beside the table is the door that is lock with Chaka.

Naruto looks at himself. He is wearing no clothing but the bans on his arm that controls his Chaka, a collar on his neck, and the chain on his leg.

He hears someone from outside. Wishing that who ever it is to just leave him alone, but his pleads is not answer. The door opens. A tall man with black hair walks in. Naruto looks down not wanting to look at those lustful eyes.

"Naruto look at me." The voice commands him. Naruto doesn't listen. Instead he looks at the ground. The man gets mad at him. The collar on his neck brings shocks to his body. He falls to the ground. "Naruto you better listen to what I have to say."

Naruto slowly nods his head and looks at the tall man before. There isn't much difference between the Akatsuki leader and Sasuke. They are both much the same look, but their personally is much different.

"Why should I, Itachi?" Naruto looks into the coldest eyes. "You kidnapped me in the middle of the night and almost killed your brother to get me."

Itachi looks at the naked blonde. After Naruto and Sasuke had their moment together, Itachi waiting until they were both asleep and at their weaken state before attacking them. Sasuke was the first to wake up. He tried to protect Naruto but Sasuke is much too weak. Itachi slams him into the wall making a serious slash to the head. Naruto who is now awake attacks Itachi but Itachi had already known what he was going to do and hit Naruto's neck causing him to black out.

"Naruto you hold the Kyuubi in your body." Naruto growls at him. Of course he knows that. "There is also something else." Naruto stops his growling and looks at Itachi wondering what he was talking about. "You and Kyuubi have a very good connection to each other. Your relationship is strong, if we tried to take the demon out of your body you will both die."

Naruto eyes open. If he was getting the message right they are not going to take Kyuubi out of his body because they can't. Something inside of Naruto grew happy. Then it hit him. Why is he still here if they can't take Kyuubi out of him? "Why am I here?"

Itachi looks at Naruto with an unreadable face. You are much smarter then I believe. Since I am now the leader what ever I say goes. I have thought of many things to do to you. One thought. Kill the threat. That will not work. We need Kyuubi. Another thought that came to mind. Is for you to join us."

"I will never join with you!"

"That is why I didn't do it. Also I could always brainwash you. If you were ever get back your memories though, your brain will not be able to handle it." Naruto looks down at his naked form. What else could they do to him? They can't take the demon out of him; they won't kill him, or join them. What else could they do?

"After reading some books I finally came on what we can do." Naruto looks up. "Is there is only one way I can take Kyuubi out of you without killing the demon and that is to break you." Naruto eyes open.

"B-Break me?"

"Yes. I will make you broken Naruto. You won't die but you will wish that you were. I will torment you until the day you die. With my eyes or with my body you will be so broken that the connection between you and Kyuubi will die there allowing us to take it out your body.

Small tears come from Naruto eyes. They want to break him completely with out even a second thought Itachi pushes Naruto to lay on his back on the bed. He climbs on Naruto body tasting every inch of the boy.

"Stop" Naruto screams out. He tries pushing Itachi off of his body but the bans and collar release pain into the younger boy. Naruto screams.

"You better listen to me, Naru-chan." Itachi licks Naruto check causing the young boy to whimper.

Yeah can you see where I'm going with this? I am not a good with writing lemons. Did you know how hard is to write that. I can't stop blushing like mad. I'm on spare (free period) right now so I'm on my laptop writing this. I'm huddled in a corning with a big blush on my face. I can't look at anyone right now. I hope it came out pretty good. Also I would like some freeback. I do like to know how I am doing with this story or if I should change some things before I start.