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"Here, look, this one's not bad," Colin said, handing over one of the prints he'd made for the Grangers. "He looks almost friendly in this one."

"Who'd have thought Snape could look friendly surrounded by Gryffindors?" Ginny smirked as she picked up the next one. He wouldn't look so mild if he'd noticed her making rabbit's ears behind his head.

"You do know he's insisted on seeing complete sets of prints," Colin grumbled. "If I'd known you were going to do that, I wouldn't have clicked."

"Rubbish, I'm sure you saw what I was doing," she said. "Can't you just hide this one? At least until we graduate, and then we can leave copies in the common room for the next set of Gryffindors to see."

She made as if to rip it up. He snatched it back.

"No, he counted them as I took them. He'd notice." Despite himself, the corners of his mouth would turn up as he pictured the scene. What he wouldn't give to see Snape's face! "Anyway, the house-elves might clear them away. I have a better idea. Dennis can bring them back next year and show everyone on the train. If he destroys the evidence before getting here, Snape won't be able to prove it was him, and he isn't taking Potions so that's all right."

"Hermione would kill us though." Ginny said. "I think she actually likes Snape."

She should have thought of that at the time – Hermione's pecking canaries were pretty lethal – but she'd obeyed the sudden impulse to mock him behind his back, before she could second-guess herself. So they'd just have to think of a way to keep this one out of anyone's hands but their own, at least till next year. Hopefully, Hermione would have come to her senses by then.

"Likes him? As in likes likes?"

Ginny shrugged.

"I shouldn't think so. Unless she was hiding it really well." Hermione had smiled at him a couple of times and he'd raised an eyebrow in return. Surely that didn't mean anything more than friendship. Why would anyone fancy Snape?

"Well, we'll know when I do the magical ones," Colin said, picking up another picture. "I'll watch as they develop and see if they give themselves away when they start moving."

"Why didn't you do them all as moving pictures?" Ginny asked. "Then the photo-me could just hide her hands and not get caught."

"Because they're for Hermione's parents and she asked for a non-magical set they can display," Colin replied. "Besides, what would have been the use of that? Then photo-Snape would just walk out of the photo, wouldn't he, and we wouldn't have anything to show anyone!"

"Hmm, there is that," she said judicially. She wasn't the twins' sister for nothing. The thing about growing up with Fred and George was that you sort of started thinking anything was possible if you had the nerve. And she'd proven often enough that she had the nerve. "So, any ideas?"

A/N Muffliato is lifted from HBP, but this fic is not HBP-compatible, of course.

Draco's missing eye is mentioned in ch 7 of this fic.

The line that starts "The thing about growing up with Fred and George…" is adapted from OotP, ch 29.